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4.0k · Jul 2018
Blood Moon
Stephen Leacock Jul 2018
The Wolf once had a wife her name was Luna
The devil separated them chaining her to the moon Bounded him on earth
Like the animated cartoon
He became wrathful
Because She lost his groom
He Lost his one and only love
Things that happen too soon around the month of june the following afternoon
The full waxing of the moon
He cries to her on the nights of the full moon
His one and truly love that is called the triple three  of the  blood moon.
3.3k · Jul 2018
Stephen Leacock Jul 2018
She was like quantum physics
Entanglement with each other
The collapse of thoughts depending on the best possible  answer
Metaphoric of its position with an arrow
Camouflage like a shadow
With wheels like bone marrow
The demon that brings torment
The wolf in sheep clothing without consent
Lilith in a differnet form that drains men that makes her uniform
The things that makes you brain storm
Victims of her demise, things that makes her rise.
Things that brings you a surpise.
The rose that stays in its soil that requires  water to bloom.
The woman with fangs in the tomb that brings you doom.
The witch with a broom that seeks for a groom.
3.3k · Aug 2018
Stephen Leacock Aug 2018
Feels like slavery
With weight our shoulders
Havent We endured enough?
From One Bolder To The Next?
Like needles draining  our blood for energy
The White Gold of  Saturn
Using Led from congress
Our Spring Streams Have Run Dried
Directed into a Different lines and Process
Guarded by Projects With Capitalism at its finest
Racism and favoritism.
The Collective Body Shivers .
With stretch lines on her skin with her magnitude of her tears.
The stages of legions unleashed.
Souls in battle using a leash.
Things have been disowned and blown.
The Headdress will take its throne.
The Shield Into El-dorado that is known.
Grids awaken from the Amerindian parts of the jaguars tradition.
Collective religious cultures unleashed from its disposition.
The beauty that brings a new position.
1.2k · Feb 2017
Life is a code
Stephen Leacock Feb 2017
Life is a code
It's within us and outside of us.
Above us and Below us.
We're one of a collective consciousness
As one giant code.
Our codes are like butterfly effects that ripples away thru the fabric of reality that loads...

We're like electricity that powers the circuit boards.
We're like an ipaddress that connects thru the gateway that glows.
We're interconnected as one as the energy flows.
Our functions are like c codes, like our genetic code.
We're programmers of our reality that select stars where the thought goes..

Our limitation is our perception of the code.
Our friends are like classes of our codes.
Our mistakes are part of the system that Manipulates our codes.
Some exceptions are caught by our download...

When zero's and ones are connected we give birth to a new code.
When the program completes its self, it's time to go.
But some of us might exit and some of us will just reload............
754 · Feb 2019
Chess pieces
Stephen Leacock Feb 2019
Chess pieces
The number of one to form action
For the presidential elections
Tests conducted to understand its position
Things to be brought into submission
Strategy of kings with glasses
Things played in huge masses
Fear of buttons  onto children
Situations of the system
Survival mind of terror
Domino effect
The Parts of the system errors
Supreme dictatorships
Powered by the battleships
Hands in fields
Eldorado on the leash
Rules to work with
The new government elected
742 · Jun 2018
Stephen Leacock Jun 2018
As beautiful the rose will be it will always have thorns.
What hurts are the parts of is thorns of its beauty.
A plucked rose will lose its beauty but a rose by its self in it's soil will bloom.
720 · Jul 2018
Stephen Leacock Jul 2018
The energy is protected and restricted from the wicked
the system is shifted and twisted parts of it omitted
The lines of codes are scripted to the listed
Chords are obstructed and rejected.
Life is lifted and gifted everything is permitted
and reflected.
The wands that frees its course way and the cups
that brings love at noon day
The star for only whom is granted committed uplifting of the acquitted
The numbers for notification and feathers for its authentication used as justification
Life brings a vacation with a positive celebration, Spiritualization!
464 · Feb 2016
Stephen Leacock Feb 2016
Our shadow dwells, most of them we created them from hell.

Its the monsters we feed, the suffering of our identity that creates the hell.

Only unity can make peace with the shadow.

Its the ying and yang, the eye of a needle, the one true self that can make you well.
401 · Feb 2017
The stand i take
Stephen Leacock Feb 2017
From the Tree of Life
Our Roots have taken
Our Evermore now secure
Of which is no mistaken

From the lifetimes we have lived
Let their connection fall-away
So we live now in good standing
With this and he's coming day

The past no more a memory
The ghosts have been extinguished
The Paradigm has shifted
We're free from all resisted

The morrow is an open door
That poverty's abandoned
And Mother Earth is free once more
From exploitation she's been standin'

Those energies of catastrophe
All returning to the source
To manifest as does the dew
In the springtime of our course

Miracles abide in life
In synchronistic fashion
Present when we're not lookin'
Not like a car that's crashin'

The myths historian sold us
No longer have a grip
The heart-mind of humanity
Has given them all the slip

Now, getting down to Stephen
Leacock is his name
Allow the force that binds his mind
To leave him unrestrained

The agitation that besets him
Is the fear that still remains
In the frequency of despondency
That a frantic World sustains

But in the beginning was the word
As such, the word of God was spoken
Within this metered write-ment
The fear frequency is now broken

The butterflies and bees
Beautiful and productive
The soul of Mother Earth
Happy and inductive.
400 · Jun 2017
The System and Time.
Stephen Leacock Jun 2017
The System and Time.

Generated by Intelligent design
With its finger prints thru the space of time
Micro and Macro We're all connected as one that shines
Constructed as code in Real time
Spirals in full time
Games played like war and crime
Automated as Agents to keep things in line
Spied and conducted in Multidimensional space time.
Déjà vu that questions time?
X's and Y's like a goldmine of "Pastimes"
Voices of ideas in spark of time.
Augmented reality in our dreams that questions this time?
Cosmic Rays that limits us because of the their design
Cells like floating thru the the continuum of time
Physics and laws of this master design that is beyond Eisenstein.
Asleep or awaken in this time?
Be-careful because you may be redefine.
Following a script to survive in time
We're just a code that is a variable in the universal space time.
Faith is like a reality that you design.
Choice is like a reality that you define.
Heaven is like a backup that reloads when you go offline
Assign and streamline with a Lifeline that spins in the hands of time.
All of this is like a story-line.
The greatest mystery of the system and time by the divine.
386 · Feb 2019
Stephen Leacock Feb 2019
Political  story
With no mercy
Capitalism of this story
Hands together
Brother hood like each other
Cycle of chaos
Purification together
Peasants at the bottom
Blocks on each other
Egyptian based system
The wheel of the cover
368 · Oct 2018
Stephen Leacock Oct 2018
She is a queen
But nothing is at it seems
Moved On the chess board like the supreme
Her Soul beauty that creates the dream
The force and the laserbeam
Running into the blissful stream
Taking care of the bloodstream
The white and her name from a melodic  theme.
Experiences of the daydreams
Magickal powers with stars and cups to make things a team.
Wheeled within her self that manifests this American dream.
366 · Jan 2019
Red tower
Stephen Leacock Jan 2019
From the north east and west and south the wheel is spoken
Guided with hands of protection of the dark spells that are broken.
The red tower stands to protect for who watches the clock on the right and left.
The table that  turns in the hands of the wheel to the west.
342 · Dec 2018
My Design
Stephen Leacock Dec 2018
Space time that is assign
Emc2 of Einstein
Checkered reality of its blocks
Bridges of people like rocks
Payments like a  cross
Kings and queens that move forward and backwards and across
Pawns that creates the foundation
Building blocks like a paradox
Pebbles and stones of its fabrication
Thoughts squared into manifestation
Black and white like chess pieces of the grand master pieces
Action and thoughts at its course
Things like ran like kaleidoscopes
Transcended with the eyes to see
Reality of the truth that i believe?
340 · Jul 2016
Stephen Leacock Jul 2016
With anger and wrath my soul is becoming dark
Lost in two worlds of a chained melodic heart
Fighting battles of their arts hoping to be free of the perception of the grand-master arts
Construct within my consciousness, templates of thoughts
Reality of possibilities like a Hindu God's
Many battles have been fought worlds flying thru like a dart
Aiming for the nectar of a new wonderful new start.
Entering the void and becoming timeless art!
325 · Jan 2015
Stephen Leacock Jan 2015
Must keep your success down on a low
Don't let anyone know
Because if they know
You will might have to sow and stump your big toe!
Because you just got blow!
Now you know because
It was a foe that wanted to sow your owe dough.
317 · Jan 2016
The letter L
Stephen Leacock Jan 2016
There was a Witch that made us hell
We had everything until we had to sell
From all of love we had we where put under a grate spell
For now we fell, for all that remains is the letter L.
287 · Mar 2019
Im thee
Stephen Leacock Mar 2019
Im order,  I'm nothing,  I'm something
Like the seed in the soil that blooms the thorns that creates flower
Im like  fluid
Im direct and passive
Im the father
Im like the 72
Im in the eyes of you!
I absorb, i destroy, i create
Im the form of chaos that creates purification that creates stars
I go by many names
The tao knows me
Im the never ending space
I implode and i explode
Medieval Ages used me to win wars
Solomon conjured my names
Blackmirrors  are gateways to me
The hexagrams speaks my process
My formation is limitless
The observation defines me
Everything returns to me
Im thee .
287 · Mar 2016
Stephen Leacock Mar 2016
Listen its something that you hear.
Something that you must not judge because u have an ear.
The signs are there, the words are there and you must listen because it will be for you're own care.
When you have understand its meaning thru pain, it will only bring you shame.
For it is your ear and you must have no fear.
285 · Feb 2017
Stephen Leacock Feb 2017

Two lovers under a tree
One next to an apple tree and one next to a tree
She looks up to god for the information
As he looks beside her for an explanation
The snake lurks in the tree
Tempting her because she's eve
Chains are bounded by the devil
That separates them apart....
She holds the grape vine and he holds the fire in his hand that shines.
Only for their destiny to be unfold handed by god of the cup of happy lovers.
267 · Mar 2016
Stephen Leacock Mar 2016
We live in a maze, within our consciousness we flow within it like water opening different doors and gateways, with the current we flow.

Sometimes  they try to change the route and the route that is destined for us, however we continue to flow, thru the cracks that eventually breaks a river, we continue to flow.
262 · Jun 2018
Stephen Leacock Jun 2018
The star and water goes together
to free what ever painful thorns have been planted
The renewal comes into place with the love and grace
The matters of the past are now released
Family together and darkness decreased
Love together increase He is strong again with his mouth piece
The centerpiece of a Guyanese using the timepiece.
The Chariots take flight with all different colors
The scythe spears him again for him to complete his domain
The level of life from a mustard tree
The candle helps to light each together using a feather
that will bring the family close together
Domestic harmony is granted that was always wanted
With this wish that is granted that is enchanted.
251 · Oct 2018
The 13 Theme.
Stephen Leacock Oct 2018
The Matrix is created and rated
parts of the system waited
Located and related parts of it
collated and deflated
Using the tree to fabricate its dreams
Illusion of the Maya, nothing as it seems
Automation of its product, things to conduct
Here and there, the parts of the Magickal dream.
The force of the beam, rats ran in a stream
The energy used to conduct to create the 13 theme.
243 · Jun 2017
Stephen Leacock Jun 2017
Things you should have done
Its rather a loss that hides within you
The memory that troubles you
The past that says its ur fault
Things became like salt
The few things you should have done
Troubled by the heart and mind you should have won
The door was closed on that event
Leaving the mind to halt
The memory of pain is like a vault, connected by human thought
Life became the default.
238 · Feb 2019
Stephen Leacock Feb 2019
The woman with the blindfold
The bird in the box
Stones and rocks
The skeletons in the closet
The hands of clocks
Things of the paradox
Nectar of the fame
The hearts played like games
Hands together
Both like each other
Shadows of the demise
Mirrors of the prize
Walls of the facade
Things of the masquerade
Eyes to see
For the truth to be revealed.
214 · May 2018
1111- Twin flames
Stephen Leacock May 2018
Many lives lived
Twin flames came back possibly to experience hell?
We met in this gambling hell.
Notification of its awakening
11:11 of its number from its wishing well.
Time like a death bell.
Memories lost but feelings like magick spells.
Love that cuts both sides, blead and farewell
Mirrors and attributes ran from its self.
Exhausted hoping for us to be saved and well
Other things are not said but you can figure it out very well.
The cycle repeats like a spiraling hell
Six and nine in a hotel
Twin flames seeks justice like an alarm bell.
Painful feelings of anguish but i treated them well.
Water is required to fix this lake of hell
Fertilize a cell with its ***** cell.
Everything  felt from a mother cell.
Life in an egg shell that rings the door bell.
209 · Apr 2018
Goddess 3
Stephen Leacock Apr 2018
The lady in the blue dress
With the moon crescent on her head
left right and middle in noon day
Simple woman that shows you  the unknown
Follow her foot steps and become known.
Her power awakens with her messages and notifications
This is just the beginning of the awakening.
Chariots and wands take flight
The tower that is insight
Karma at its course
Balance Restored
Kings and Queens on the Quest
All connected of the nest
The green color swarms as 3
1000's return back to thee.
Strings became rusted
Perspective trusted
Technical Infestation Corrupted
Poles shifted
Doubts placed as mountains Lifted and shifted
Resurrected and Gifted
13 Degrees Granted.
207 · Jun 2018
Three three three
Stephen Leacock Jun 2018
Ghost in the shell the circle of 3
Things happen before we came
Things played like games
Unfinished business of promises made, hoping to see each other again.
Sadness that is connected like a church key.
Conventional understanding cannot be gainned of the feelings still remains
Ancient side awakens like a buried  treasure.
Hoping to open its key
Where beauty still remains.
Temperance at its course 333
205 · Mar 2016
Stephen Leacock Mar 2016
I always wanted fame.
But I don't know how far is the game.
I will aim and will rise out of this flame!
To conquer this plane.
205 · Feb 2016
Stephen Leacock Feb 2016
The love they gave me came from their unconditional heart.

The steps they made and the things they did, that paints within my heart.

For I love them and it made me to start.

But now i have a broken heart </3 for im awaken and the eyes that wants me to start their own art for they're 13 parts of this broken heart.

For im lost in the dark, searching for a better way to start, for I was warned but I was the dart.

For how it is i didn't listen to the art, it will be better soon enough, just like the start.
195 · Mar 2016
Stephen Leacock Mar 2016
For the future is untold.
For the time is to unfold.
For they wish to have my soul.
For the 13 is within the eye of the one that is a toll.
For the phase of 13 and the end of a month has made it cold.
For the balance should make it 8 and for it to be told.
For this shall make him whole because they wish to have him in a hole.
For the lover is lost  seeking for his soul.
For  god will have his soul.
For he will be bold and will  have  control and all of this will be gold.
192 · Feb 2016
Stephen Leacock Feb 2016
Different seasons.
Different reasons how it goes it will unfold, the past is then, the present is now, the only time u have is to live in the  now.
As the wind blows that is how it flows and change is the air and you must go!
As hard as it seems it's just for now it's cycle of life and all that there is, it must be now.
Choose wisely and don't be scared for the options only lives within you and you must be brave.
192 · Mar 2018
Thirteen Thirty One
Stephen Leacock Mar 2018
The structure of pillars are built
left and right Thirteen Thirty One
Terminal tool of the sun
The Moon  together as One
The Ownership of the flag and the headdress in the middle of the tent of the one
Constructed and process of this hidden process
Fallen and risen, both hands as they go.
Chains balanced thru the crosses
Past foundations built placed into this process
Linguistics of stages
Past memories of this address in phases
Wheels that protects and repairs its course
Used variables from this source
Spheres reaps from their plantation.
Authorized application
Sensation of this automation
The red bird that flies that sights its location.
Squared into existence that creates manifestation.
188 · Sep 2019
Saturn 4
Stephen Leacock Sep 2019
Saturn is the headmaster
The system that brings chaos and disasters
Teaching students to become masters
The cube  in a box
Hammer of the shock
Led like the rocks
Intentions of blocks
Intelligence is the key
Waiting for the turn to be free
Graduation of the course
To open new doors
The power of the force that brings no remorse
Tokens of the quest that is purified to the best
The angel of a hiss
The time of the deep abyss
166 · Nov 2018
Red white clock
Stephen Leacock Nov 2018
The Foundation of the red white clock stands, the wheel of hands of time and stability will  follow by the air of the synchronicity of the person who views.
To be continued...
159 · Jan 2
If mountains was smooth people will unable to climb them. Obstacles are like rocks to help you to climb every mountain.
153 · Dec 2018
Stephen Leacock Dec 2018
Arrows of the web spin like the wheel
Into the reality of the courses i believe
Social apps and scripts  like a *** appeal
Things in the cyber magickal realm to make things real
Double arrows of its requests
Grey arrow pending like a guest
The blue arrow for the connection
Pierced by the users intentions
Things created as inventions by the archers of social media in different states of dimensions.
152 · Aug 2019
Stephen Leacock Aug 2019
Numbers played
Lost and have none
Tears falls into the lake and becomes one
Thunder strikes
Lessons learned
The well of intentions of none
Souls and dreams harvested into the tent of the one
Spined into gold balanced as one
The sliver lining with the wheel from everyone
Activated Authenticated And Run
Manifestation squared of the 3 numbers from the intention of one.
The man teashirt saying like father like son
Lost objects found with the woman like a nun
The message that follows the "home run"  
This read backwards
The sun with eye that brings fortune with the page you have won!
150 · Sep 2019
Overview 20
Stephen Leacock Sep 2019
Overview 20
The eye of the sun that brings protection
The Hawk of affection
Sighting of spiral mazes and puzzles
Thoughts of detection followed by perception
Correction is followed by the projection
The Owl of its reflection
Selection of the sign into one connection
Thoughts that brings exceptions
The woman that corrects the mistake that follows by elections
The explosion from his direction in to her collection
The thread of the sliver lining
The application of perfection
Letting go that brings resurrection
149 · Sep 2019
Stephen Leacock Sep 2019
Darkmatter lay the plans before the pins
The intention of the one begins
The vacuum of ideas unpins
The Blackhole that creates spins
Courage of the one that wins
Birth of a star conquer grins
Unlimited worlds of templates with skins
The choice of the "can" made out of tins
The message from the "43 Gemini twins"
136 · Jul 2018
Stephen Leacock Jul 2018
Life is an empty cup
Some empty cups wishes for it be filled
To make things rebuild and to be fulfilled
132 · Jan 2018
Stephen Leacock Jan 2018
Language is model of the  system that constructs everything this is our model that defines us and models us.
We're locked into it's grid of definition.
This is our weakness of comprehension.
This is our known operating system.
This is called our system.
We're locked by its rules and boundaries they might be obstruction  It's part of the construction based on our conjunction.
Nothing can escape it's definition it only loops into a paradoxes of paradigms of perceptions.
We're like power to it's fabrication that gives us definition and appreciation or destruction.
Only who can understand will understand this construction.
131 · Feb 2018
Stephen Leacock Feb 2018
We're living in  the construct
The labels and rules that governs and holds us
The way we identify our selves
The way we fit in.
The way we play by its rules
Like a stream of flowing water.
Running into different paths.
Reversed engineered by its foundation
Created and manipulated as procreation.
Used as variables to create situations.
Running in sequence like a computer automation.
Played like chess in several occasions that defines your location.
Kings and queen   that can move across the board into a new location, forward and backwards of the "abbreviation"
Nothing is at it seems that creates a revelation.
Depending on choice that makes you move to deh "eyetation"
Higher the law beats the foundation
Cracks of it creates definition
Integrated as morphic generation.
Muti-dimensional creation.
126 · May 2018
Stephen Leacock May 2018
Life is like a maze
Some of us plays and some of us stays
We're like a variable with a key
That opens doors to be free
Only levels to be found on a twisted battle ground
Mice that runs around
Some of us gets spellbound and some of us turns things right around
Like a circle in the ground.
Maze like Broadways and stairways
Bats that uses ultrasound
Solving a puzzle with life in its background.
Some cheated and some left in a burial ground
If one can see everything they will be safe and sound
That uses the nails to break them down, using the power of sound.
124 · Nov 2017
Stephen Leacock Nov 2017
Change Before it's too late, for determines a line of Faith
The lines of the Palms Activate.
From His and Her Lines Create
From Feet Up, the Crown initiate.
One Giant Palm Generates
Twisted by the number 8
Time to pull ones own weight
Together we will be update
By learning to labor and to wait.
Hold on, this will work out  grate.
117 · Jun 2018
Union 11
Stephen Leacock Jun 2018
Heaven from the male  and earth from the female
The eleven has crossed its path
One above one below
Peace of 7 followed by eleven
Within the tree of heaven
Synchronicity of its mystery
Connection of the trinity
Moved physically, swimmingly and admittedly
One ashore waiting for its requests.
Authenticity felt like electricity.
Dreams of its lucidity
Flames of Infinity  
Expressed with its imagery, wickedly and explicitly.
That brought them tranquility, metaphysically.
116 · Mar 2018
Stephen Leacock Mar 2018
Witches and mages
Cast spells that created disorder
Change and shifts of chaos that created things to be out order
Karma exchanged by their foundation
Reaping our labour and our happiness
Tides that made us  penniless
Copied and used
Vampirezed and misused.
Labels of situations.
Queen died  in this location
Prince with water and his star hoping to take his throne
The witches that wants his soul
Tied by masters and things
The black eagle that gave him wings
The thirteen for his motivation.
Mirrored and released
The 31 for confirmation
The 6 of Wands, disintegration.
Everything is returned imagination, quantum location.
Access granted full Authentication.
115 · Jun 2018
Stephen Leacock Jun 2018
An innocent child is praying in the background
While the scythe is at his pathway
Transformation Beings
The number 49 and 13 is followed
While angels at his side sings
Where the new journey of life begins
The star above washes his pain from the rain
Where he is to gain from the level of his pain
Things in his life are abstain
He rejected his left brain
Things changes into his domain
Chains broken using a mustard grain
While he maintains and elevates into a new smooth plane
Later on he will explain and proclaim his champagne.
With God in his veins.
109 · Dec 2017
Life in a cube
Stephen Leacock Dec 2017
Life in a cube
With various slides of hypercube
Scripted by the one who makes the view
Workings of the unknown
Views of possibility
Fabrics of creation and mathematical automation
The box of how we think
The maze like rats that are in sync
Shifts of endless states
Ran in different dates
Trees of roots branches of fruits
Made today and yesterday both as a paradox
In endless states
Running a stimulation of multidimensional conclusion
For whom it's granted to see will choose wisely
Brick walls are noticed
Repeated steps are made in the cycle of it's fate
The kingdom it's within it's code that you can  take
The flower that is made that holds the cube instead.
Fabric of life invented of nectar that is presented.
103 · Mar 2018
Stephen Leacock Mar 2018
Wisdom of Tree
The tree is centered at root
When the mild wind comes
The tree shakes its leaves
When the strong wind comes
The tree shakes its leaves and branches
It never moves its root.
The tree is good teacher
We're a human being
Should we center ourselves to our heart
We are facing each day
Is the wind
As the tree
We do according to conditions
But never move our heart.
That’s the wisdom of the tree
Share with you.
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