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YY Sep 2020
I look at myself in the mirror,
A young artist, so lost - couldn’t see clearer.
Where to go and where to drip the paint?
I might as well lose consciousness and faint.

Confused, confined, cannot define the meaning of my life.
I don’t belong to any tribe,
Combining stories of my past,
I am so lost, alas.

The right, the wrong, its all collapsed,
The life will always just elapse.
Complex and very simple at the same time,
Oh look, another rhyme.
Wyan mind Aug 2019
Life is a paradox it's a mirror of confusion,

Present to the paradox  
Of a thousand conflicting truths
I inhale with a smile,
As life is a paradox,
It is a mirror too all its confusion.

People have hated themselves
because of their imperfections;
yet, will often love others
because of theirs.
I inhale with a smile,
As life is a paradoxs,
It is a mirror too all its confusion.

If everything right is wrong, go left, if everything left is wrong, go right,
You can't stay in the middle.
I inhale with a smile,
As life is a paradoxs,
It is a mirror too all its confusion.

Read me enough times
A paradox you will find
Hidden in plain sight,
I inhale with a smile,
As life is a paradoxs,
It is a mirror too all its confusion.
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
If being in pain is scary,
letting the world see what,'s on your head is worse.
A regular battle between the dearest brain and heart.
sharon Oct 2018
my feet are tired of walking,
yet i've only been in circle.

- s.r.
Ivana Rodriguez Jul 2018
Living in your head
Is like living in a maze
Of wildfire;
Thoughts never stop, but they burn.
I wish I never stepped in.
I was low key inspired by a Zemfira song called “To Live in Your Head”
Ivan Brooks Sr Jan 2018
Time is of the essence
And against the timeline of deliverance,
I have struggled to focus
Which isn't normal because
I have a special deadline
For something destined for my timeline.
It's a masterpiece I have to write.
If the universe plants words in the constellation
And blesses each poet through his imagination,
why then is my diction so quiet,
And where are you dear inspiration?
Please rescue me in my time of desperation.
Kindly tell the poetic overlords
  That I ran out of words
Tell them I'm in a limbo and it *****
I need a solution that works
because all boils down to the mechanical wall clock
Held hostage by this episode of writer's block.

Dr fab and team await me but here I am...the struggle to get that piece delivered birthed this piece on writer's block.
Kimberly Heart Jul 2017
when we hugged
I was the perfect size
to lay my head on your chest and hear your heat beat

When we made love
my ******* were the perfect size
for your hands to fill

When we held hand
the spaces were the right size
for every finger to interlock with yours

When we kissed
my head was the perfect size
for you to hold with one hand and gently rub with your thumb

But in real life
am I the perfect girl
to live the rest of my life with you and to build a future with?
Tiffany Scicluna Oct 2016
Looking at you,
And your beautiful eyes,
I see you with a guy
And wonder  why...
Longing for you stares and
Your sweet smiles.
While with another
And I'm here standing by
Acting as if I'm fine,
While all I want to do
Is to have you,
All mine.

I might not even be your type
As maybe you're not bi.
It was written sometime ago...
feelings towards this person have changed to a better friendship, but i thought it was too nice not to share
Michaela Ferris Apr 2016
I don't understand how one person can:
Send my heart into overdrive,
Make my stomach do backflips,
Lift me into an everlasting happiness.

I'm not quite sure how:
Your eyes are like gateways to a place I've been longing to find,
Your touch is as magical as the childhood dreams I once had,
Your kiss is as powerful as an army defending their home.

What are these feelings I seem to possess?
I don't quite understand what you do to me,
This grip you have that sweeps me off my feet
And leaves me feeling as if I am unbreakable.

What are these feelings I have when I'm lost in time with you?
Mohamad Hidayat Nov 2015
It was a heartbreaking sight.The overcast sky darkened,blocking out the moon's vibrant rays & my heart sank deeper.
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