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I am the one
Who sat with you
And held your body
While you sobbed

I am the one
Who came to your house
At four in the morning
So you wouldn't be alone

I am the one
Who wiped your tears
And fixed your makeup
Behind the school at prom

I am not the one
Who is to blame
For any of the causes
Of your sorrow

And I will not be the one
To watch you fall
Or succumb
To this darkness
I am so frustrated because someone I love dearly refuses to ask for help. I know what depression is like and I know what the suicidal feeling is like you do not get to tell me I don't understand I understand **** well and I swear by god you can get through it because I did. So let me help you, you ****** selfish fool.

(I'm venting. Sorry.)
We knew only your laughter which won you renown.
We never observed the tears of our clown.

You entered our homes as the loveable Mork;
with Your razor sharp wit and lightning fast thought.

Your movies mixed laughter with serious turns;
Good Will earned you an Oscar For which many yearn.

There were personal demons that proved hard to hide.
A divorce, an affair, Drugs and rehab besides.

But, through it all, We heard only the laughter.
Not the tears of our Clown that brought on this disaster.

To us you were Robin, Like Peter Pan, just a kid.
May this sleep bring you peace that your days never did.
R.I.P. Robin Williams, a great man
I'm sorry I stole your *****.
I'm sorry I texted you drunk.
I'm sorry I yelled at you.
I'm sorry I always forget to take my medication.
I'm sorry I still haven't told you I've been seeing her.
I'm sorry I fell asleep.
I'm sorry I cried on the phone.
I'm sorry I texted you on New Year's Eve.
I'm sorry I can't love you back.
I'm sorry I sent you pictures.
I'm sorry I sent him pictures.
I'm sorry I blamed you for my heartbreak.
I'm sorry I only come to you with heartbreak.
I'm sorry I forgot to water the plants.
I'm sorry I got blood on your jacket.
I am a nuclear bomb
You were more radiant than the stars
with your elegant shine
you rose every morning
placing a tender kiss
upon my crimson cheek
you were the one
the one who started a fire
wild, uncontrolled and fuelled with emotion
I let it burn
and I shouldn't have
but I trusted you
I trusted you to take me out
but you just watched me burn
you were a setting sun
in the mist of summer
and the saddest
most awful truth
I have come to find
was the fire you started
was just for fun
you were the arson
who set my heart on fire
but instead of taking me out
you doused me in fuels
just watching me burn
She's dark, yet
moonlight glows
inside her soft-eyes
& despite her
I still want
her blackness,
to taste her magic,
to kiss
the devil inside her.
I can't see the scars
I can't remember how many
I'm asking you
How many do you think
How many times
Have I drug a blade across my wrist
Hoping it will end
Hoping this is it
Do you remember why I started
Do you remember what you did
How much pain
Was locked inside
Waiting to be let out
A monster within
Clawing at the gates
Each cut let a little out
But killed me a little more
I was hoping it would end
But it didn't
Like always
But **** it
It will happen one day
your eyes never close
your brain won't stop thinking
bags under your eyes
sanity slowly sinking

your life loses hope
you find hope in dreams
since you have no dreams
its hopeless it seems

your skin has gone pale
your eyes have gone red
you're sick day and night
might as well be dead

someday you'll sleep
never to wake
but until that day
there will always be ache

its a sad reality
you must conclude
its also one
you sadly cannot elude

night after night
you "go to sleep"
a pointless endeavor
you don't sleep a peep

is a hard way of life
though you're not really living
you're watching the knife
slowly cut you to shreds
nothing to comfort you
not the pillows or beds

so you sit and you weep
you can curse and you can moan
but this is your life
and its your life alone
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