A hummingbird moves so fast it buzzes,
but it hopes you don’t notice.
We are always trying so hard....do they hear us?
Onoma Oct 2013
Mangled skirmish, of bespeckled olive-green
Their sinuous anarchy runs cold upon her
Caravaggio, you immortalized the bitch,
immured her, hermetically sealed her within
that shield.
Her reflection was at once the face she
never saw...stoned, she...then beheaded.
I notice you've even painted the shield the
color of her serpentine locks.
Serpents registering her ontological shock--
retentive, entwining, dangling in an odd
curl here and there.
Blood spurting from her almost indiscernible
neck, as if to draw a passable neck of blood,
almost like rays of blood, Christ's pierced side.
Her eyes seem so determined to chisel their
way out of stone, reconnect her head to her
Her face is stunning, an excruciating ferocity
bulking stiff, slightly opened mouth about to...
explode out of her eyes.
Eyes hissing downward, sideways--there in the
pitch black glint of them...a primordial drama
to be continued.
Desi Jul 2017
I see more beauty in the sky than I do in man kind.
Constantly hurting eachother just because they're dealing with their own hurt.
I see more beauty in my enemies than those close to me.
I see their hurt and flaws before I see their face.
The scars on their arms scream "love me"
They're just Faint enough to almost not not see.
But I do.
I always notice scars before I notice other things
It's kind of like a twisted beauty.
I don't think they're beautiful because I'm trying to justify self harm.
I think they're beautiful because they tell a story.
They speak louder than words can.
They tell me that their story isn't perfect,
There's twists and kinks that makes you who you are.
You might hate me. And maybe I hate you a little bit too.
But I'll always see the beauty in you.
In everything.
Kay N 3d
You were afraid,
But no one seems to understand,
The pain you were dealing with,
And you have no one to tell,
You've never told anyone about it.

People have misunderstand you,
And many have said,
"Don't worry, they will be fine."
But the truth,
You were not alright.

You couldn't stand living,
The darkness that consumes you whole,
The demons is shredding you apart,
And the monsters are living inside your mind,
Every pain was all too agonizing to bear.

The guilt and the self-hatred,
Your worthiness was at loss,
Your demons and your monsters,
The darkness came sweeping in without a notice,
And it's eating you away.

You took you own life,
And you were gone,
The news starts to spread like wild fire,
Everything exploded and turns into chaos,
Grieving and mourning, confusions, and so much more.

Everyone starts to realize,
The complications with an understanding,
It must have been a place so dark that you could not see the light,
But we have already lost you,
Because you finally lost the fight.
I lost couple of people that I knew, lost their own life from suicide. However, I can relate with what they are going through in that dark times.
Valora Brave Dec 2016
Every inch of my story line
I drank like coffee that you need so badly
You don't notice the taste of ash
it leaves in your throat
and when I breathed out smoke,
slowly gliding from my tongue,
you'll know, the words I can't choke
the ones I hung to dry,
but left them outside
through a crisp winter season
and returned just in time
to catch the lullaby as it dissolved into water.
I couldn't wait any longer.
I broke them into icy pieces
that fit back in my mouth.
I held them there long after I breathed
the blizzard that had formed in my stomach.
I couldn't swallow, I couldn't breathe
and I couldn't wait for you to leave.

So I locked my icy breath in my hands
and looked for silent corners between buildings
so I could begin to understand
how to squeeze out the blood from the words I've been spilling
Part 1/12
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