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  Oct 2014 Sophie
terra nova
today a small shadow
flew out of your mouth
and took up
the space where
some light should’ve been

and i know it’s unfair
that i sometimes compare
black to white with
no space for the
grey in-between

but it fell cold and ugly
and made me feel weird
like i knew i was scared but
knew not what i feared

till the sun came back out
and the hole shivered shut
and the fear crept away
to the pit of my gut

and i don’t know if you thought what you said was true
but it felt like it came from a stranger, not you.
Sophie Oct 2014
Time turns flames to embers
Especially after a taster session with Death
  Sep 2014 Sophie
I took Death out to dinner last night,
dressed up
in my favorite costume.
Dripping diamonds
and champagne tear-ducts--
I clogged my pores
with soggy make-up.

We wined and dined
and wore out our shoes--
I told him my secrets
He nodded and listened.

We shuffled down side-streets
and looked into mirrors--
I shivered in darkness
He drew me in nearer.

His body a bone-yard
Lovely but broken--
I heard his soft breath
I felt fingers stroking.

But crawling back homeward
Aching and tired--
We parted by day-fall
I watched him shrink inward.

With farewell promises
to meet again soon--
I swallowed the sunrise,
I cursed out the moon.
  Sep 2014 Sophie
pocket daisies stripped of sun
where do you go when autumn comes?

under strangers stitching forests
cott-on weather vanes lost in wind;

hide yourselves in golden tombs
let your drums beat out the dust

sleep until the days are done
when all that's left is cold and worn.
I can smell him on my sheets
      I can taste him in my dreams
             I can still feel every inch where he's touched me
I hear his laughter echoing in the walls
             I can still see him in all these pictures I saved for

But this bed is bare
My dream's a nightmare
       I can't hear
             His laughter
       He's not near
             Enough to touch
My eyes are blinded by tears
He's killed my senses,  
      I'm no longer aware

Everything around me,  slowly fading away
His face, his scent, his laughter,  his touch
Maybe I'll just pop a few pills and sleep away the day
At least he's in my nightmares, the pain of reality is too much
He's gone...  He's in her arms now... I'm dying and crying and it's all just too much..
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