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September Roses Dec 2018
You'll notice him in the busy streets of Peru, dodging vendors and laughing like the sun.
You'll notice her at a small diner past 2 a.m, lost in thought, meloncholy notes on her smile.
You'll notice him on a street corner wearing bold colours and singing
about the lives he's lived and the fools he's loved.
You'll notice her on mountain peaks, soaking in the wind with feathers in her hair.
You'll notice him weaving flower crowns and writing in his journals, squinting into the hot sky with dew on his lips.
You'll notice her kneeled on the side of the road, comforting a small animal she found with the voice of sweet honey.
You'll notice them, dancing at sunset, colours streaking across their face.
You'll notice them running through meadow fields in the early hours of the morning.
You'll notice them laughing like the wind, smiling like velvet, with whispfill sparks in their eyes as they sit by the waves at dawn.
They are the sun and the moon
The sky and the sea
Fire and the ice
They're not likely to tell you who's who,
In fact they're not likely to tell you who they are at all.
But even without the spoken reveal
Even without the clarity of meaning,
I promise that when you see them.
You'll notice
Emily  Sep 11
Let me help
Emily Sep 11
You can hide what you hide,
Just don't hide away your sorrows.
You can lie what you lie about,
Just don't lie about your sadness.
You can smile your fake smile.
Just don't use it to fake for me.
You can say what you want.
Just don't say that you're ok. (liar)

I don't care if you think you're fine.
I don't care if you don't want help.
I'm gonna help you anyway.
Till you hate me and beyond.

You can try but you can't get me away
You are important. So I'll keep you alive.
I'm not sure if you'll be grateful.
But I don't really care.
I will keep on loving you, till you've had enough.

Hide what you want, you still can't hide your sorrows.
Lie how you want, you still can't lie about your sadness.
Pretend what you want, you can't pretend about your feelings
You can say what you want.
I know you aren't okay.
Let me help you.

To the boy
I met at school last year.
He hurts. I can tell.
I want to help him.
Ash Rose  Nov 2015
Ash Rose Nov 2015
Tears streaming down her face
Cuts on her wrists
Bruises on her heart
Saying the things she never could say
Praying the things she never could pray
Why am I even here,
I don't want to be living
Take me, please!
Covering up with a smile
Laughing during the day, sobbing at night
Never telling anyone, her silent cry for help
Explaining only to those closest to her
Watching them walk away, and never come back
Why does everyone always leave?
Aren't they supposed to help,
Isn't that what friends are for?
No one giving her any reason to stay
Wouldn't it be easier?
Leaving seemed so easy
She had really already done it
Her body was here but her soul was gone
****** away, locked up, restrained infinitely
And everyone assumed she was just fine
But she wasn't
And no one cared enough to notice.
Please help me!!
She screamed inside
Look at me! I'm not alright, I'm not okay!
Someone please just look,
I don't know how long I'll last...
Ginger R  Jul 2018
Bother to care
Ginger R Jul 2018
If I were to **** someone
Without all these witnesses
Someone without family
Who didn't know another being

If that person was dead
Would anyone notice

Maybe if it was an accident
Maybe if I hid the body
Maybe no one would ever know
Would ever care
Would ever want to know,
To care,
About a person
Who had had a life
It was a lonely life
Probably a sad life

But would anyone bother to care?
And what if it were me
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