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Poetic T Sep 2014
I dreamt in black and white
The horrors of old
Haunting my every moment
8 foot tall
Hands bigger than my head
His footsteps
The earth trebles
Lunging forward
He grabs me
Would you like to join my
"Sewing group"
I scream in horror,
Hours past a blur
Cross stitch,
Arrowhead stitch,
They all must be learnt
He speaks
"Who do you think mends my stiches"
"When they come loose"
His logic, I haven't a witty comeback
He lets me walk off
As I walk in to the woods,
I come to a crossroads,
Left path
8 miles
Right Path
3 miles
Right path I think ill take
Alone I walk,
Hearing my beating heart
Then I hear a howl
I turn slowly, heart racing
I swallow it back down
A hairy beast
Wolf Man,
His teeth shine in the moon light
He growls,
I faint, when I  came around
He speaks perfect English
"Brush in your hand"
"I cant get the back "
Do you know how hard it is to make
This coat so shiny and clean
I hit knots unseen ,
Sink into the ground
I "Gulp"
So loud it echo's into the woods
Hours pass when will this horror end
Eat me now I think in my head
And then a shimmering coat is seen
"Thank you"
Many run when they see me
"You stayed"
An animal man in need of help,
He guilds me safely
Now out of the howling woods
I hear in the background
Teeth smiling
In to the woods he returns,
I walk on my way
Taking in the sights
Then as sign I see
I think what could go wrong
I see a white haired lady
Sitting in a rocking chair
Knife in hand
She laughs as she
And then I see a cake ,
Red juices pour out
As she licks the juices from the knife
I pail man speaks
"How do you do"
"I am Drac-Ula"
That Name rings a bell
"I get that all the time"
Would you like your bags
Taken to your
Drank blood red room
"Say what"
Its a themed hotel sir
Did you not read the sign
As I go in to the bar
What are the special's sir
****** Mary,
Devils Handshake
I'll have the
Handshake please
Sign here please
Ok I think
Wow that blew my soul away
With but one sip,
"Can I have another please"
Sorry sir bars closed,
"Only one soul per drink"
I go off to my bed, to rest my head
I awake with a startle
To see Drac-Ula
Floating in the air
I shake my head
Rub my sleepy eyes
Opened wide, was I still in a dream
"Hello sir"
A Bloodwiser  Night-cap
"Thanks I said"
What friendly people on this trip
As I drifted off to slumber
It felt like an eternal sleep
I awoke as my alarm went off
It said, was that all a dream??
My neck was really stiff,
Must have slept funny
I put on my trousers
Dam I haven't got time for this
Where's that sewing kit
10 minutes later
There that's done,
I hear the wife is  awake
I take up a coffee
"Morning dear"
You coldnt do me a favour
Help with my hair
So I
There you go my dear,
Open mouthed,
I put my finger underneath her chin,
You'll catch flies if you left it open an more,
I walk out the door
Off to work,
Ouch the suns really hurting my eyes,
That was one really strange dream I had...
My Ocd is flipping switches,
My adhd is pulling pupet strings,
My brain is on vaction for most of the day,
and when he comes home it's night,
his favorite time to party.....
I get no rest,
And tomorrow there's a flippin' test!
I have some problems... Don't judge me .....
Death-throws Aug 2016
Ive succeeded
Ive defeated my demons
And summond the evils that pestered me
Just to **** in front  of them gleefully
Im animalistic im my celebrations
I think  i should plan a vaction
Im drunk  on the joy of succeeding
I've not just  bested my goals,
Ive superpassed them
And now ill end my day
With the widest grin
sandra wyllie Jul 2019
You packed your bags
your running shorts
and kayak
reading books
t-shirts and sneakers
took off
left me here
like the mail
that comes each day
when you’re away
to sit
and wait
like my emotions
that you’ll
your vacation
Sunny Snow  Dec 2014
Im Dying
Sunny Snow Dec 2014
I'm dying,
Don't you understand,
Each and every day,
I'm dying.

I used to think being dead,
Was to mean,
Your heart beat,
Went flat.

Being dead?
Not so much a state of being sometimes...

I'd wake up,
Every morning,

I'm still here?
How am IIIII,
Still here?"

With not much will power for life,
Every day mundane,
Every hour, pointless.

Until it drove me mad,
I became so mad,
I gave that girl in the mirror the finger
And walked
The hell
She was no good,

And saying to myself after I said...

"Hey bro,
I'm dying each
And every day!

I don't have time for *******,
I don't have the years for hatred,
I don't have the months for grudges,
I don't have the days for no success,
I don't have the hours for wasting,
I don't have the minutes for standing still,

But what I do have,
Is millions
Of itty bitty moments,
Placed together
So perfectly,
That I notice...

I never saw that before i died.
Before the brain waves took a vaction
lets be depressed and unsure, unworthy of life

I'd never seen how beautiful

Life is,

When you slow her down,
To a slow dance,
A graceful pause,
A gentle breath,
A simple laugh,
A single tear,
A precious moment.

And Time,
She is just an odd one.
Letting you decide when her dance is done.
But willing to offer so much more,
If you stay.

And There is,
More, my friend.

I would know,
I'm still here,
By some magic of this universe
I got plopped into
21 years ago.

And I've seen enough,
Telling me,

They still want you here,
Your family,
Your pet,
Your friends,
They need you here,
Its not about you!!!

Its about us."

Time will whispers gentley
Into my ears

"its about us,
You are dying,
You will never be eternal,
And life,
He's a ******* sometimes,
Don't always listen to him,
But never
Never ever,
Take him for granted."

She reasons with me.

"in the end,
You will go,
But now,
Is not the end.

I have much more,
much more,
To show you"

I'm dying,
And every moment counts.
Every encounter,
Every butterfly in your stomach,
Every bruise you take,
Every battle you fight,
Every love you have,
Every person you care for,
Every memory you hold close,
Every blink,
Every word,
Every whisper,

Its all worth it.

Let it be,
Worth it.

You are dying
Make it worth something to you.
bluevelvet May 2017
There is vacant
cloudy smoke in my mind.
These thoughts are
extreme roller coaster rides,
the moments turn
into a fun filled vaction.
Only my head
controls the time.

They say that
the good always dies young,
but that just
is not right.

How can something die
when I have
too much fun,
and all these thoughts
play in my head tonight?

— The End —