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Austine Jun 2017
retrace the steps to get to you
revisit the memories built on hopes

no matter where i look
there is no corner that does not remind me of you
that does not take me to the place i went to with you

i don't know where to go now
but i hope -
wherever i'm going
even if it's the farthest of the roads -
i hope you will follow me
and lead my way
back home
Austine Jul 2015
With the wisdom that your tongue spells out beneath those lips
With the wondrous adventures ahead of us that we have to to explore
With your lovely, lovely personality that redesigns and navigates me whenever I feel indefinite
With all my tomorrows spent with contentment for I have you, like the ocean that never ends
With all of you that makes all of me glow
With your laughter echoing in my ears
With the warmth of your hand like the setting of the afternoon sun
With your eyes, deep and calm like my own pool of serenity and peace of mind
With your body as my cocoon amidst my fragility over things I cannot control
With your voice like the summer breeze flowing swiftly through my ears
With your existence in my life still remaining a mystery I wouldn’t want to solve just so we’ll remain as two cosmic drifters getting lost but feeling more found than ever
Austine Nov 2014
It was morning
The sunlight peeped through
My half-closed window
And greeted me with warmth
That was so golden it burnt

The cool breeze from
The night before -
Gone, like I never pulled
My blanket so close to me
As sleep rocked me back and forth

It was morning
And my heart weeped
When I realized that
I was here and
You were there
I missed you -
I tried not to -
But oh ****,
I ached when I was not
Where you were
Austine Jul 2014
I am slowly burying myself in dust and bones.
But I want to live.
I sleep in the hollow and wake up with scraped ribs and claw marks all over my body.
But I want to live.
I drown and I inhale oblivion to survive.
But I want to live.
I want to see but I cannot tell the difference when my eyes are sealed shut and open wide.
But I want to live.
My head wobbles from the heartless fall.
But I want to live.

**I want to live.

I want to live.

I want to live.
Austine Jun 2014
if you are the whirlwind,
i would fly straight to you
i would embrace you without fear
i would chase you
and keep you company
while the others fall back in fright

swirl by swirl,
i will let myself be caught in a trance
that i will never want to escape from

as i orbit you,
i will realize there is no place else
i would rather be -
just there,
in the middle of chaos and wreckage,
with you
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