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Sam Bowden Mar 8
She said to me:
“You asked me to dream new dreams.
My sweet love, you are that dream...

Waking up to you is that dream...

Holding you from the back while you brush ur teeth is that dream

Smiling at you, and you smiling back to me is that dream.

You ******* me like you mean it is that dream.

It is a dream to be in love with you; being loved by you is that dream.

You looking at me looking at you
through the windows of our souls
is the dream I never dared to dream.”
Sam Bowden Jan 11
My darling...
Look around, and tell me what you see?
Glittering gold?
A buffet of bodies?
Fake smiles, and money?
Even in the desert oasis of this world,
most things are a mirage,
meant to distract us from what’s most important.
So please,
my darling...
When you find something real,
that gives life depth,
and grabs you by the throat,
hold onto it for dear life.
Sam Bowden Dec 2018
Shucking oysters is a dangerous task.
Only skilled, determined hands may apply.
Why so dangerous a task you ask?
Well, let’s see?
There’s the salt, the grit, the unforgiving need...
the slips, the stabs, the you and the me.
Our boats rock along a forlorn sea.

Sitting on the dock of my mind,
the sun's rays slap me sober,
as it refuses to set for seven hundred thousand nights....

Patiently present in the moment, I am, totally attuned to the task at hand.

She's anything but simple,
this complexly succulent woman I've stumbled upon,
Unearthed I have, with my bare hands.
Rugged exterior, jagged edges,
a clear warning for all to see.
But a gorgeous glory awaits the determined, the brave, the patient,
I have faith....

I have faith in such a glory beyond legend, in such beauty beyond reason.
Just because something feels like a miracle doesn’t mean it’s impossible.
For if jade kissed a pearl as it slipped into the sea, it still wouldn't rival her beauty.
We are a meeting of minds that could unfurl for all time.
As she lines her eyes in paint,
and stains her lips like crimson art,
she's always ready for war,
launching a thousand ships in my heart.

Like Odysseus, I've sailed past contentment, and now I only want more.
Eros, the bittersweetness.
I want to live with you in the gap between consumption and desire,
between ice and fire.

Unknowingly, I have peeled the wall paper from her frame,
where ancient tapestries shown from beneath.
The scars cut deep into the fabric, marks of carelessness in love.
The family ties that tear, the tears of lovers once here, now there.
Warmth gives way to wind,
and fire gives way to need.
She pulls me close, then pushes me back, rocking along a forlorn sea.

And like the sea,
she breathes life into me,
and hope into my lungs,
roiling my blood to the surface.
A great tempest of my heart with fury that blows past the mind.

Tame, tame, squeeze, let go.

Still though,
questions fray at the edges of her mind,
and yet,
with the passage of time,
the sea will settle,
the tide will recede.
I have faith in love.
And faith in me.   

Sure footed I am, and I know it.
Dodging rain drops,
dashing through the city,
hand-in-hand, we don't slip.

But while I sip, I think;
“She's anything but simple,
this dandelion seed,
floating in the wind.
Walls up, head down,
a determined doctor,
a surgeon steeled for the journey,
thawing beneath me she is...”

“The most beautiful immigrant I've ever seen;
On the platform of her mind,
she longs for a home, leagues from her homeland,
while I scratch at the dirt of my own.
Do I belong here?
Does she? Do we?
Where is home? Security? Acceptance? Belonging?
Who knows what the futures holds? Allahu alam, not you or me.”

Uncertain of answers,
is this a mirage or a dream?
I can’t know for sure,
So I take heart in the Unseen.
I crack the oyster open,
and swallow it inside.
I sip life's ambrosia,
and breathe in the sky.
Ill crack The Pearl of Persia,
one kiss at a time.
Sam Bowden Nov 2018
Your delicate hand
slide into mine,
and as we strolled,
I lost track of time.

We kissed in the rain,
and drove the cold away.
Wild flowers have returned
to where the little girls play.

Sun streams through the trees
speckling the ground.
I used to feel lost,
but now I feel found.

The winter has thawed,
and with it our doubts.
Any wrinkle of reservation
has been smoothed out.

The summer air rises,
an improv quartet plays.
Children are laughing and shrieking
as a make-shift sprinkler sprays.

It’s east Harlem in the park,
with you by my side.
I awoke so happy,
my smile had nowhere to hide.
#lgbt #love #poetry #dreaming in #NYC
Sam Bowden Nov 2018
If I could, I would.
I'd demolish you with the things I can do.
You remake me,
I'll remake you.
If I could, I would.
I'd obliterate all that came before;
Your past, your pain, they'd be no more.
Every brick, every beam, every shard of broken glass....
I'd renovate your body, if you would only ask...
If I could, I would.
I'd enjoy the destruction of all that came before;
Every molecule of pain would be no more.
I'd break down your walls,
assault your salty skin,
make you feel whole,
make you fragile again.
I want to smother your psyche,
make you beg for mercy.
Nothing would be same, nothing would remain.
Beneath our heat, all that was solid melts into thick air.
My mouth swallows your pain,
consumes your frame.
And there we are: destroyed.
Neither who we were, nor who we're yet becoming.
Through our destruction,  
we're remade anew.
You remake me,
I'll remake you.
For everyone who needs to lose control to find themselves. Seek sensuous annihiation in your most intimate connections.
Sam Bowden Jul 2018
I will tie you up
and torture you,
in all the best ways.
It could last hours,
possibly even daze.
I will leave you dehydrated,
and sore.
I will leave you physically unable to say you want more.
It will be too hard,
too soft,
j u s t right,
not enough,
tease tease choke bite spit gag pull              s q u e e z e.

Lie back, if you please.
To anyone who seeks annihilation in their most intimate connections.
Sam Bowden Mar 2018
Pull me down.
Hold me c l o s e.
You're the one,
I want the m o s t.

Breathe in deep.
Pull your h a i r.
You wanna be here,
I wanna be t h e r e.

What's old is dust.
And today is n e w.
You remake me.
I'll remake y o u.

**** and kiss,
and tongue and *******.
This is fate,
with a little l u c k.
Love poems are life.
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