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Erin Johnson Oct 28
red is the blood of the victim
yellow is the colour of the sun that lights our world
pink can take us back to childhood memories
green is the colour of the grass we walk upon
purple is often associated with royalty and power
orange is often associated with saints and represents courage
blue is the colour of our sky we live under
Erin Johnson Oct 28
shes nice
she deserves the world
i think ive fallen for her
today i officially made this girl mine
Erin Johnson Oct 28
the truth lies behind our words.
people hide things for others to find.
its all hidden.
everything is hidden at least once in their life.
we dont want people to find our things so we hide it.
its all hidden.
Erin Johnson Jun 11
everything we do
everything we say
it reflects
it suggests
it shows who we are
Erin Johnson Apr 10
What did i do?
why did i do it?
How did it happen?
why did it happen?
to me? of all people

How did you fall for me?
when all i am..
is an ugly girl,
who knows nothing about love.
Erin Johnson Apr 3
We want to die
do we know what's after death?
like really know?
I'm scared to know..
really i am
What could there be?
Where do we go?
Erin Johnson Apr 1
You see there is this girl
she is tall
She's­ perfect,
well for me.
You see,
we bearly talk,
rarely see eachother
but i'm in love
with this girl..
This amazing girl.
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