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Savannah Becker Aug 2015
The rain is falling 
Under this tree where 
No one can harm or
Disturb me as I'm protected from the
Everlasting shield of 
Reaching branches 
Sometimes the rain seeps through
To fall upon my head but that's 
Okay because I'll always
Remember how hard it tried to keep
Savannah Becker Jul 2015
You are the pour of a hot cup of tea on an autumn morning 

You are every poetic verse poured onto one single sheet

You are the cool pouring rain on a warm summer night
Savannah Becker Jun 2015
Laying on the bathroom floor
With cold tiles to my back
I think of all the things I'm not
All the things I lack 

I roll over on my stomach
My cheek pressed to the floor
I dream of all I could've been
How I could be so much more

But then a though occurred to me
That others may think the same
That somewhere on some other floor
Someone else is wanting change

This then led to deeper thought
Which made a lot of sense to me
There's a reason we are this way
We're all the way we were meant to be 

Every one of us is different 
But in the end we're all the same
All together we're beautiful
And beautiful has no name
deadwood haiku is
exactly what the **** it
sounds like, *******
Savannah Becker Jun 2015
Time is such a treasure 
That's quicker lost than found
And when it's gone you search again
For whatever's left around

A second seems like nothing 
When you have plenty to spare 
You never learn to value them
Until they just aren't there

A minute isn't that much more
So you toss them left and right 
And then you're scrambling to find
Enough for one more night 

An hour can be wasted 
As easily as breath or speech 
But when you have to count them down
You learn to make the most of each 

In the end I find it easier 
To always value time 
To cherish every single second 
Of every moment that you're mine
Savannah Becker May 2015
This house

This house is yours 
This house is mine 
This house is open anytime
This house is happy
This house is whole
This house welcomes any soul

This house is home
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