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S Renay Nov 2020
Every single second I live my life to its end and then back to its beginning. This moment is found in the present. It's pleasant being in the present because that's all to know. No haunting past or badgering future. Just the world around you.
S Renay Jul 2019
Occupation: Blank canvas.
Description: Glassy exterior, vast interior. Descends to negative infinity and ascends to positive infinity. Knows everything and nothing. Paralyzed towards straightforwardness, open to distractions.
  May 2017 S Renay
i s a b e l l a
I find you in the pages of your favorite book
and in the songs we would listen to in your car
I find you in my daily conversations
and in the fading scent of your sweatshirt
but I don't find you here
anywhere next to me
and I don't think people understand
how hard it is
to find your person
in the arms of the sweatshirt
that no longer belongs to them
  May 2017 S Renay
Forever we wondered
Forever we said
Forever we claimed
Forever we prayed

But oh what fools
To think of an ever
When the only "ever"
Is always a never

Forever we promised
To stay together


Forever is nothing
Nothing forever

Here's to those
Who read
Who write

Here's to those
That love with might

Forever remember
To never say "forever"


**Forever is nothing
Nothing is forever
To those who fell in the purest most passionate love and had to let go for love
S Renay May 2017
Here on Earth I can feel the same way as someone who travelled millions of miles into the galaxy.
Except without seeing all of the neat space.
  May 2017 S Renay
Debbie Brindley
I wish
I wish
upon a star
That I could gather you
in my arms
and take you far
Far far away
On a cloud made for two
A special cloud
for me
and for you
Away from these lands
filled with anguish and pain
To lands with no illness
where you'd have good health again
To lands where together
we'd grow
and grey
As husband and wife
forever we'd stay
Wish we could float away on clouds
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