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Sofia Rybkina Apr 22
Today is a rainy day in New York.

I go in the rain having no umbrella;
I feel it, drop by drop, jumping on my face.
People are coming through,
having umbrellas above their heads,
as if it were some huge eagles on the little stalks.

You always stay home on a rainy day,
As if it were a ritual, a tradition.
You skip or cancel all the affairs you have planned for such day.
You stay home. You work. You write.
When I leave a goodbye kiss on your lips,
I feel those salty drops right on them.
You don't want rain near you,
You don't need him.
He is you.
Writhing in agony, calling the name of yours,
As it's to save me or maybe, of some importance,
I am to remember the day when my oak door,
Opened by you as a part of an art performance,

Made the sound of joy (so I thought, when I saw you first,
Laughing, choking and literally, aware
Of me being zealous and feeling this very thirst)
Your curse never fled in the end of a love affair.

Now, I'm writing poems, and every day,
Like a mirror, my memory replicates you.
Coming closer and teasing, you never walk away,
As if you are the only truth and the only safety.
Sofia Rybkina Dec 2018
With you, my love, I'm standing in the light,
A little lantern's hanging right above us.
This face of yours, this blooming, starry night
Like sparkling wine, is poured in our glasses.

Today's the answer, what we're to become?
When I seek, I struggle with a feeling,
This evening's falling like a shooting star,
And every move is trembling and revealing.

In every glance I see the very end,
In every touch I whim the very hope,
And silver bracelet wrapped around your hand,
And on my lips the smell of cigarette smoke,

And every piece is tortured by our fate,
And every part is trying to avoid it.
All I desired was to feast, to sate,
And all that rests is throe of a poet.
Sofia Rybkina Dec 2018
So take my love, and never leave behind,
From heart to heart forever are we binded.
Your lips I kiss, your eyes I see, your nose,
So shall I write in poetry, in prose,

So shall I chant a velvet, darkened rose,
With my pen, describe her flirty pose?
The one who deems can never be a poet,
The one who feels is closer to approach it.

I watch you dance. A gilded royal gown,
Your hair like birds, or some delightful crown,
Be mine, my dove, my distant dream when morning
Is giving life, or sharing someone's mourning.

So take my love, my heart, my admiration,
And every inch of my devoted passion.
I watch you sleep. Your eyes are closed, your breathing
Is on my lips, inviting, flyrring, teasing...
Sofia Rybkina Nov 2018
Run away, since my anger has no end,
It's your light that has led me through anguish, through hurt and dark,
But your love had you seized - and you easily gave me up.
I'm not to distinguish an enemy from a friend,

I'm not to believe our family can be healed.
Run away, little Sister. I cannot be stopped or ceased,
A beast's the one that always spawns a beast,
Satan's the one who needn't be saved or peeled,

The apple falls not very far from the apple tree.
I remember us, children, we had our faith, our love,
We believed that His aid would descend from the skies above.
Run away, little Sister, since it will never come.
Sofia Rybkina Nov 2018
Just take my love, and never leave behind,
From heart to heart, forever are we binded.
I'll steal your kiss - be calm and fear not.
Without you I'm no one but a nought.

When at night, you yield to my ploy,
You quake and dither - I begin to joy
Your scarlet cheeks, your breaking voice, your tone,
Your wrath lasts not and turns into a moan.

When at day, blue roses are your throne, 
A hoop of gold, a ring of precious stones,
Just be my queen, oh, God's superb creation!
Your heart is cold to my complete obeisance.

Your thoughts are not of King, but of a shepherd,
They're full of love - desired, ardent, terpid...
I'll have him caught and killed by very morning,
The sweetest song for me will be your mourning.
Sofia Rybkina Nov 2018
In the matter of truth – you can handle my light and love,

I just need you to raise your eyes

And to light up the starry skies.

You are always good enough.

In the matter of joy – I am playing a silly game,

I am sharing my dreams with the childish and tricky boy.

Trust me, sweetie, I'll never become annoyed 

With calling twice a minute your lucky name.

In the matter of life – just give me your fragile heart,

Open your eyes and soul – and shake my hand.

I will share your journey until the end.

No one will tear us two apart.
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