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 Dec 2018 Ray Ross
when there's dark
when there's dark, there's no you
big moods, therapy's too expensive
sometimes it's better to lie
than to **** the vibes
and waking from dreams
'cause when there's dark
there's no you and i'm staring
at the ceiling instead of stars
 Nov 2018 Ray Ross
Ruby Payberg
Call out to me, preach your joys and your woes
"Confess your sins and you will be forgiven"
And Oh Lord, do I forgive, I'll give it all if you're not overwhelmed
But lest it be too much, reign me in
Don't bite off more than you can chew, and if I do feed it to you
Let it not be more than you can keep down
For I'm a feast meant for gods
I know it can be too much
Please don't try to eat it all
I don't want to be thrown back up
 Nov 2018 Ray Ross
my friend once told me
“most people cannot sleep
because sleep requires peace”
and to this day
i still cannot meet his eyes
i don’t know if i want to know, either.
 Nov 2018 Ray Ross
Erin Johnson
She's a strong
Cup of black coffee
In a world
That's drunk
On cheap wine
And fake love
 Nov 2018 Ray Ross
Star BG
My poem shows no gender
no color of self.
Just words standing on their own merit.
Vibrating from pen to page,
page to eyes
eyes to readers heart.

My poem written with intent
will not tell where I lay my hat,
or financial status.

Vibrating from visions to mind,
mind to moment
moment to dream.

Its content of words
strung like pearls speak truth
and that is all that matters.

So read on and dance
or perhaps praise, or cry
in gallery of words
It is my gift to you.
Just playing with words that flow in sparks of thoughts.
 Nov 2018 Ray Ross
We walked and walked,
Talked about nothing and everything
We finally arrived,
We sat there.
It wasn’t much romantic, nor comfortable but it was perfect for me
Cause you were there
And that’s all I needed

I can still feel my head on your shoulder,
The freezing ground,
Your hands intertwined in mine,
Your kisses,
Your scent,
And in that moment I swear we were infinite
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