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  Sep 2014 Rationale
Rebel Heart
You think I'm a weird kid,
The kid who always says hi,
The person who'll treat u like a friend,
Even when u say goodbye.

You think I'm the athletic one,
With energy bursting through my veins,
The kid who actually likes gym,
Who'll feel no pains.

You think I'm the smart kid,
Who loves school so much,
The person who can't wait to study again,
Just because I get good grades and such.

You think I'm the artsy one,
Who draws all day long,
Who can write long stories,
And turn anything into a song.

Well, you think you know,
But I know you don't you see.
Because I'm not any of these,
All of them are me.

You judge by my clothes,
You judge by my style,
You judge by my achievements,
And by my smile.

So I trick you each and everyday.
Wearing these masks in every way,
So the true me you will never betray,
And yet you say you know me-cliché
"People who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do. "- Isaac Asimov
  Sep 2014 Rationale
Tyler Durden
You were never the kind
Of person
Who could
Get comfortable, who could settle down.
I felt the uprooting.
You set fire to this house
You let the smoke rise,
Before you warned me of danger.
Only when you were safe,
Could I be warned.
By then it was too late.
I had already suffocated.
  Sep 2014 Rationale
Jeuden Totanes

I fell in love with a mortal
Her stare was cold as ice
Her burning skin was ecstasy
Stars twinkle in her eyes

I fell in love with a mortal
Her name I do not know
Her lips were kind and gentle
But alas! She was a foe

I fell in love with a mortal
Someone I can't embrace
She'll break my heart and crush my soul
Soon, we're parting ways

I fell in love with a mortal
It was cruel and unfair
Though my heart was pure and young
It was a brutal share

I fell in love with a mortal
She does not really know
I fell in love with a mortal
This love might never grow

Unrequited love has always been and will always be the worst pain..
Rationale Sep 2014
It's okay to cry.
Cry a river if you have to.
Cry if it helps you to breathe again.
  Sep 2014 Rationale
Una Walters
"Hello, remember me?"
Her anxiety says to her every single day.

"Hello, remember me?"
There it is again. It is an unwanted guest that always seems to come up at the worst times.

It is like a bug.
An infestation deep inside her, with no way out and it controls her each an every day.

It controls her..
every thought she think..
every word she says..

But more importantly,
it controls every thought she DOESN'T think
and every word she DOESN'T say.

It keeps her from things, not even giving her the option to choose for herself.
  Sep 2014 Rationale
I hate you
because I keep thinking about you all the day
and when I conecte I feel so sad if you’re not there
and I jumb and scream if you say Hi to me
I hate you
because I listen to all the music you like
and I read all the books you read
I hate you**
Because I lost myself so I can get you
cause I become you so you can love me better
I hate you
because for you I did the things I shouldn’t do !!
I lost people I used to know
I hate you
because I get mad so quikely and I laugh for no reason
because I don’t know my self anymore
I hate you
because I cry just because I miss you
and I become the happiest one in the earth when You call me
I hate you
because your love controle me !!
Rationale Sep 2014
I could

scream your name
over and over again
and still
you wouldn't
give a ****
when did you stopped caring?

— The End —