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Skinny Love Oct 2014
Midnight walls
And wading pools
I run through the halls
That echo you
But the songbird
Does not sing the sweet tune
In the dark.

When did time choose to move like wax
When the lifeline breaks into shattered glass
Find a soft place for your bed
Prepare for the war that lies ahead
Of you and I, we cannot win this time.

We are fighting shadows and breezes
It's time to pull our hearts out of the clouds
But the heart does what it pleases
And this silent room is the battleground.

For the night is young with our laughter
But are eyes grow old a grey
And the sunlight i danced with upon your heart was the heat of our final day.
Life is confusing. Maybe I'll write some music and turn thus into some kinda punk song you can only understand if you're confused.

19 hours after posting this. I just go broken up with. He was very respectful but felt it was time to move on. Maybe this poem was foreshadowing, maybe not.
Skinny Love Oct 2014
Her breath is soft
She mumbles
What? I say
I don't remember she replies clearly
And turns over
Still very much asleep
These are the nights I'll miss the most
Our legs intertwined.
So alike
And so different
I'm leaving in a month
I'll be all alone
And so will she
She's laughing now
I think it's a good dream
She somehow managed to roll on top
I won't push her off
This time
She's comfortable
I'm happy.
I miss my little sister. We shared a bed at home. I'm lying awake in my college apartment and I feel so lonely. I wrote this before I moved out.
Skinny Love Sep 2014
Fool me once
Fool me twice.
Fool me a third time?
I must be an insane
Because I keep coming back again.
Ever talk now is a fight. But I will always love you. I guess that makes me a fool.
Skinny Love Sep 2014
your name
is just another dull sword
through my heart
The first night I stayed under the stars at your house,
I tossed and turned until finally I woke you with
Soft kisses over your bare shoulders and on your chest
Just above your heart.
After stirring out of your slumber, your lips brushed mine
And the crook of your arm fit perfectly around
My body as you held me close.
One of us just barely awake, the other wide.

Learning to sleep with someone new takes time;
Discovering the way their chest rises and falls
Like the tide comes up to kiss the sand
Before receding back and pushing forward again.
Listening to their deep breaths as they lay
Almost lifeless on their back,
Matching their breaths to heartbeats beneath your cheek.
The way they stir in the sleep and reposition
Themselves so their arm holds you safe and secure
Even when they’re dreaming.
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