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Ruby Payberg Sep 15
I'm beautiful now
Ruby Payberg Sep 13
My mother punched until her knuckles bled
I could hear her screaming from up the stairs
I just put in earbuds and washed the dishes
I swear I would help if it weren't for the fear

My mother made a hole in the bedroom wall
With the doorknob of my door
Big sister was having a fit again
And mother couldn't take it anymore

My mother stabbed the kitchen counter
She tried to cut off her hand
Little sister took the knife from her
I tried to just go back to sleep

My mother took the keys and drove off
No one knew where she went
But she had been drinking Smirnoff
I just hid in my room and tried not to think

I hardly ever come home anymore
Mother's not okay
Ruby Payberg Sep 12
I talk, and they ignore
The trees
Why won't they respond?

They talk to each other
They whisper
Why do they ignore me

Alone in the forest
I hear words
Amongst the trees

None of them are for me
Alone in the forest
Ruby Payberg Sep 12
My mouth is flooding
Water pours out and
it pools on the floor

It keeps coming
Pouring and pouring
and pouring and pouring

Why can't I stop
I'm drowning in it
You're drowning too
Ruby Payberg Sep 12
I've always been a weak swimmer
I'm afraid one day I'll sink
The seaweed will grab me
and my limbs will stop moving

My lungs burn with need
They won't get what they want
But then they collapse
And maybe my fears disappear

I've heard that drowning
is the most peaceful death
Ruby Payberg Nov 2018
The dots of light under which I cry
I cry for the comfort I now can find
I smile for the light which holds me now
I sing for the stars that can hold the sound

I hear them sing our voices back
Every time I look into night
Echoing the laughter that we shared
Choking on tears only we can see

It happens every time I see the light
Of a sun that isn’t mine
They whisper again to me
The feeling of one that is
Thank you to all the stars
For giving me the one who thanks me for you
Ruby Payberg Nov 2018
If I’m ever too much, reign me in
Don’t bite off more than you can chew,
And if I do feed it to you
Let it not be more than you can keep down

For I am a feast made for the gods
I know it can be too much
Please don’t eat too much today
For you might start to find the taste to be bland
Am I Overwhelming?
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