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Rajat Akre May 2023
In the grand tapestry of teaching, oh what an irony,
Heavy workloads and limited time, a teacher's reality.
The demands of planning and administrative tasks,
Leave little room for professional growth, an ironic mask.

Standardized assessments hold their prominent sway,
Personalized instruction often pushed astray.
In the pursuit of measurable student success,
Oh what an irony, tailored learning becomes less.

Creativity yearns to dance with the curriculum's frame,
But guidelines and standards can stifle its flame.
Balancing innovation and prescribed requirements,
Oh what an irony, creativity often expires.

Assessment-focused teaching takes center stage,
Holistic development may find itself in a cage.
The pressure to achieve desired outcomes so keen,
Oh what an irony, limiting the broader learning scene.

Teachers, pillars of education, yet often unrecognized,
Their impact immense, but acknowledgment minimized.
In the realm of recognition and fair compensation,
Oh what an irony, undervaluing their dedication.

Autonomy, a cherished gift for teachers to possess,
But administrative constraints can hinder their success.
Top-down decisions and rigid schedules in place,
Oh what an irony, limiting their teaching grace.

Work-life balance, a delicate tightrope to tread,
Nurturing students' well-being while their own is spread.
In the pursuit of equilibrium, an ironic juggle,
Teaching others to thrive, their own balance a struggle.

Outcomes become paramount, their value held high,
Yet the process of learning can sometimes pass by.
Prioritizing scores over growth and lifelong skills,
Oh what an irony, neglecting the learning thrills.

In the world of teaching, ironies abound,
Navigating the contradictions, often profound.
But amidst these challenges, educators endure,
Oh what an irony, their passion remains pure.
For wonderful teachers out there
Rajat Akre Mar 2020
I feel stuck, even when im moving.
Traveling far, but still wanna be back to you.
I feel paused, even when im running.
Struggling to breathe, but still wanna smell you.
I feel stunted, even though im growing.
Letting go is hard, but learning to grow without you.
Rajat Akre Mar 2020
Nothing is wrong.
World aint gonna stop.
Whether you die or sob.

Get up.
Heads up to sky.
Try, fail and again try!
Rajat Akre Mar 2020
"How did you guys break up?"
He smiled hiding pain in his chest. "One day she loved me and next day she didn't. Strange isn't it? How fast someone's feelings can change and then there's nothing you can do but accept it."
Rajat Akre Feb 2020
The day is all good,
the nights become hard.

But you gotta face the darkness,
with little light inside you like a star.
Rajat Akre Feb 2020
I used to do poem
when I was with her

words and ideas
slipped on paper like butter

we used to fight alot
and our egos became greater

she found her way out
I struggled to even write a letter

I became weak
and write poems weaker

guess, I wasn't the best
but i was good with her
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