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Sometimes sacrifices are
Necessary in order to climb
The monumental ladder of life
Enemies to attack you out of spite
Fight night just around the corner
Are you ready for the opponent?
Shaken but not stirred my views
On daily living all taken in at once
The ones that say they'll be there
Can stab you in your trust with
Their rusty pulse can't slow down now..
Meghan Young Aug 9
Do you see these nails that are bitten and torn to shreds.
Do you see my hair that is mangled and tangled, it hasn't been washed in days.
Do you see this acne on my face, I pick at it till it leaves scars.
Do you see the clothes I'm wearing, I bet I haven't changed them in weeks.
Do you see this room, I haven't cleaned it in months
Do you see my teeth, they bleed because I haven't brushed them in awhile.
Do you see I go on binges of eating or not eating, cause I feel guilty.
Do you see I go on benders if drinking or smoking.
Do you see my eyes and face are red from crying recently.
Do you see my texts I never send cause you wouldn't care.
Do you see when I say "I'm ok", "I'm fine" that those are just lies.
Do you see my smile and laugh, it's mostly fake.  
Do you see how I sleep all day and wake up and go right back to bed.
You don't see but you should.

This list could go on for infinitely.
It's signs like this that should be noticed.
Depression, anxiety or any mental illness is important for learning the signs.
Your story matters just as well as your voice.
Amarys Dean Jul 24
Isn’t is strange how we notice things when it is too late?
This is probably the last time that all of us will be in the car together. There will be no more midnight drives from hillside theatres. No more 2am dinner plans at kerbey lane.
This is the first time that I have noticed that you twirl your hair when you drive. My eyes have shifted from cityscapes flying across backseat windows to watching you wrap your hair around your finger.
It’s not slow and flirtatious, but quick and desparate, as if you're trying to distract yourself from the fact that we are growing up. It’s making me anxious, but I can’t look away.
This is the first time that I noticed the change in our silence. We are driving down nearly empty highways, and we are leaving behind our time. We are no longer laughing, and this silence doesn’t feel like it usually does. For once, none of us have anything to say. Or maybe, we know that there is not enough time to say all of the things that we should and want to say.
This is when I noticed how much I love driving down empty highways at midnight. Everything is slow, there is no rush, and, for once, there are no expectations of me.
I am finally, truly noticing that there will never be enough time to tell you all that I love you,
to hear you talk about science,
to hear about your travels,
to talk to you about your struggles,
to drive, and laugh, and cry with you,
to watch you twirl you hair.
Now, we have grown up, and our distances will strain our years of friendships,
and there will never be enough time with you.
Daisy Marrow Sep 2013
The first time I saw you it was in math class.
I didn't notice anything about you at first I just memorized the back of how your head was.
After all, I had an hour to ****.
The second time I saw you were in English class.
You sat next to me but not by choice.
But I was happy about it.
It took me about four to five weeks to talk to you,
and I wasn't even the one to speak first.
You introduced yourself and then we worked together on an assignment.
It's been two weeks and I haven't said another word and I probably won't out of random.
My anxiety swallows me whole
and I'm sorry I can't even say hello.
But I have had time to notice you.
And let me just say
I'm in love with your taste in music
I'm in love with the way you hold your books
thinking that if you change the sound of your voice when the diagonal changes,
or if you struggle reading words you've never seen before and sit there for a few seconds trying to piece together what they mean.
I love how you can play the mandolin, you should show me sometime.
As I think about these things I also pick up how you would never even think of me.
I mean really,
you probably want some girl that's outgoing and can strum a guitar solo at midnight with you.
You probably want someone with long hair you can intertwine your fingers in,
or someone you can spend an afternoon together after church with.
I can't move mountains
and I can't even speak without looking like a fool,
but even if nothing will ever happen
It would be just as quite exciting being friends with you.
We could trade books and make each other mixtapes.
It hasn't even been a month yet and I'm already writing mediocre poetry about you.
I'm sorry about that by the way.
I'm not asking for a relationship but a friendship with someone like you would feel just the same.
I wrote this in like 20 minutes and I apologize I don't even know
Chiron Sep 17
I took notice of you,
in that red sweater
The one thats two sizes too large,
the one with the sleeves
that reach down
to your fingertips,
showing only your nails
All of them filed
to a perfect point,
painted the color of smeared
cranberry wine
The kind you drank
last september
when he left you
When you called me
and asked me to come over
The night you sat in your chair
and got so drunk that
you dont remember asking
me to stay with you
To "******* so you can not think
of him"
The night
i carried you to bed
and sat on your enclosed porch
reading through your journal,
mentally erasing
all the times you
wrote his name
and replacing them
with mine
The night i cleaned
the cat puke
from off the
bathroom floor
I took notice of you
at the market
that weekend
as you carried those pumpkins
to your mothers car,
your left shoe untied
I sat under the atruim
with my coffee, smoking
hoping you would notice
me there so it would'nt
seem like i was stalking you
I took notice of you
the afternoon you came out
to get your mail
as i sat in the parking lot
across the street
listening to Tchaikovsky's None But the Lonely Heart
I took notice of you
when you used a spare key
to get in the sliding glass door
on your back deck
the night you lost your keys
after we came back from the beach
I took notice of you
through your front door
as you locked it for the night
and turned off your porch light
i followed the lights, going dark
from there to your bedroom
I took notice of the time
1:12 I took notice
of your sillouhette
under your favorite black
blanket and as the faint light
shone in through your
bathroom window
I took notice
of that red sweater
The one thats two sizes too large,
the one with the sleeves
that reach down
to your fingertips
on your bedroom floor
You always said to me "You never notice the small things"
Erica C May 10
never trust a poet's words
they sound sweet at first
but you'll notice the emotion in their words
it all sounds too...
"i love you like the sea loves the shore"
becomes too scripted
you hear the small tinge of love actually left in their voice
hoping it could mean something
but it doesn't
it never does
it's just the way they say it
one day, after they have left
you will find their poems, and they will be the exact words that they had said to you
once long ago
please understand this poem is in a way just me talking to myself, reminding me to not trust a man who i once loved, thank you
Simply, a commentary of the races.
Every minority is comfortable to some perspective in their own skin.
Being label and tagged this for years.

But what we notice?
Whites are fearful of going into being the minority race.
Although power will still be within their hands.

Is why many still support this redheaded joke of a man?
He reminds many of their own stupidity.
He barely can read simple words written

He mirrors many of them.
Of course, not all cause many whites are extremely smart.

We notice that they have too.
And it kills them is that must honest compete for employment.
Sure, the good friendship connection still exists.

Some know for a fact they got ahead due to it being a family's business.
And truly think they earned their way when you employed by your family.

Only, one race more than others can honestly state with factual reality of truth.
They never really met a black until they were in college.

This what we notice?
Many white officers are quick trigger shooters dealing with black youth.
Although more whites have mouth when confronted.

And all minorities know the lie of defense.
I felt threatened for my life.
It's taught to say.
A hummingbird moves so fast it buzzes,
but it hopes you don’t notice.
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