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Ivana Rodriguez Jul 2018
Living in your head
Is like living in a maze
Of wildfire;
Thoughts never stop, but they burn.
I wish I never stepped in.
I was low key inspired by a Zemfira song called “To Live in Your Head”
Ivan Brooks Sr Jul 2018
How can the world find
Everlasting peace for mankind?
Some think we can achieve this
By using our muscles and fists
Nations have tried using bombs
That billows like mushrooms,
Obliterating everything in its path
And giving the earth an atomic bath.
What has all of this brought,
What lessons has war taught?
If peace hasn't been realized
It's because love hasn't been exercised.

The world can't move
Without the power of love.
So let's be kind to one another,
And be our brothers keeper.
I don't care if it happens today
Or tomorrow or someday,
The world needs peace
And a dose of God's grace.
Not wars,it brings destruction.
Not any kind of confussion,
For it causes perpetual division.

For peace we saw the dissolution of the League Of Nations,
And the formation of the United Nations.
Yet still the world can't find a solution
To all the deaths and destruction.
If to our issues we can't find the resolutions ,
What kind of world will we leave our future generations?

Peace is in short supply.
she decided to go far away from here
with her frustrated compassion
&endless confussion
by the way she's concerned of being proud,bold & strong
&lost in the heavy rain so magnatic&
charismatic member of the seasons
hey you fall!
teach me how to build
after falling& move on
when sun goes down
pulls me out of crowd
just let the rain
do it's show
playing piano
with the wet leaves
&let it go
by my sprit
sharon  Oct 2018
stomp, stomp.
sharon Oct 2018
my feet are tired of walking,
yet i've only been in circle.

- s.r.

— The End —