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Dave Robertson Mar 2021
Mens sana in copore sano
so they say
which these days is a worry
as the sedentary blur
sees a time-lapse
of my fattening *** shift
marginally on the sofa
while the pallor of my skin
makes corpses wince
and message u ok ***?

Given my increasingly potato shape
what state will my cabbage brain be
when they finally give the all clear?

When we are once again allowed near
I envision sitting with my primates
grunting fear as the brave one
reaches for the monolith
Àŧùl Sep 2019
We used to invite you,
Come September, Come.

But now we wait for you to end,
As the wounds you gave still bleed.

What we lost in your days is life,
More than life, we lost our love.

We remember New York,
We remember Munich.

So please hear our plea,
End September, End.
My HP Poem #1766
©Atul Kaushal
Maggie White Oct 2014
In those strawberry fields, it seemed
They all marched too alive and real.
The unknowing, maybe sensing, screamed
“There’s no Jericho here to heal!”

In no small way, I understood,
The child watching that television,
There was more evil to match good,
When a plane made its second collision.

That’s when we realized the hardness of tomorrow
Mistakenly seen enough to tell
This was an attack our hearts had to sorrow
This, we knew, when the towers fell.

Still, we remember those things we felt
And try our best to seize the day
We remember when those watching knelt
Heart broken or fighting? Too close to say.

Beneath the rubble of the truth -
Heroes, lovers, sinners, thieves -
Beneath the terror of our youth -
We are all these things beneath.

That does not mean we are all to blame
Though, every one of us is lost
It doesn’t mean our mistakes got a name
Even still, we must pay our cost.

In our busy lives and concerning fates
There is a truth we must admit
As the prices rise and the moment rates
We must be reminded not to forget

There is a time to step back and see
At the demanding cry to all be free
That all that is asked, is a prayer to be
To Him, as He sorrows - cries…

Remember me.
Remember 9/11/2001
Victoria Johnson Sep 2014
"Oh the humanity"
The words of tragedy,
Repeated throughout,
American history.

"Oh the humanity"
The terror among us,
The flames that rise,
A burning mess.

"Oh the humanity"
When humanity is,
The biggest problem,
and the deepest pain.

"Oh the humanity"
Don't you know,
That we the people,
Will rise again.
9-11 here already. 13 years. The children born in 2001 are teenagers, who may not even understand just how terrifying it was for families, and how devastating it was for the loved ones. I used the line "Oh the humanity" which was in a newscast when the Hindenburg exploded, because it seemed fitting. This is humanity, and I wish we could stop it.

— The End —