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Indiana  May 2019
Are you human?
Indiana May 2019
Are you human?
To sort human form software
Just read warped letters
Recognize overlapping characters
Decipher obfuscated text
And that's it!
Is that it?
Does it prove I'm a human?
Being unattended at home
Being neglected amongst peers
And suffering  all the cat calling and street harassment
May be?
May be not?
As for me...
Am I a human?
Well, I remember being one
I am not sure
Each time the website ask me to prove that I am a human, it is astonishing to see how easy it is and how hard is that...
Your username and password,
To learn of the world,
Your e-mail address,
To access your friends,
A 4-digit PIN,
To start out your life,
A captcha test,
To be yourself,
The world behind a lock screen.
Andrew Clark  Jul 2014
Andrew Clark Jul 2014
Short verse
Love it srong
Other poems
Are too ******* long
katrinawillrich Feb 2015
Whats your
Techstrology sign?
Mine is '
Do you feng yoga? Feng yutube?
Travel the Capricorn
In search of carb?
Is Ashley Madison on speed
I hate people who txt faster than me. Because I text slow. Is that ist?
You know like techstist.
Skype? I'm asking because I don't know
What it is? What it do?
Is that slang?  OK. Am I asking to many questions? The wrong ones?
What's the name of the street you grew up on?
Captcha insert.
Do they still do that?
Pocket Rōnin Mar 11
"I'm not a robot,"
you tell a web page,
neither thinking
nor blinking,
mildly befriending the rage.

Monkey's in the wild,
the coffee's spilled.

What was it again?
Despite cosmetic surgery to stave
inevitable demise cheating grim reaper
indefatigable measures undertaken
buzzfeeding mortal legacy bajillion
dollar industry remaining eternally

youthful cold comfort knowing eventual
degradation conquers biological aging,
yet open casket bestows approving
nods upon aesthetic corpse denouncing
any telltale evidence rigor mortis stole

once hearty life source attested by
tranquil poise, albeit deathly stillness
former body electric forever quiet
among the mourning crowded house
impossible mission to still flowing tears

emotionally poignant moment onlookers
suddenly ever acutely aware their
demise guaranteed, an inalienable pact
linkedin with birthright, this scribe ponders
figuratively digging unearthing morbid

fascination with afterlife, yet neither
hastening mine demise, neither fearing,
protesting, nor ululating unproductive futile
entreaty against transient fleeting
consciousness, asper one carbon based

entity, who wonders if other creatures
great and small revile, (or perchance
question) authority, vis a vis temporarily
bequeathing forces procreative and
subsequently terminal, maybe other

species less insightful meditating being
gifted with sense and sensibility without
pride nor prejudice to speculate, deliberate,
articulate...regenerative processes that
eventually co opt breathing, functioning,

longing versus pensive postulating post
mortem phenomena, pinging noggin within
noggin of one weatherbeaten, haggard,
cadaverous **** sapien in truth...he
admits being petrified, what...whereat

lapsing millenniums found yours truly
cursed by Gorgons remaining forever
stone cold harboring no recollection
about livingsocial enjoying good n plenti

"FAKE" experiences trumpeting conspiracy
theories – fools like me (rush'n), where
angels fear to tread including collusion
explaining my ill fate.
Anurag Mukherjee Oct 2018
Woman, nothing too absurd, ipso facto -
no captcha to code, my bankrupt support,
a jolt of skinny-dipping in LED lit river before breakfast;
let's go overboard, woman, in Mr. Big's world
where the afterimage will be a little wildly stitched cloth
with creases full of memory of hot-chocolate spills and coke
because we were running amok, fighting over pillow-talk
and in retrospect, we are not generally forced
to find the roots while on square one, which said, I've gotta admit
the ramifications of turning off the cell phone
are miraculous, like the genius of drinking scotch
with ice broken in the reception hall,
perfect place to pose for retrica in limited doses
unless sunlight throws me off guard to leap
over your red sandshoes for formal introductions,
an uncanny causal anomaly the size of a golf-course.
Oracle of delphi
for meager tithe
as per usual end
of year shibboleth,
and thus this hoop
fully ville explain,
the substance and pith
viz, where new

years eve hullabaloo,
without relevance comprising search
(boot not captcha) of myth
huckle Harris beast
purported relation of kin and kith,
rumored to inhabit
vicinity of Vermouth Avenue and fifth.

Hence, the follow
wing conjecture made
without axe sing myself why,
nonetheless alluding to some
anonymous kvetcher in the vye

maybe even reef fur
ring to yours
truly, or hypothetical stranger upbye
the outer limits of twilight zone,
unseen, whose extrasensory

divinity cain espy
telescopic ability insightful
able to see tie
knee imperceptible electronic bi
nary nano piercing

bits racing like a fly
ling infinitesimal Karamazov
brother, thru invisible
ethereal mist keen as a tigereye
that seemingly never blinks

despite vision hampered by
hordeolum, more commonly
known as stye
inducing inflammation i.e.
red tender bump

at the edge of well nigh
browbeaten eyelid, hence redeye,
perhaps dissimilar, yet
equally painful as pinkeye,

which conjunctivitis
preferable well nigh,
then slogging thru gobbledygook
thankfully, this harmless wordsmith
bids thee goodbye.
Without making a
twit tarring buffoon, sans unshackle
irrepressible bone a fide
funny reaction, or appearing
the foolish spectacle

of myself, trying to tackle
a mal hip apropos
prism mirth wells up
inducing me to cackle,
neither explaining any rhyme,
nor giving reason, then busting

out in laughter obliquely
analogous to ramshackle
structure, resultant outcome
from some slapstick
Vaudevillian farcical debacle,

perhaps regarding the heady
beer burr of Seville scene thru
black and white daguerreotype mackle
more or less hazy, gauzy,
or fuzzy warm

feeling in actuality
thinly disguised as
dog gone hackle,
which vicious canine attacks ready
to tear limb bough to limb mitt,

thus luckily handily repair
with accessible spackle
ye kept on yar person, which caper
doth captcha an instantaneous titter
easily confused for
mating call of grackle

giving rise to a raft of songbirds
that incessantly crackle
snap, and pop with...witch sounds
indeed oven eerily
****** ****'n vampire
bat out of hell cackle.

Other creatures in
the animal kingdom
cane be barley able
to communicate wheat seems
oat rage juice lee wry,

no matter how
much horse sense,
a smart species doth
porpoise lee try
though porcine not

remiss to wallow
in mud as seen high
atop a bridge
abutment over the River Kwai
ah look...a pig in a poke

unable to pry
loose caked mud blocking snout
prematurely *******, an outcry
for help even fishing for small fry
doubling up as

potential best buds
with Englishman such as Dry
den, and/or dear reader
hood doth lamentably cry

claiming this badinage i.e. my
trademark gobbledygook didst render
momentary lapse of
reasonable judgement alibi.
Google Embedded Microchip™¡åßç

Nowadays...ah so passe routine top notch roboticized
brain surgery ushers, inoculates, begets... promising
immunity against pesky flagging and/or absent minded
precursor to dementia praecox, alzheimer's regarding
partial/total recall asper memory, said loss linkedin with
age related degeneration, or perchance suffering axed

dentally (aka Sid Vicious syndrome) deadly lethally, wily
adroit, adept pugilistic hook courtesy Hawaiian aloha sly
and ****** Mister, (nonetheless Judy Is hush) punch
to the noggin, and/or misfortune befalls a chap courtesy
severe deliberate accidental blow to the head, (perhaps
employment related mishap versus domestic altercation

non risky tampering with gray matter, no longer relegated
to decreasing faulty excellently trained human hand/eye
coordination (operations performed by prestigious so old
school doddering doctors, when humanoids or androids
dream of shaving electric sheep in mock simulation tend
ding to shorn hirsute patient) can supplant out moded

neurosurgeons (a fraction of expense, plus highly always
alert maximally functional at one hundred percent), the
former predictably bankable low cost allowing, enabling
and providing (rocking round the clock) supremely deft,
flawless, sedulous trappings of science, (a small number
of generations ago, oh... just an aside Leonard Peltier,

a Native American activist and an enrolled member of the
Turtle Mountain Chippewa, who also genetically breaded
with sprinkling of Lakota and Dakota descent. He counts
as a vital member of the American Indian Movement aka
(AIM), and put forward a cogent notion to buzzfeed long
since forcibly dispersed, lambasted, scattered... native

peoples to embed during in utero development bot size,
nee microcosmic electronic circuit housing comprehensive
indigenous languages new inherently speak, yes I vouch
safe marginally compensatory for their Holocaust. A plus
side applying technology in general, and when indefatigable
robots in particular supremely jump start (batteries not

required) indigenous cultural identities rent asunder like...
greased lightning, this forward progressive application to
boost natural diminishing memory recall, whereby figurative
seat of thinking now popularly trending (giving expected
rapidly burgeoning, growing, proliferating... gerontological
bracket to captcha (rather to seize or) salad days boosting
opportunities for elderly folk revisit smarts of their youth.

— The End —