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katrinawillrich May 2015
New wag, comma?
I Remember you.
Voodun done done it now
As if black magic
Were the true evil
That chose earth
To cast a drought severe
Enough to crack subduction.

Tags or label burnout.
I promised muse
I wouldn't **** around
With september
Im faithful that way.

Wiselands wasted in autocorrection
Luck of the intranet
Scene. heard ya
Nasa sleeps on amber alerts...
War is a money maker..
So says the general
Who stomped through my ivy in 2014
Hoping it would make me see things his way
Sense he, was on the inside.
I believe they do the right thing but ive been told that
im naive. I hate being told that, cause ima grown up
So says the kid in me.

Sometimes i feel soooo dumb.
katrinawillrich Apr 2015
Bookmark fly on the wall
A second later

Respect bites the
Mood,A bookmark doest
katrinawillrich Apr 2015
I love you
Through tear tired eyes
Into sweet dreams.
for my son
katrinawillrich Apr 2015
I love you more
Or less more and
I love you.
katrinawillrich Apr 2015
Dawn crept up on me,
Sneaky ******
katrinawillrich Apr 2015
The way spirit slips into cacti wishes.
katrinawillrich Apr 2015
Taught by God
Grim reaper axe
Taught by King
Axe grim reaper
Taught by knight
I freed the days they seized.
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