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Terri  Nov 2018
Terri Nov 2018
I'd be swimming in my ocean
Swim till I drown and
I know that my arms will worn out
****'s gonna get good, hope that I'll feel good,

Leap in that deep ******* water
Dive till I reach the end and never come back again,
But I don't wanna drown,wait maybe I do
End it when my head goes under
And count to ten and wait till it's over,
Used to be a cloud up high
That's what you'll feel
When you're always that high,
Smiling like a 9-year-old with a candy
If it drops down, you know it's about to get teary
Well that's what I feel, that's what I always feel

Now I'm at the edge, thinking about to end it,
Everything just seems to fall apart
And I don't wanna be a part of it
I don't wanna be the cause of it
Say no goodbyes and just go on with it
It's now or never, end it now before I get sober,
I'll be swimming deeper now
And leave the world forever
Keiya Tasire Sep 12
Stay steadfast
Yet, my heart screamed in pain!

Knowledge empowers choice.
Yet, my ignorance left me blind.

Trying to understand
Yet, I did not comprehend.

Standing brave
Yet, my legs shook with fear.

A distant cousin replied,
"Never, never, never give up."
I never gave up!
Nasty divorces are tough challenges.
This one came and finally finished.
Lyn Senz 2  Jan 2014
Lyn Senz 2 Jan 2014
Silence is almost a name
quiet is a game
I'm tame
still the same
but no shame
it's just me
the same

I long to be
someone free
ones like I see
like them like me

and inspiration
or so we say
but she won't come
see me today
and if she did
she wouldn't stay
she never does

so silence is almost a name
and quiet's my game
and it's still the same

©2001 Lyn
Lyn Senz 2  Nov 2013
Lyn Senz 2 Nov 2013
I'll have won't borrow
have fun no sorrow
and there's sun tomarrow
so I'm told
but right now it's cold

my road is an alley
no peaceful valley
no time to dally
it's cold

but I hold on I read
to plant some seed I need
just go slow don't speed
and you'll get there be freed
so I'm told
but it's so cold

well I'll hold on
I'll stay
cuz I was told

©2001 Lyn
Lyn Senz  Nov 2013
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
Wake up love
wake up and see
that there's
ears and eyes
waiting to be

and her carved out day
kisses the night
and her smile
is at peace
for a moment

but *****'s so dedicated
she fashioned and cut out
fine portraits, for you

but you can't see
my love, your asleep

so wake up love
wake up and see
her love and me
we're waiting to be

©2001 Lyn
Third Eye Candy Mar 2013
Barbarians At The Bill Gates

Kings in a Nutshell of Plots,
Machiavellian; made Lords Of Infinite Beige.
a Workspace now a  Dead-Space in The Heart of an Artist... Scaling, Mount Dew, at a snail's pace.
Behemoth Logarithms,
Jammed in a hot box. with cigarette soot blocking die-cut vents
The cousin with the soft-spot.
Hair, Nobly Re-Disheveled  by Hit and Miss ads, like
crow's feet dancing on insomniac spines, in and around, the Yawning Cathode D-Rez
Of all Villages, M. Night. Ramadan, forged, into Code Soldiers
With No Code to reverse Schrodinger's Black Cat, Back in The Bag...
The Genie, from a corner apartment in Manhattan, to a bedroom in a Bottle of Lightning.
Only Reactive Jazz
Cosmonauts, embedding feathers in " White Hats "
A Moral Avatar.

Hack Lads in The Boonies of Way Ahead of The Curve.
An Unsound lack of Judgment, echoing by Proxy, like Mr. Hyde;
Passing for a binary Schizophrenic. Swallowing Blackberries, Seeds of Anarchy and All.
Crowd-Sourcing the wisdom of Crowds of People
With cup-holders, the Elite call CD-Rom
A Quest For Firewire. A billion portals,, huddled in chaos.
In the lens of  The Camera-Obscura, hidden in the USB Port
In the Fuzzy Logic of Our Narcissism.
SQL that Ends Well \ with a Backlash To Pi Charts
Of Privileged  Information,
Cooling, only in The Windows, Facing a Social Network
Resting, on a sill of Approval by Market Share and -
Ad *******

An eye of  a needle, peeling onions in a brave new world, weeping for the pure, post-ironic
Joy, Of Threading a Nano-Camel
Through The Eye of a Needles' Parable.  To Aesop the gravy of grave doubt
and reasonable suspicions off
Teutonic Plates

To an Atheist. The Heavyside Layer of Bricked Phones
and Dissonance,
May Find a Contract, 'Comes with Astroglide.
And a toaster.

Floppy Disc-Figurements of Our Right To Privacy.  
Resurfaced By The Naivete
Of a Target Audience, With a Heads-up Display,
A 4D Hologram  
Of Steve Jobs,  
Exported over dark fiber optics;  
Silicons of Prosaic non-Existence
Overclocking the Swatch
On  a wrist

Banning Calligraphy

Ward of the State
Of the Economy
With a Cult

A Hologram of Steve Jobs
To sharpen the bleeding edge
with a moon rock from The OtherSide of Billions of Dollars.
The After-Accolades with the Spanish moss From Taiwan
Where Dragons Of  Technology
Shed limits, that metastasize rapid growth
Of Personal Stock by -
adding a Touch Screen Feature to an App For Clout.
To Out-Monopoly with a Walled-Garden
Designed by Stanley Kubrick's 2001 [ Available Space Odyssey  ]
A Terabyte
leaving Half a Worm
In your Apple.

A Difference Engine, differently Desired

On a Corner in
Your Circle
Of Confirmed

rocking XP like an OG on Food Stamps and The Fringe.
Centered Better And Re-Posted.
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