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Who is this man that was crucified. Who is the man who was pierced in his side. Who is the one who walked by the sea. Who is the one they called the Nazarene? Who is the one that was crucified between two thieves? Who is the man that they say rose from the grave. Who is this man who sought to save? Who could this man be? Perhaps this man is you and me?
 Apr 2018 Stephen Leacock
In this life, feet catch fire
people burn

Remember your dream
it is your turn

You will see your ashes
you will manage to breathe

you sustain the flames
your dreams

Your ashes will float
shimmer like gold

You will rise as a
with wings to behold
I want You
I need You
I got You
I loved You
I stayed by You
Then something changed
You used Me
You didn't want Me
You made a fool of Me
You didn't love Me
after everything I gave You
You threw it away along with Me
Fluttering blue butterfly
O so sweet!
Whipping your wings
sofly floating in the wind.
Bright green hummingbird
Speeding pass
directs you to nectar
from honeysuckle nearby
Ambrosia, absolutely.
The butterfly never forgets,
Memories last forever-
Since this butterfly is immortal.
Resplendent human hands
Clasping white water lily
Gently pouring clean light, brown soil
into petals' opening
A small handful of water mixed as well
Then off floats waterlily, set down gently
On large rectangular glossy river
Having no beginning , no end.
Clear sky, all light,
Enchanted, mesmerized, humbled!
Were butterfly's feelings
To see The Divine Being
Create human girl
In the Higher realm^
Butterfly felt the new unique presence
already born as a tiny spark
And heard a voice telling the Lily
'This is how you were made'
Watching it perfectly sail away.
Now here flies butterfly!
Into Earth 3D plane
And has felt the unique spark again.

4:47am Thursday, 26th, May, 2016.
A place where-
All living entities are light in colour, translucent at times.
Clouds are soft, edible, fluffy cotton candy.

People are kind and gentle.
Where God walks with man,
physically living as his neighbour,
Us being worthy of such delight.

Where no darkness gathers
For twelve hours of golden unheated sunlight,
Then twelve hours of silver glistening moonlight
Leave no room for shadows to dwell.

Our bodies are divine,
placing our hands on trees we consume the required nutrients daily.
We absorb it , cell to cell,
exchanging energy blissfully,
never taking more than our share.

We understand coexistence,
togetherness, support, love and trust.
We take care of each other as a must.

We swim like mermaids.
Consistently swimming -our legs merge together,
cells stay connected
as long as we're in water.
Breathing by air bubbles even in laughter, we race the otters.

We Fly acrobatically as humming birds
Cheerful, Calm
Without doubts.

This dreamland,
my canoe leads to.
An Egyptian boat ride.

2:09am Saturday, May 14th, 2016.
the tempo in the poem speeds up
Just imagine...
Everyone has secrets taken to their graves..
no one knows someone entirely
There's just that something ....
a little different....
from what was said .
3:49 pm 7th April, 2016
I can hear your cries for pity, I can hear your pleas for mercy. I hear your voice and I cry for you. I can hear your sorrow and broken heart as it cracks into. I can hear your suffering from so far away. I can hear your hopelessness. I can hear your want for a better life. I can hear all of these things, and I will try to give you a voice. I can hear you.
Written through the spirit, given to men and women. A guide book to show us the way. A letter of encouragement, a lesson in history and a showing of his grace. This is the word given of God, but so often we fail to listen.
God is kindness and God is love. God is a firm hand from above. God is instruction and God is change, in the way our lives are lived. God is reason and God is wisdom. God is correction with a loving hand. God is a father and a teacher. God is a comforter and a friend. God is a creator and God is a judge, with divine wisdom and discernment. God is all of these things and so much more, if we would only open our hearts, we would know what God is.
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