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I can't write today
I've erased and rewritten
I've erased and rewritten
I've erased and rewritt
you get my point
this poem has sat in the drafts box for years
every time its opened the name changes
it goes from Hate to routine
from routine to Ashley
from Ashley to lonely
from lonely to older
from older to poly
from poly to...thats new
that button at the bottom of my screen
that button that's yelling at me
that button that could save me
Delete This Poem
writers block made me make this
 Jan 2017 Rod E Kok
Jay 1988
 Jan 2017 Rod E Kok
Jay 1988
My body ran cold, you came and you held me, you stopped me from shaking
the doors are all closed, the conversations grow old, inside, two lovers, but one was faking
the stillness of the night, in my head things aren't right but when you came along I could see
That everything's a mess, in this world so confusing and in the middle, there was you and me
When you held me I cried, in the middle of this night, my head pressed against your chest
A whisper in the dark, as you hung onto my hand, said here's something I must confess

You said I'm sorry now, for the way all of this turned out, at first we were so so good
Then things got so bad, I was a fool who thought we'd last but we should have run when we could

In the doorway, a sleeping man with holes in his gloves, tell me what did he ever do ?
Holding on to you tight, in the glow of the streetlight what would I be without you ?
You just throw away your words like there nothing but there everything to me
You get up to leave, I beg you please don't go but you said "were poison can't you see"
It's been a long time coming so baby let's start running and make it all alone
We planted flower seeds but from those good beginnings tangled weeds have grow

You said I'm sorry now for the way it all turned out at first we were so so good
Then things got so bad, I was a fool who thought we'd last, but we should have run when we still could

Let's bite the bullet, don't say no more words because tomorrow's another day
Then in that new world I might find peace if we have the strength to pull away

I'm sorry now for the way it's all turned out at first we were so so good
Then things got so bad, I was a fool who thought we'd last, but we should have run when we still could  

Let go of me now, I feel the pull of something from my soul
We're still young and tomorrow's a whole new world, today's just a memory for when we're old.
 May 2015 Rod E Kok
Tommy Johnson
I've got more issues
Than the daily news
You don't even know the half of it
You're so full of it
You said "last time" last time
I'm guilty until proven innocent

Everything has a shelf life
I'm ******* up left and right
Please excuse my bad taste
As I build my persona and reinvent the wheel

These are the paths we follow
These are the lives we lead
We believe in our own lies so hollow
Mesmerized by their majesty

You have allotted powers
And a cognitive prerogative
To appropriate
The procreate
We co-create
Something concrete

Awestruck by the rhetoric
And the ironic ruckus
Of the fire truck up in flames
And the destructive rumpus of the ambulance taking lives in vain

It's nature verses nurture
You're blessed with life
And respect your life
the look in his eyes told a different story
it was a sad story about his love for a girl
and how he wanted to give up everything for her

his hands weren't made to hold me
my heart didn't beat to love him
we always thought that we belonged
but the blood in our veins was from other planets

he was mars and she was venus
we weren't made to live happily ever after

but everytime they kissed the colors in the world
came back to life, it wasn't only black and white
and everytime they touched it was another kind of madness

it was a cold dark night
the full moon was shining bright, the stars were out
and everything in the world looked a little more magical
eyecontact and not speaking became our secret
the way your golden eyes looked into mine
you always looked right into my soul

if it's meant to be it will be her grandma used to say
and so they both died alone.
a love no one could understand, not even me.
 Jan 2015 Rod E Kok
Compassion is a
An open ear
No judgment

Is a hug
And accepting

Is a tissue
For the tearful
And my last dollar bill
To a stranger

Is a thousand fold paths
Of daily acts
Of kindness
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