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Liv Oct 2016
you can't freeze a fire
but you can melt the ice
Liv Oct 2016
here it goes again
another few months
of listening to these stupid ******* sad songs
that remind me of you screaming with me
and the lyrics are ******* killing me
im crying im crying im crying again
i've been here before because
whenever I lose you all that matters
is you
because i swear on everything
i will never love
i will NEVER love unless
i love you
this will always be true
Liv Dec 2015
she smells like
3 day unwashed hair
sitting still for hours
melting clock ticks
lighter fuel and dry hands
blood shot eyes
stuck to a screen
a scratchy throat that mutters
but can't speak a word
you'd think she tastes sour
but she's actually quite sweet
Liv Sep 2015
im growing into butterfly wings
that you've shaped with scissors
and dew drops that fall from your waterline
that looks like where the ocean meets the sky
you're a horizon of time zones that always pass by

it's like the sun is afraid of me
and the crickets are my friends
ive brought them here
so you can hear my favorite instrument
it's soft, and sweet
but dark and cold
i promise with them, you can never be alone

the oceans are too wide
for my shaky, achy bones
but i would swim until the days grew thin
to feel your warmth and light,
my sunshine
i don't write well anymore, it bums me out. but i would really like to start again

its healthy
Liv Jun 2015
I can see the words you write
hop off the tip of your tounge in
tired melodies
springing from an empty boy
but god, does he fill the world
you fly between my temples and
tip toe down my spine
walking forever
you'll find,
won't take you anywhere but away
but maybe that's
just fine
Liv Apr 2015
getting on a scale
used to be like payday
but if I did good,
the numbers went down.
If I did bad,
well thats another story
something is missing
and it's not my symptoms
a sense of satisfaction,
ripped from my hands
slipping through my fingers
like fine grain sand.
I no longer look to scales
or numbers when judging
my self-worth
but something is still missing
and i'm starting to notice myself asking
"where did you go"
Liv Mar 2015
i've smoked myself
to a visible storm of swaying
underneath my eyelids
swim a beautiful collection of purple and blue
swelling under the pressure
of no longer having you
I thought i'd thrown away all of my masks
but this one I keep
so no one really knows how every time I hear your name
my muscles twitch and when you always
leave me unnoticed
knives twist in my back
you go through love like razors
the pain is no more fun
when i've gotten too dull
what is a life without you
without you
without you
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