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Your lips trace kisses along my hairline
You are cooing a nursery rhyme
I thought you may want to channel your inner John Legend
But you tell me the better things in life
Are simple, unforced, innocent
Like seeing through the eyes of a little child
And that was how you loved me
In pure devotion
The fragrance of your own perfume
Is now a layer of skin on mine
I wear your shirt and jiggle to a tune
I act silly to pretend I am fine

I miss the best and worst of you
The little insecurities and your confidence bordering arrogance
I haven't seen you in a year, more than two
All I have is your shirt, the memory of you
A reminder of my betrayal
For love found and love lost and love reminisced upon.
Tell me in whispers the things you fear
I'll bless you with kisses and wipe away every tear
I'll hold you close to my heart and show you what true love is
I'll take you on a journey of unending bliss
I used to dream
Day and night
Dream of him
In all his might

I used to love
His fiery glow
The gentle curve
Of his little toe

I used to think
Love is forever
But in a blink
He found another

I used to wish
Upon the stars
For his kiss
Even upon Mars

I wish no more
I have found mine
Yesterday he did call
But I had moved on
Once when my world was blue
You came and turned it anew

You painted it a sunny yellow
And turned goodbyes to hello

You turned my gloomy frowns
Inside out and upside down

My life was a chaotic mess
But now I'm happy and blessed

You turned my head and my world
With your sweet, sweet love
Love you :)
Aren't we praying enough?
Has our love gone cold?
Why is there so much heartache?
Why is peace rare like precious gold?
Put a rose in my hair
And i will smile,
Leave a note at the bedside
Yea, do it with style;

Take my hand in yours
When you go for long walks,
Lets sit by the lake
As we watch the swimming ducks;

Let me see the sunset in your eyes,
And smell the perfume on your neck:
And when i fall asleep in your arms,
Leave on my lip nothing less than a peck;

I might not wake up to see you here,
Just leave with me a night to remember:
But if i do wake up still in your arms,
I will make you mine forever.
Many years have gone by,
Many more are yet to come,
Many places i have been,
None, i could call my home;

Many tears have been shed,
And so much pain have been felt,
Many have come and gone,
I do not know who i have left;

Many mistakes have been made,
Most of which have brought me here;
Many rights that i have done,
The journey has been worth the dare;

Many answers i tried to find,
So many things i don't understand,
Many things i've left behind,
Just to make a better stand;

Many people that i have hurt,
Many others have hurt me too,
But this is just a part of life ,
These are things we must go through;

Many reasons to have regrets,
And other reasons to rejoice,
Decisions were always mine to make,
I'as always entitled to a choice;

So many nights beneath the stars,
I could be like them- so bright so rear,
So many years watching the moon,
Men like me have gone up there;

my past is past forever now,
Here i am still standing here,
Watching the moon and stars,
So why should i shade a tear?

So many years are ahead of me,
Don't know how much of it i have,
My living is my greatest chance,
To do better and grow a nerve.
Life is the biggest opportunity we all have. Everyday we have is a day to begin doing things differently. A second ago could also be the past.
Days come and days go,
They will always return,
This we know;

Nights come and nights go,
They will always go,
And light will show;

Flowers bloom as others whither,
But flowers will rise again,
No matter the weather;

Seasons come and seasons go,
Seasons come with their goodies too,
No need for woes;

Lovers come and lovers go,
True love will endure,
This we know.
This life is but a dream

Of sleeping beasts and hungry wolves...

I await the life that is

The dream of sleeping children

And kinder men

Some place elsewhere from here

Oh to begin again


Our very own


Come true...
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