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Jan 2018 · 263
elvie Jan 2018
for the greater part of a year
mine has been a many (late) tears-
depths of sorrow founded below,
brain and mind swallow (thick pills)-
of which one is founded on (hate),
two others describe debts and (ill kills).

owed to an enslaved desire-
of which anxiety is a (vicious) liar.
a plantation of sharecropped (infatuation)-
hormones’ many (jubilations)
coughed up in personas, numerous (fictitious).

verandas of empty space and stoic (face)
wrap the cranium in venomous (lace).
bound dead without resurrecting (sound),
my 140 units six feet (underground).
Jan 2018 · 340
live wire
elvie Jan 2018
i want to hang
myself with a

live wire-

struggle, strangle, sizzle
my neck as it

catches fire-

life, love, liberty
all cliches that are

no longer dire-

positivity acts
blindly as an

egotistic liar-

gawkiness, ugliness
burns my love on an

antisocial pyre-

that consumes me
as wet sound echoes

a vain lyre

— The End —