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Michael Duong Sep 2021
I wish I could hold you once more
as if the world didn't matter
and you were the only thing that mattered
  Apr 2021 Michael Duong
I want to be there...

When the sun would shine
upon the ready sand -
and presents us gold.

When it spears
into the excitable ripples
of the water -
and gives us emeralds.

When it caresses
sun-hungry skins -
and gives them back
their lives.

I miss the beach.
Michael Duong Apr 2021
Like a baby crying for their mother
or a dying man longing to be with his children
my soul craves your existence
Michael Duong Jul 2018
a spiraling mess of heated arguments and jealous remarks
who knew you would make me feel this way
all broken, battered and bruised
A ship that has sailed stormy seas
and explored the dangers of the world
only to be toppled by the frozen tower of your words
that we both knew was coming
but couldn't avoid

the ship crashed
and with that all my treasure came sinking
to the bottom of the ocean
i told you i had loved you to the bottom of your heart
but nothing really comes out there does it?
i had lost what i had collected
i had lost me

now i spend my time on an island
washed up from our wreckage
i feel lonely and used
a man that has explored an isolate island
only to die all alone
i knew it was coming
i didn't want to avoid it
  Dec 2015 Michael Duong
•i've depleted my font,
my creative well•for each
day passed, with a story to tell
•staining white and barren land-
scapes•by sculpting my words into
myriad shapes•from factory fumes to
a wedding ring•an ominous tombstone
to a flash of lightning•an hourglass to track
elapsing time•the untold story behind a loved

                   nursery rhyme•            |  
                   with this i conc-             |  
                lude my 30 day run          o  
•it's been quite a stretch but
all in good fun•rest assured that
more will come when the time is
right•for now i'll turn off my
bedside lamp and bid
you all a goodnight•

Concrete Poem 30 of 30

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Michael Duong Dec 2015
Our lands collided, a volcano formed
our love built up until it erupted
messy and destructive our love burnt on
depositing our emotions on the desolate lands
our emotions nurtured the seeds
the seeds you had planted as we danced
dancing our dance of two we left our trail
our trail of memories, happiness and pain

As time went on the eruptions ceased
our love had ran its course
the forest grew and grew
but you were no longer there
lonely and frustrated I burnt it all down
you were meant to be there with me
in our forest, but you're not here
you're with him, a guy who loves with anger
while i loved you unconditionally
our love was eternal

The forest grew back...
you're still not here
I've explored every crevasse in our forest
there's no signs of you no more
but I still see you in our trees
in every river that flows
I still miss you
because after all this time i finally learnt
that any forest that's burnt down
will only grow back stronger
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