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SG Rose Feb 2019
Dip your head into her well,
but be careful not to fall too deep.
For her water is quenching,
and you will sink yourself
SG Rose Nov 2018
Ensnared, tangled and captured
I swam into your fishing web
knowing good and well
You'd use my life to feed yours.
SG Rose Sep 2018
You say I can't be trusted.
Pointing fingers hammer firmly the hurt into place.

I watch the tears puddle and collect as you
choke out the tale of the green-eyed storyteller
who painted your world with words of
"I will
I won't
I love
I don't..."

and that she said them until they consumed you.

And I couldn't argue.
SG Rose Aug 2018
Let’s make up
in the messiest of ways
and have a battle rage between our
tongues and finger tips as we claw the
forgiveness out of each other.
SG Rose Aug 2018
Lingering lips whisper secrets in my ear
of what you want and what you need.
Pinch yourself, you must be dreaming
I am not here to please.
SG Rose Jul 2018
Beautiful bird bring your broken wing;
Sit on my sill and sing to me your secrets.

Truthfully, I could use the company.
SG Rose Jul 2018
Her body moved towards me
with grace and fury.
The gusts of her legs
and fingertips swirled
dangerously around my
hips and heart as I sat
breathlessly watching her squall
destroy all the walls
I have built.

It's a risky game to be a storm chaser,
but it's a devastating liaison to
love a tornado.
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