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  Nov 2014 Maggie White
Aron De Ro
..Not a sentence sprints through my head
But one thought sticks- though you're not aware  
I dream of returning..with you laying there..
  Oct 2014 Maggie White
Tina Marie
Clever* you
Sadistic me
You think you've won
But you don't see
The sinister plot
I've laid for thee
Clever you
Sadistic me

Terrified you
Elated me
I've gagged and bound
You to a tree
You eyes are pleading
Terrified you
Elated me

No more you
There's only me
That's what happens
Without loyalty
I loved you
You cheated on me
No more you
There's **only me
We all know this is what we'd REALLY like to do to people who betray our trust. Too bad it's illegal.
Maggie White Oct 2014
In those strawberry fields, it seemed
They all marched too alive and real.
The unknowing, maybe sensing, screamed
“There’s no Jericho here to heal!”

In no small way, I understood,
The child watching that television,
There was more evil to match good,
When a plane made its second collision.

That’s when we realized the hardness of tomorrow
Mistakenly seen enough to tell
This was an attack our hearts had to sorrow
This, we knew, when the towers fell.

Still, we remember those things we felt
And try our best to seize the day
We remember when those watching knelt
Heart broken or fighting? Too close to say.

Beneath the rubble of the truth -
Heroes, lovers, sinners, thieves -
Beneath the terror of our youth -
We are all these things beneath.

That does not mean we are all to blame
Though, every one of us is lost
It doesn’t mean our mistakes got a name
Even still, we must pay our cost.

In our busy lives and concerning fates
There is a truth we must admit
As the prices rise and the moment rates
We must be reminded not to forget

There is a time to step back and see
At the demanding cry to all be free
That all that is asked, is a prayer to be
To Him, as He sorrows - cries…

Remember me.
Remember 9/11/2001
  Oct 2014 Maggie White
Aron De Ro
Blessed be the inventor of such a mental prison
I'll dwell in that cell as long as I can
I promised you I'd be there by your side
Until hope had fully withered
But I renounce such a childish oath
It just so seems that I don't have the same luxury
Of caring for no one
But myself
  Oct 2014 Maggie White
Beebz The Queen
I've been writing in different styles
Trying to find something new
Yet it seems that all the good ones
Are mainly about you

Joshua if you're reading this
I just wanted to let you know
I could live a million eternities
And still never let you go
Because when i say i love you
It's not just for fun
I didn't think that i could love
But yet.. you're the one
The one who gave me hope
The one who loves me through my flaws
And now everyone knows
See the standing ovation? Hear the applauds?
This is not some crush
And you are not some guy
I know it's way too soon
But this life is for you and i

And for everyone reading this
Please share your words
And tell the ones you love
The things they've never heard

I love you
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