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SG Rose Aug 2018
Let’s make up
in the messiest of ways
and have a battle rage between our
tongues and finger tips as we claw the
forgiveness out of each other.
King Tutankhamun Aug 2015
Check it baby me your meant to be
 i aint kickin' no melodies
 we deserve each other that other brother cant do what i do
i appreciate the finer things
in life
 no doubt i wanna make you wife
in the future give me a shot
im ya love drug a booster
 love ya so hard you could never get used to
 the things i do
what ya gotta say im ya angel
in the flesh heavenly ya beauty
and ya elegant smile pretty body priceless 
and when we make love you speechless 
couldnt even really touch this the track that is and so what ya got kids
 we can still make it together
 cuz true love never fails if all goes wrong better believe ill be knockin' on ya door filled with tears galore

and i love the scent of ya perfume 
so baby lets get a room
Go to suite 133
 grab the cristal or some henny
 and turn on the tv 
watchin' slow jams
Marvin Gaye givin' the inner city blues 
it makes me wanna holla
 ill spend all of my dollars 
on you you so true so real
 baby when im next to you i cant wait to feel
 your body your lips caressin' mines
 *** is in the air even got the spirits in a stare as ya hairs
begans to flare i see a small tear
drop from ya eyes cuz of the way i love and go between ya thighs
 bite you slow below
 then back up to kiss ya temple
 its plain and simple 
no jokes to tell 
dont you remember i do it well 
stroke ya til ya ***** swells 
this aint no fairytale
 as i give you a permanent holy grail come.on!!!

now that we together
 lets embrace the stormy weather
 im too clever
 too mess up a good thang
 im in a love jones
 dont believe everything 
you see or hear
 baby just come here
 and lend me your ear
 you have nothing to fear 
dont ya know you man is here
We all as one and one in all
Even if we hit a downfall
Just know im.only a phone call
Away **** what others say
You still my number one bebe
Come one
You know i love you better

— The End —