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Jemma Mar 2017
It’s a new day dawning yet we’re still living in the past
Embracing colonialism and saving the rest for last
You know, the rest meaning the other cultures because you think they don’t matter
But it’s time for that glass of classism and racism to shatter
It’s funny how when I go to University I’m rarely taught by people who look like me
No matter how much the white lecturers may try, they will never understand my cultural identity
So don’t get mad if I doze off in your lecture because I just can’t relate
If I speak up I may start the great debate
Learning about Ancient Greeks and those who lived in Rome is fine
But what about the indigenous people of the Caribbean or stories of what went through the slave’s mind?
University is more than just learning about what makes Western culture great
There’s more to this world that we can truly celebrate
America and Haiti both had a revolution
So if we want to make a change we need to come up with a solution
It’s a new day dawning and we plan to decolonise
Despite our obstacles, we will rise
Jemma Feb 2017
Get up and move the hell on
He doesn't mean you any good
He was just ******* up all of your energy and making you feel bad about yourself
He was just there to pass the time away
He was just there so that you didn't feel lonely
You knew the love left a long time ago
So what are you holding on to?
Regrets? Pain?
What's the point of moping around when he already moved on?
You better pull your head up and remain strong
You're better than this
You're stronger than this
You deserve so much better
You will find your better
Stop holding on to the past
Let it go at last...
Jemma Feb 2017
I am 50 shades of an emotional wreck
Everything in my life is tumbling down, what the heck
I don't know what to do, who to turn to or what to say
But no matter how hard I try the pain just won't go away
I am so sick of being hurt from the same person over and over again
It's really killing me inside. When will the pain end?
What hurts the most is knowing that he moved on
Yet I'm still here all alone, reminiscing about what we had for so long
The sad part is that I actually feel like I deserve this
I mean not fully but I mean, I wasn't perfect
Oh mehn, I have to get the negative thoughts out of my head
Before I explode and cry all night in bed
This just doesn't feel right
How could the boy that I loved forget about me just like that?
I mean, I know I wasn't perfect but I thought we had something special
But what can I do now except get over it
And accept the fact that he ain't ****.
Jemma Nov 2016
In a world that constantly praises similarities of classes of people I find no space to be me
I am confined to this box of mediocrity where being like everyone else is awesome and being different is not okay
It's unfair that I am frowned upon because I fail to conform to modern perceptions of who I should be or what I should do or what I should wear
I may not look like you, I may not talk like you and I definitely may not act like you
But that's okay, I am who I am and you are who you are
Imagine if all snow flakes were the same or all spots on a Dalmatian had the same pattern, there would be nothing interesting about it
Enjoy being different
Have fun challenging the status quo
You were born to be different
You were born to stand out
In this identity crisis that the world is currently going through, embrace what makes you who you are and be uniquely you, a Shining Star!
Jemma Aug 2016
We went from lovers to friends to lovers to friends
Feelings were recycled and old crushes reclaimed
And the process continuously started all over again
No matter what we went through our love remained the same
We would take a break and go our separate ways
We would go days without texting or calling
But we knew that it was just a short phase
Before we knew it we were right back where we left off…falling
We went from lovers to friends to lovers to friends
This time we wondered will this be the end for us
Deep down we knew that our love never ends
But for now, we’ll just be friends and send random emojis on our iPhone 6 plus
Jemma Aug 2016
She lost herself while searching for herself in the eyes of someone else
She lost herself trying to seek validation from others
She lost herself in hopes of trying to be like everyone else
She lost herself trying to do what she thought would make others happy, ignoring her own need for happiness in the process
She lost herself fighting for the love of everyone around her
She lost herself in the midst of "What Ifs?", failing to take chances
She lost herself to the sounds of this world that often told her what she couldn't do
She lost herself while ignoring the voice inside her head that told her to get out, take a risk and make her dreams come true
She lost herself over and over again
No matter how hard she tried, she lost herself....
Jemma Aug 2016
I should be laid up on a beach right now in my bikini, soaking in the sun and relaxing
But instead I’m at work sitting at a desk that I clearly don’t belong to
I should be cuddled up with the man I’m going to marry
But instead I’m stressed out wondering “What if I die alone?”
I should be buying tickets to explore the world
But instead I’m scrapping change to gather enough money for lunch
I should be talking to my grandmother about my plans for the future
But instead I’m thinking of all of the memories she left for me to cherish
I should be doing whatever the hell I wanna do
But instead I’m just here struggling to stay awake…
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