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Denisse Nov 2014
You help me to recover in the state of confussion
In a room of uncertainty where things are all in blurry
The million thoughts in my mind
You gave me a reason to pour it down and inked it.

You'd shown me how clueless it will be if it is left stored
Maybe your touch told me to break the barriers
Because i read in your eyes a classic story
That made me realize that I can still made the most meaningful form of poetry.
You clean up the mess.
You've touched my heart through a very small spark,
Just as a flower blosoms after the winter
And the ship settle after the storm.
A poem I made about two weeks ago. It's like you extremely want to write but you are terribly low and when you try to write, everything messed up. And one day, all the passion came back bacause you found another reason, another story to write.
Another night of television hell I was in the middle of a hell of a block.
And withoout the funds my usal cure of hookers and *******  wasnt a open
road so to speak.

I was lost I wondred the streets like  ****** in need of a john.
When through the darkness it appearded a well lit haven in the middle of
a thoughtless storm.

The cinema cafe drinks and films  hmm from looking at the marquee seems
there wasnt much to choose from .
It read like a preschooler had puked apon the board.

There were sequels, and prequels,  gay vampires that walked around in the day,
Weirdos who flew around on broom sticks and loads of treenage **** minus the ****.
Dear lord! I had to get to the bottom of this problem.

The pimple faced kid at the booth asked me in a squeeky yet firm semi manly
voice can I help you sir?
Yes my dear crater face whats with this **** you call films here ?
Umm I dont make em sir there just whats popular.

The greezy faced hampster had a good point in what he said that is.
cause other than that I had no clue what he was working with really what do you think
I am some kinda pervert?

Let me ask you something do you like this **** you sell tickets to?
**** no dude its garbage for halfwits and retards  and some people from Canada.
Who the hell wants to see that **** from twilight  play snow white?
Let me ask is that a adult film?
Duh no ******* we dont show thoose here.

Would you know were I could see thoose films?
Im doing some umm research on human sexulality  it involves alotta big words
which i cant spell so i'll spare you the details  just point me in the right direction
and nobody gets hurt.

Dude they havent shown thoose kinda movies in theaters for years.
Oh yeah and theres this thing called the internet once is way better than writting on your
cave walls.
Kids there really great *******.

After some back in fourth who gives a **** or really reads this ***** banter.
The man with the pizza face finally hit his limit.
Look *******!
I dont make the **** ,I dont watch the ****!
If you gotta problem take it up with the studio exects in Hollywood.

You gotta point there sparky give me your keys!
What! No.
Give me your keys or else.
Or else what grandpa  your gonna hit me with your walker.

No you silly *******.
Or else I'll shoot you.
Ya see young man that should wear a iron mask.
You may have a I Phone
But I have a handgun  and  that always wins the debate no hand em over.

After a brief moment of the little ******* ***** crying and begging for me not to **** him.
Really he watched to many TV shows I wasnt gonna **** him besides.
Im allergic to prison and it wasnt even a real gun what a *******.

I was off in my borrowed car  to the land of bad ideas and great **** jobs.
A place more fake than barbies dream home minus that dickless tool she always
hung out with  not that I played with Barbie's but she does have some really kickarse *******
and im a big fan of ******* hell what great writer isnt?

It was a drive that seemed to take forever  but finally i pulled up to the front gate
of Warner Brothers studios.
The little weird looking gate keeper looked at me and said .
can I help you sir.

Yes please direct me to your leader strange gaurd troll.
Uhh sir this is a closed lot only people with passes can enter.
Well what if i know the secret word?

Who told you about the secret word?
I had him with that one.
These Hollyweird vampires couldnt have enough brain power to
keep some pass on them.
Okay whats the secret word sir?

I had to think deep and from such a shallow mind that was asking alot.
What could it be it had to be something that rang true like snorting a line of
coke of Katy Perry's  ***'s.

Dear lord I had it.

Brad Pitt ***** donkey *****.

The man looked at me in utter shock  I wasnt sure if he was gonna let me pass
or try to pull me out my slightly worn odd smelling borrowed car.
Alright sir it's lot 69 hahaha  yeah I know im demented.

Right next to the lot there filming Winds Of Change **** The Musical!
Staring Johnny Depp and Bogo the ***** chimp.
****** i wish i wasnt busy  that chimp seemed like he had a good head on his shoulders.
Well when he wasnt jerking off and eating bannans while throwing his poo.
What a talent indeed.

I found myself in the studio people running every which a way.
It was total confussion   seemd like no one had a clue what the hell they were doing.
Hey ******* shouted some weird little man in a chair who the **** are you!?.

The little red haired man must truely be dellusional.
How could someone not know Gonzo?
Well sir just who the **** are you? I replied.

Well im Ron ******* Howard *****!
Hmm never herd of you are you a director or something?
Ever hear of Andy Griffith  or Happy Days?
Oh yeah your that little dork that hung out with that cop yeah what a snitch.
I was playing his son *******.

Dam well seems this ginger finally explained to me why that man always had him around
it all makes sense now i just thought he was some kinda pervert.
Course seems like he had picked up some bad habbits from that Fonzie guy
never trust a man who calls the restroom his office but what a man does with
another man in a ***** restroom for plesure or profit is his own bussiness.

Look *******  what the hell do ya want?
Lets start with a gallon's of nothern light maybe some top shelf hookers some good music.
Maybe a couple hits of some lets say nose candy maybe turn off the lights and see what happens.
Im just saying sometimes ya gotta let nature take it's drug filled course.

Im not talking bout from life dip **** i mean what the hell are you doing here?
Oh **** sorry there  carrot top.
I wanna see the person in charge that green lights all this remake **** you souless
morons put out and call entertainment.

The little red haired devil was silent as he explained to me no one ever saw the
studio head it was like meeting Santa Claus or ****** or being in the pressence of a unicorn
really whats the diffrence.

He warned me of the dangers of meeting such a great mind yet like I do with
most people I simply shook me head and agreed much like i do with
women im trying to sleep with duh like I care about her tweenty seven cats.

Finally after learning I wasnt taking no for a answer he lead me to a room
And in this room was a screen and apon the screen appread a face.
Who dare question the mighty head of the film studio!!

The voice was loud  still it had that comfoting quallity that you just have to love in
a windbag *******.
Umm me.

You well who the hell are you?
Duh ******* im the long winded ******* writting the story.
Oh well what the **** do you want?

Sir I wanna know what the hell's wrong with you people.
Look im a drunk but i could never be drunk enough to pay a fortune to watch half the **** you call entertainment between remakes and films based on gay *** stories about vampires
and dudes who run around the woods calling themselves werewolves.

You mean you actully saw twilight?
The voice asked me on the verge of laughter.
Duh i see a bunch of hot chicks  going anywhere im following without asking
much like the mindless drones that watch that ****.

Sir your a sad sad man.
The strange face on the screen vanished out from the curtan appeared
what looked like *** it was Bugs Bunny !!

What's up gonz?
****** i always knew you were real much like Fergie and spanish fly.

Gonzo i know half this **** ***** but its because mindless idiots love studip ****.
Look you were once a popular writer and you cant even spell.
Ouch now go ahead mighty furry samuri.

Ya see whatever makes money we put out and really stupid young girls much like your teenage
wife love that **** and being perverts like yourself wanna get laid you'll take them to that ****.
Bugs are you saying it's all about money?

No **** *******.

We talked drank watched backroom casting couch tapes of early starlets like
Harrison Ford no wonder he was so good with that whip.

It was magic minus the  money loving **** mouse that'll sue your ***.
Bugs I gotta ask you a deep question?
Shoot there Gonz .
Is Mickey really just a cross dresser calling himself Minnie?

You are messed up in so many ways Gonz.
We laughed swapped ***** stories  like the time Bugs slipped
Daisy some ****** and got a ******* in the magic castle  while goofy watched.

What the **** is Goofy?

Gonz .
My furry amigo said to **** if I know.

Untill next time kids stay crazy

And remember if you wish apon a star  ya better make sure to whom thoose copy rights
belong to truley are.
Cause thoose rich ******* will sue your *** .


Liv  Dec 2013
Liv Dec 2013
I'm scared to death of the feeling
I get when I can no longer feel my mind
taking off into space
and leaving colorful trails of stars and tears
We're hiding so much
and there's so much pain
so I come to that place when my mind
feels amazingly blind to memory
and I'm floating in this superficial
atmosphere I've made for myself
FallenAngel93 Jan 2015
Look in to my eyes,
can you see what
I've seen?

Can you see the
let down?

I've cried many tears,
I've stayed up alone
just sitting there in the

I want to feel loved
and happy.
Not just ALONE and

So why don't you save
me from this BREAKDOWN,
so i won't lose everything.....
once again.

TRUST me to be okay,
help me trough this
so I'm not just on my

Let down, is what i will
fell along with pain and

Feelings have no meaning
I'm always sad, no REAL
smile crosses my lips.

This time it might be OVER.
I can't seem to win,
this war against...Myself.
So as time goes on i will
let go of
JT-TJ Oct 2010
When I was a child, I began to build the wall.
And as I grew older, the wall became tall.
With confussion, sadness, loneliness, and dispair.
These were the bricks, that built my lair.

Nobody could ever know, the feelings that I kept.
I didn't even trust myself, during that time in which I slept.
The anger, distrust, fear, and guilt.
My foundation was strong, for this wall that was built.

I pushed everyone away, because of the shame I felt inside.
So I stayed behind my wall, and did my best to hide.
Then the years slowly passed, and now it is today.
I have hurt so many people, along the way.

The ones who have loved me, and tried to care.
Got there hearts ripped out, and it wasn't fair.
I had lost touch with myself, and it brings me to tears.
To remember the love, I have had through the years.
Ivan Brooks Sr Jul 2018
How can the world find
Everlasting peace for mankind?
Some think we can achieve this
By using our muscles and fists
Nations have tried using bombs
That billows like mushrooms,
Obliterating everything in its path
And giving the earth an atomic bath.
What has all of this brought,
What lessons has war taught?
If peace hasn't been realized
It's because love hasn't been exercised.

The world can't move
Without the power of love.
So let's be kind to one another,
And be our brothers keeper.
I don't care if it happens today
Or tomorrow or someday,
The world needs peace
And a dose of God's grace.
Not wars,it brings destruction.
Not any kind of confussion,
For it causes perpetual division.

For peace we saw the dissolution of the League Of Nations,
And the formation of the United Nations.
Yet still the world can't find a solution
To all the deaths and destruction.
If to our issues we can't find the resolutions ,
What kind of world will we leave our future generations?

Peace is in short supply.
she decided to go far away from here
with her frustrated compassion
&endless confussion
by the way she's concerned of being proud,bold & strong
&lost in the heavy rain so magnatic&
charismatic member of the seasons
hey you fall!
teach me how to build
after falling& move on
when sun goes down
pulls me out of crowd
just let the rain
do it's show
playing piano
with the wet leaves
&let it go
by my sprit
Here I am
in a place out of thoughts
Never in my immaginary
quarter of arrival

Tiny would defame
But small is more applicable
I now entered directly
And sat down on a bench
Confussion covered the all
place as people waved their
armpits to get attention.

so I stood awaiting for service
and went beyond vain.
more people poured in
like they were hired to gather
or ready for a show.
patiently I bore the pain
And my time came when
I was served.

Down I went eating with hunger
bit by bit
From the start I was impatient
and now couldnt stand having
a plate defeat Me.
soon forth I began to juggle
and the taste was private
for me to tell......
The food projected the value
of the place, tiny with value
no wonder people merged to be here

By my departure I appreciated
sweetness in the small nature
and now live to tell the wonders born
in that direction.
Megitta Ignacia Jun 2019
my mind is a simultaneous contradictions
never a clear black and white
wrong and right
passed the daylight my mental agony is back
vicious cycle of fight
who will win
unnecessary anxiety or liberation of heart
back and forth
filled with guilt, doubt, confussion
motive: platonic intimacy restoring my balance

is it though?
is it platonic?
feels downright impossible to argue if I do not feel anything
these rush of joy everytime you're near
how I don't want anyone else to ever touch you

tonight when the moon is up
we'd escape with eachother again
310519 | 23:01 AM coffee shop Samakami, "ya terserah kamu kalau kamu ga percaya, kamu yang milih buat ga percaya."
Regina Ambe Apr 2014
Small but heavy
of joy or fear.
Slow and steady
when the feeling is real.

How does it work, really?
When you're feeling sad
our bodies translate sadness
into drops of salt.

Frustration, excitement,
when something hurts.
Confussion, love,
tears have it all.

Filled with the thoughts
we can't put into words.
The art of crying
not everyone knows.
Maybe I'm high on expectations
Maybe i love you too much
your flaws are perfection
and you always make me blush

Maybe I tripped too much on the idea
Is just that I am not used to this
Is just that nobady have ever
been like you,  with me

But I am drunk on confussion
I am tripping in my mind
Your love is my solution
But you are not here, to fly

Maybe is that I don't love you
Or that I don't love me
Maybe is that you don't have a clue
Of what you make me feel
Is not that you are not enough
Is not that you are too much
Is just that you are perfect
Even when you are not
Maybe is that I'm too scared
That one day I scare you off
Is just that I want you to love me fair
even if I am not enough
Is just that I don't want to lose you there
Even if I know that I will not.

— The End —