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Rahul Luthra Aug 2018
There are some relations
That don't need a connection
Through blood
They don't need to have existed
Since eternity
They rely on pure
Most importantly
A connection
A connection so strong
So raw
It's almost as if
It were made
To last
To survive
To cherish
Through anything
It happens
For no rhyme
Or reason
It's rare
It's beautiful
It lasts for an eternity
So be sure
To cherish it
While it lasts
In the naive hands
Of a mortal
Rahul Luthra May 2015
It's a complicated thing, this memory
It stays with you forever, even though you think it's temporary
That first ice cream you had, those first lips you tasted
It's all somewhere within you, that memory is never wasted
The human brain is something that's way too tough to comprehend
It's your road to nirvana, not your friend
But enlightenment is another story
This poem isn't about your glory
What would you do if you could erase
A certain memory of a person or a phase
Would you forget your past mistakes
I wouldn't because it's always hail before beautiful snow flakes
What I meant was you mature when you do something the wrong way
That's why a higher power has given us tomorrow, a new day
To improve, to look back and to be a better you
To finally improve on that age old recipe of stew
Would you forget a person of love or hate
Block them out, close the gate
But the people you meet in your life all play a role
Whether big or small, they help improve your soul
A memory is not just of the past, it's a Page complete
Tear that out and your story will be incomplete
The only erasing that should be done is negativity from your head
So keep them memories intact, and keep room for the ones that you're gonna make on the road ahead...
Rahul Luthra Jul 2018
I'm allergic to this
I'm allergic to that
I'm allergic to most foods
Well, at least I'm not fat
I can't stand under the sun
I can't play in the rain
When I stand for too long
My head starts to pain
I bleed from my nose
I know it sounds scary
There was this one time
When I ate a dictionary
No, I'm just kidding
There's no paper left in the house
I used it all to clean my nose
Oh, look at your face. I think I got you aroused
Rahul Luthra Aug 2018
Die alone
Born alone
So why
Is everyone obsessed
With a soulmate
You're alone in this world
Family, friends, or acquaintances
Like I said before
You come on your own
And you leave
On your own thrown
People everywhere
Looking for their person
But in reality
You are
Your own person
You are what you stand for
Your conscience
Is who you really are
So why
Bank on someone else
Have the guts
To admit
That whatever happens
Whether fate or not
Is, to an extent,
A majority extent, that is
Your own
You create the circumstances
Your actions creates the future
Don't blame the universe
Or fate
To what happens next
Because even if you do
It's alright
But one must understand
That what's happening to you
Is the end result
Of something
That you have started
You're alone in this world
You like or it not
You might have
A 100 friends on Facebook
You might have
1000 followers on Instagram
You might have
Infinite contacts
On your phone
But what keeps you humble
Is that, you're going to die alone
Rahul Luthra Dec 2013
Got kicked out because I came later
Somehow I got a pen and a paper
Was feeling bored so thought I would write
The weather's so good; wish I could fly a kite
It's not quite often that I get kicked out
I'm always quiet in class, I seldom shout
Back in the days I loved to annoy my teachers
But that was years ago; now I've lost that feature
Getting kicked out of class is something students enjoy
Bunk class without detention. Oh Boy!
But if you're the only one it gets boring
You look enviously in  and find the students happily snoring
You have to stand, it's a punishment after all
And you've had it if the Principal walks down the hall
"Come in and don't be late again or you see what I do!"
I'm probably curious because this is one promise I won't adhere too
Rahul Luthra Jul 2014
People say then can't do it no more
That they can't live with the strife
They gave up way too easily
And end up picking up the kitchen knife
But I do not agree
There's so much more to life
Whether it's hunting down a new burger joint
Or watching the Sunday game with the kids and the wife
Each one is born with a purpose
That purpose may be big or small
Curing cancer or bringing a smile to someone's face
How you see it is your call
Giving up is a phrase everyone should forget
It is merely an illusion
You were made to do something special
Don't let those 2 words be an intrusion
Yes, it is good to be important
But it is more important to be good
Getting hate in a few eyes to help the needy
That's an important lesson taught to us by Robin Hood
But don't get me wrong I'm not putting any pressure
You needn't cure cancer while you're here
The best thing one can do, in my opinion
Is bring out a smile from someone's tear...
Rahul Luthra Aug 2018
What would the world be like
Any presence of conscience
Heartless beings
Plodding around
No purpose
Except survival
The rule of
Of the fittest
Is relevant among
Us beasts with hearts
Yet we romanticize and capitalize
The rules
That we follow
To survive
A planet of these 'zombies'
Would serve the purpose
Of the letters 'ay'
In the word
Yet this presence of conscience,
And heart
In this deceptive reality
Of ours
Does keep reminding
Each individual
That a purpose does exist
A purpose to our existence,
Along with our actions
As they all stem from the roots of
A conscience
Rahul Luthra Mar 2015
Oh look at us
We're the country with a huge population
And so are bound to have a huge population of idiots too
And here's what a few idiotic things we do:
Lets ban beef you know
Cuz it's holy
But at the same time eat other animals like pig and chicken
And even mistreat some animals
But yeah no beef guys
Otherwise five years of imprisonment
And it completely makes sense ok
Even though the jail time for man - slaughter
is 2 years
Lets ban videos which contain a few abusive words
Cuz they're totally a threat to the nation
And on the other hand lets put up videos
And make rapists famous
Lets listen to their views on why they *****
And let them go
I mean
Mistakes happen, right?

What's happening to my country...
Rahul Luthra Feb 2015
My mission in life is not too complex
It isn't to cause hate, nor is it to impress
It's quite simple, but only if you see it the right way
I try achieving this goal every single day
It's right when they say this world's too small for hate
It saddens me when peace is disrupted among a country or a state
So I try to start small but make an impact big
To get a smile on that face; Oink Oink I'm a pig
A smile on that face is the prettiest thing in this world
It will handle any object your life has hurled
Happiness is contagious; it gives everyone a reason to smile
It speaks volumes about you; way more than your resume file
To make someone smile or get someone's heart burst with joy
Is something I'd do in a jiffy without being joy
So get ready for this ball of happiness, it's coming to you
Together lets change this world and give it something new
So put a smile on someone's face and just see the satisfaction you get
It's like freeing an animal from a cage or a net
It loosens your burdens and makes you feel lighter
How do you think some are cured of cancer? Medicines? No no...Their smiles are the real fighter
So get rid of this negativity cavity
And spread around the positivity
So heal the world and make it a better place
Life is a group activity, not an individual race...
Thanks saachi
Rahul Luthra Dec 2013
I'm in peril as soon as I'm in my mother's womb
Unsure of whether I'll ever see the doctor's room
And even if this world I'm allowed to see
It's like stepping into a hive full of bees
My brother gets new clothes while a get a broom
When the guest come, I'm locked up in the room
Being denied education because they feel it's of no use
It's my own blood who does this; who should I accuse?
I'm beaten up by my own father
"You won't get food if you don't work harder!"
I'm married off and sent away
I'm to be my in - law's slave till my hair turns grey
Dowry is another thing they torture me for
I weep at night while my husband snores
I try for jobs though I'm always denied
"You have talent but the job is full" The manager lied
Beaten black and blue by my drunk husband
I have no clue what I did to offend
The feeble rays of sunshine during monsoon describes my life
I don't think it will be long before I pick up the kitchen knife
For I will finally attain peace resting in my grave
It's better to be dead than to be the world's slave
Rahul Luthra Mar 2014
I am studying accounts, getting bored
I think I should concentrate, else I'll be on the road
Want to issue a cheque but no money in my pocket
Want to go to the moon but I have no rocket
Why am I even writing, what sense does this poem make?
And yes, I'd like a grilled sandwich with that chocolate milkshake!
Commerce is pretty easy; it's accountancy that gives me the creeps!
Couldn't sleep last night hence counted 394 sheep
Arsenal's manager is very keen sighted!
All Chelsea does is park its bus
Suarez's bite had created a huge fuss!
Now bite has reminded me of Twilight!
What nonsensical books do authors nowadays write
We were better off with Harry Potter
NORTH WEST! No, not geography, I'm talking about Kanye West's daughter!
Oh, **** I was supposed to study accounts!
Ah well, it's the thought that counts...
Rahul Luthra Jan 2014
The world didn't get worse
your vision just got wider
Al the disruptions on our planet
aren't just because of Al Qaeda
When you were small
bursting crackers was just for fun
The older and more sensible You realizes it chokes our planet
You needn't press the trigger just because you possess the gun
The world was always the same
the corruption was always growing steady
It's up to you which side you want to choose
Let me know when you're ready
Not everything remains the same because
perspectives change as you grow older
You feel sad for the older generation who get cast out
whereas at home you give your parents the cold shoulder
Tale off your ignorant glasses and have a look around you
There is still humanity present
Though it does need a gentle push and
I only see it when things get unpleasant
The more you understand the world
the more you seem to give it hate
I shudder to imagine if there will be
any love left on this planet at this rate
The world didn't get worse
your vision just got wider
The room behind you is clean so that
what you see in front of you is tidier
Rahul Luthra Jan 2014
Backstabbers and the moon
are basically the same
they're pretty from the outside
but have flaws from within
You look from far away
so you don't know the truth
They lie and then walk right past you
without another look
What pleasure does it give you
To torture me like this
You play with my heart as if
it gives you eternal bliss
I thought you were my friend
You'd stick with me to the end
But you back stabbed me and ran away
You come in my life like an
angel of the lord
And you left me stabbed
and impaled by a sword
you lie right through
your teeth
I was too late
to see the monster beneath
But now it's all revealed
Never gonna trust
a soul again
All because I made
an enemy my friend
Never gonna trust again
what pleasure does it give you
to see me broken down
My heart shattered in countless pieces
now all over the ground
All that you can do is pretend
Never gonna trust again....
Rahul Luthra Sep 2018
The world's going to ****
While it's also
At its best
Living conditions do ****
But at the same time
It's at its most luxurious
It really does depend
Upon the observers perspective
And that's why no one
Can ever be right
There's always going to be chaos
And mayhem
Between the haves and have nots
And funnily enough
There can never be a true distinction
Between the two
Mentioned above
There's always going to be
A sort of
Among each
Of society
So, to be honest,
Who's the real judge here
Who's the real observer
And at the same time
No one
Because no one
And nothing
Lasts for ever
The concept of time
And the energy
That it
It has its own ways
Of slowly,
But permanently,
Laying the dust
On any sort of
Rahul Luthra Sep 2018
Flat lining
While I'm still alive
Scared to live
Scared to die
Too many rules
Too much work
The amount of pressure
Is berserk
Life goes on
And moves faster
Than you can imagine
Time's a *****
It works in more mysterious ways
Than you can fathom
So keep living
While expecting the unexpected
Because life's always
Going to be a mess
So improvise and adapt
And be prepared
For unannounced
Rahul Luthra Nov 2014
Long, long ago
in a city no one's heard about
Erupting through the silence
was a frightened shout
It came from the doctor's house
around the time of dawn
All were crowded around
the stranger's newborn
She had come to seek shelter
with a stomach so large
The doctor knew it was time
and immediately took charge
Some were afraid
so they left the town
Those who stayed back
wore a huge frown
They didn't understand
how babies were born
So when the stranger gave birth
there was a scream at dawn
All the townsfolk
marveled at nature's beauty
The doctor was nowhere to be seen
he had fulfilled his duty...
Rahul Luthra Feb 2015
It's a blood bath again
one that's taking place after a long time
Both sides have a strong army
and the clocks ticking like a powerful enzyme
Men, women and children;
all are going to have participated
This fight's not been influenced
no one has been forcefully stipulated
I guess that's the only beauty here
everyone's fighting for their blood
The very same blood which in two days
will have caused a huge flood
They're gonna fight to the end
no one's gonna back out
They're gonna let you leave once you're in
no matter how much you shout
It may go on for days, it may go one for months
depending how many are willing to stake their lives
So don't being bring guns, you'll run outta amo
just bring your guts...and yeah bring more knives....
Rahul Luthra Apr 2014
I kiss them goodbye before I leave
They're going to be safe is what I believe
But then it fast fast forwards and it all turns black
I know the monster has returned to attack
I see their corpses ; ****** and sore
I shut my eyes because I can take it no more
And that's when I wake up from my sleep
It's all so vivid, it's all so deep
The things that haunt this house are not just ghosts
They were people like me, my house's hosts
It's been 6 years since their car went down
And there was an eerie silence all across town
I have to live through this mess everyday
All because her voice echoed to me, asking me to stay
So I deal with this monster day and night
But they are my angels so I never fight
I see them whenever I close my eyes
So I keep closing them even though I know they are lies
But there are times when the pressure takes a toll on me
So I mix all his favourite ingredients and make myself some tea
Their memories so full in my head that I can't think of anything else
They kicked me out from work when they found me more at church than at work ringing bells
And when the whispering gets loud I breathe heavily and count to ten
For 6 years now, I'm just here, completely broken...
Rahul Luthra Dec 2013
See that unicorn dad
It's so pretty will i get to ride it some day?
Oh yes darling you will
Sit on it and you shall run through Rainbows and on a cloud you'll find a place to stay
Will the house be made of cotton candies and a marshmallow Window?
Oh yes darling and the the rain made of chocolate and the rainbow your personal metro
Years later I'm still waiting now impatient for my daddy's words to come true
They will come true won't they Peter?
And he laughs again hysterically without much ado
Broken promises and fairytales are one and the same
Both are lies and steal our happiness and leave us feeling ashamed
For we had waited year after year to see it finally come true
My daddy was lying, but I was so young that I didn't have a clue
When it rains i always go out and open my mouth
I expect chocolate but all I get is ***** water and hear my caretaker shout
I see a rainbow and pray my unicorn takes me away from this horrid place
A horrid place where If I blurt out my fantasies, I get a slap right across my face
But I do see my daddy up there its his imagination after all
He went ever so high after, from our flat, he took that massive fall....
Rahul Luthra Nov 2016
It feels like a tight slap to the face, they say, when you fall in love
But at the same time you feel blessed, just like when you see a beautiful dove
You can't really stop it from happening, it's sort of like fate
Sometimes it takes a lot of time, sometimes just one date
The rush it gives you is like something you've never felt
And your heart, oh boy, it has finally learnt how to melt
Because to love someone is the most intimate feeling
For your heart is attracted to something that it finds appealing
That's the only time you let your guard down
And that makes you vulnerable, as you're no longer the king of your own town
To break something so shaky is the easiest thing ever
I guess this was one of Satan's most successful endeavor
The world would have been a sadder but easier place if we all didn't have a heart
Because when you think with only your brain, there's no emotions and that makes you smart
When you fall in love, you kinda go blind
Which makes pain inevitable, striking you right up the hind
It's really really bad when you get your heart broken
It's kinda like Cupid's souvenir, like a little token
But that doesn't stop us, does it, from trying once more
And that makes us all stupid, because we know what's in store
Rahul Luthra Jul 2018
I need calm, I need peace
I don't want to worry about salary or lease
I don't want to worry about worldly woes
I just want a break from my daily chores
I know a way I could attain this peace for ever
But if I take that step, you'd see me never
But at this point, I don't really mind
No words will help, rude or kind
I need some peace, I need some calm
Tonight's the last night when I cause any harm
Rahul Luthra Sep 2014
The names castle and I write books for a living
This talent of mine is completely Gods giving
The genre of the books I write is mystery
I love to explore my characters history
All was going well and I was making a living off the books
Until I learnt my plots were being converted into reality by some crooks
Of course, the police first suspected me
I knew I was innocent so I didn't attempt to flee
And that was when I first met gorgeous miss Kate
My meeting her was a game played by fate
Don't judge a book by its cover; she was a ******* cop
And to catch a criminal at nothing would she stop
So I helped miss Beckett with all the information I had
I really liked her and to have her as a partner I was glad
Ok so I'm going to start watching Castle soon. I've never seen an episode of Castle and this is just based off what I've heard from the fans so please don't **** me if I have got something wrong
Rahul Luthra Aug 2018
Water water everywhere
Not a drop to drink
More like
People people everywhere
No one stops to think
The worst species on this planet
Are everywhere
It's not stopping, it's just increasing
While the average IQ
Goes on decreasing
It doesn't help that
More than half
Are dumber than a rock
I'm no longer taking education
As a standard
You know what I mean
Limited resources and
Unlimited people
Not so healthy for
This rotating rock
They fear adoption
And then when climate change hits
They look around in dumb shock
It's our fault that this planet
Is dying
And it's the harsh truth
But it'll all be over soon
But maybe we deserve it
We do deserve to breathe
And in this state of chaos
We're just meatsuits
Chasing materialistic greeds
Rahul Luthra Sep 2018
The way you you touch me
Is something
I can never forget
The way you kissed me
Is now
A part of
The things
That I feel
And a part
Of the things
That I touch
How can I ever
Those beautiful lips
For a moment,
Were a part of my own
And even though
I know
I might never
Get a taste of them again
I'll still
Always wait
For I've heard
That if you love something
Let it go
Because if it loves you back
It will
After a while
Come back
To you
Rahul Luthra Jul 2018
Different faces everywhere
Who do I trust
Who do I speak to
I'm lucky
That I have
Some comfort
With people
Who I can call
There are too many people
On this planet
So even finding that one person
Who you can
Call your family
Despite them not being
Actually related to you
That's a gift
That's the real privilege
Water water everywhere
Not a drop to drink
So filter that water
Filter those people
That you think
Suit you
That you can
Be around
Without having to think twice
It's all about comfort
It's all about relating
It's all about staying
In your comfort zone
And no one can steal that
Not even
Your so called God
Rahul Luthra Sep 2014
Hey;... I'm high again'
I forgot to say amen
Please pass me that purple haze
This is just another phase
I can hardly walk
I hear gibberish when I talk
My head is splitting open
But I like this...
Everything is so **** hazy
And I feel so lazy
And my vision; yeah it *****
But I don't give a f...
I'm dazed and confused
Although a little bit amused
I wish this feeling never stops
This feeling turns me on....
I sense my senses going
Used sense twice what am I doing
I need some space
I can only see her face
I'm dazed and confused
For those substances I abused
Forgive me Lord for I have sinned
I feel lighter than the wind
I don't ever wanna get outta this feeling
This caged freedom is my new life...
It's just an experiment (the new style of writing, i mean :P )
Rahul Luthra Mar 2015
There's a feeling you know
A feeling deep inside
One that cannot be rightly expressed
You may show it with anger, love or pain
Some may hide it with a smile
But the strongest remain completely silent
It's a feeling of being neglected
It's when you feel dejected
Rahul Luthra May 2014
Everyone has a demon inside them
Even the Pope of Vatican City has one in his stem
We adore beauty so much that we get mesmerized by what we see
But once we're too close to the demon, it's too late to flee
The whole truth lies in the eyes
You get close to a person and they get as clear as a cloudless sky
But don't we all know that the sky is not blue
The sun gives its effect to hide what is true
The demons inside try their best to hide
They come out when your anger rises like a rising tide
But the demons can be kept on a leash; they are animals after all
But you must be peaceful with oneself and never fall
Because the most dangerous animal is the one who frees itself by breaking its chain
So sometimes try to actually be happy instead of trying to feign...
Rahul Luthra Aug 2018
A need or a want
A desire at all costs
Is common
Amongst our species
It does however differ
From person to person
Everyone desires something
Everyone has their own needs
The complexities behind said needs
Have a story of their own
This desire manifests
From having the feeling
Of not having it all
It may lead a person
To go lengths
He or she may not have imagined
Themselves to be capable of
To desire
Is not a crime
But what one may do
To "tame" said desire
May actually be
The defining characteristic
Of that person
Be careful
Of what
You may desire
For wanting it so bad
Can set your innocence
On fire
Rahul Luthra Sep 2018
What do you say
To a person who's dying
Do you console them
Or do you lie
By saying
Everything's going to be alright
When you know for a fact
That it won't
How does one deal with such
We all know,
Is inevitable
Yet we live in a state
Of ignorance
And face this matter
Only when it's time to
In a state of hopelessness
And despair
Because such a sensitive
And grave matter
Though it takes place
All around the world
All the time
Cannot ever
Be prepared for
No matter how sure we are
Of its existence
So what do you say
To a person who's dying
Will it be the harsh truth
Or consolation through lying?
Rahul Luthra Dec 2013
Smiling and communicating is such a pain
But these things I must everyday feign
Because this is a world that lives in a lie
They avoid the truth even if it’s staring them in the eye
I must wear a mask to live in this place
They’d slaughter me if they saw my real face
I’m a rare breed though I’m not the only one alive
Eliminating them makes me the fittest to survive
The ones who make everyone happy are the ones most sad
Perhaps because they don’t want others to have a past so bad
Its true when they say don’t judge a book by its cover
I’m a serial killer; not a friend, nor your lover
Though what I do is for those whose justice is denied
A punishment I receive is I have no one to confide
It’s not the beauty outside but what’s beyond the façade
I have to measure my steps and always choose the right card
Though what I do is not legally right
I punish those who are demons of the night
I am Dexter, master of disguise
It’s not the truth that defines me; it’s my lies...
This poem is based on the popular TV show Dexter. For those of you who don't know, this is the link
Rahul Luthra Jul 2018
Thinking all day about things that won't happen
Is a hobby you should avoid, else your mood will surely dampen
But what can you possibly do when you think back to those days
When life was so much better, even without that purple haze
It's okay to reminisce, but too much of it leads to brooding
Living in your world of dreams is unhealthy, even though it's soothing
When things are bad I like to go down memory lane
And re live past memories while trying to bury the pain
But burying the pain only strengthens its roots
No point in growing an apple tree if you can't reap its fruits
This dream like state of mine has made me somewhat curious
The questions are legit, yet my answers make me furious
I'm at a conflict with myself and I don't know which one's right
The dreams never seem to stop and I'm not talking about the ones at night
Would you give anything to go back in the past,
to save that relationship that was never meant to last?
And even though you know you can never really change
You'd make that empty promise to have your life neatly arranged
These dreams are the result of the hearts numerous desires
And so we avoid the truth and grow an affinity for the liars
As humans we need some sort of goal to be able to mentally function
Because only thinking without doing could lead to self destruction
If you think too much about your past you're bound to get lost
The present goes to waste and the future is the cost
What will happen over time is not fully in your hand
Some call it the Butterfly Effect and some call it God's Plan
I could say things will get better, and you could say the same thing
But to see that truly happen, you must be your own King
Rahul Luthra Sep 2018
There's no end to it
'It' being life
It goes on and on
With you
Or without you
Names don't matter
Nor do actions
Because in the kind of
That we live in
We each serve a purpose
That's mostly not our own
And we're perpetually in the midst
Of this grind
Endless, nameless
Rahul Luthra May 2014
I say Hi they say Hey
When I walk past them on the way
But that's just a way to be polite
'Cause someone taught me this one thing
Whether you're slave or whether you're king
You should always greet someone in sight
I go on with my day
With the work I have to do
Who am I?
Oh, I don't have a clue!
It's funny that we are being called by a name
And that same name becomes popular when the owner shoots to fame
People expect us to make a change the moment we arrive on this planet
To make another Taj Mahal or write something like Hamlet
So instead of enjoying life, we try to make impress others
Even if that means selling our sisters and our brothers
But what sense does it make if at the end of the day
You take off your happy mask to find your face full of hatred
But that hatred is for nobody else but you
Take an example from your feet and try to fit into your perfect shoe...
Rahul Luthra Aug 2018
Clouds everywhere
Yet blinded by the sun
The rain pours
On my lifeless skin
Nothing is exciting
Everything is mainstream
Pain is romanticized
And thus
Makes it dull
And boring
Real pain
Isn't what they show you
In movies
To understand real pain
To get a real taste of depression
You've got to be broken
On the Inside
And when you've been broken
Again and again
Time and again
You start to crave that pain
You're too proud to admit it
You think
People will call you
Mentally unstable
Guess what
Guess who lives
In an unstable society
Perpetually in pain they don't even know
Ever existed
While always lamenting about
These minor pit-stops
Pain is forever
Pain never leaves
Don't expect it to
Deep inside
You don't want it to
You'll never understand
You'll never know why
Only a few
Have made peace
With this obsession
Is what fuels the fire
To your euphoric depression
Rahul Luthra Aug 2018
Are a *****
You do things
Not for yourself
But to please others
But why
Why live for others
When your life
Is clearly
Why bother about others
And their expectations
Whatever you do
Should be for yourself
I'm not advocating
Do live a little for others
But don't be afraid to
Live and laugh
For yourself
Your life
Is your own
Any expectation
That exists
Should be from you
To you
So that even when you
Pull off the unexpected
You only need to
Explain it
To yourself
Rahul Luthra Aug 2018
Are what
You see
Have you ever stopped
To look at them
To analyze then
To understand them
Of course you haven't
Why would you
Why would I
But maybe
If you're judging
Or critiquing
Or talking
About someone
Maybe take a look
At their
When they're not really
Paying attention
To maybe understand
Or relate
To what their story is
Because faces tell many stories
And maybe none
But even then
It does maybe
Tell you something
That you might relate to
Faces are complicated
Sometimes not understandable
But they must
Be taken into consideration
If you do have the audacity
To judge a face
That's not
Your own
Rahul Luthra Jul 2018
I'm in love and suddenly everything seems rather good
I caught myself whistling while I walked down the neighborhood
Everything seems very beautiful and I've started noticing things
The flowers have just bloomed and the birds never stop to sing
Being in love has similar properties to that of a drug
It drives me mad at times, the only cure being her hug
Love is the best thing in the world, and now I ain't afraid of life
I can deal with anything, as long as she's by my side
I tend to forget the surroundings when she's in my sight
My heart fell a little when we had our first fight
I always though that honesty and loyalty is all that we needed
If the relationship felt empty, our love would keep it feeded
I've never been so wrong, and **** it! I was so sure
You cannot have it all when you're still so immature
To love and be with someone is actually an intricate process
But when you find someone right, you're able to share the stress
She may have been right for me, but who's to say I was right for her
The Universe has its plans; well, **** the Universe cuz it still hurts
I'm blaming external factors even though I'm entirely to blame
You know you've ****** up bad when you can't even hear the name
The colors have faded from my world, everything looks too raw
I cannot look at things of beauty without pointing out a flaw
How can I love again, when in me I have no trust
Kinda explains why I'm always running after lust
The pain generated from failed love is what hurts the most
I wish I could control my own thoughts, but I'm no longer the host
We're never warned about heartbreak, we're only told about love
Ever wonder about the rotting body of a beautiful dove?
This poem has no happy ending, I should've warned you before
But that's what life's about, you seldom know what's in store
There's no learning here either, just a little piece of advice
Always try to live in the moment, try to enjoy what's nice
My thoughts are flawed, as you can see, I'm still in a lot of pain
I haven't completely matured just yet, I'm still in a dark lane
My vision is blurred as I keep thinking, while trying to regain my stance
For I had just one life to love her, and I completely blew that chance
Rahul Luthra Jul 2018
A piece of glass in between a frame,
Whatever is put in front, it will reflect the same;
The only object that tells no lies,
Can be of any length, shape, or size;
People spend hours in front of it, expecting a tale,
Some even expect it to shower compliments, but to no avail;
It is an everyday object that is not thought about twice,
Used mainly to check the curvature of one’s belly after consuming too much rice;
Also, a handy object to re check your blush,
So that you know it looks perfect while you walk past your crush;
Some people stare at themselves all day long,
Sometimes creating their own problems despite nothing being wrong;
Fear the mirror, because it contains a certain lust,
For it will keep you standing there till you’re covered in dust;
Use it as a simple tool to appreciate what is real,
Refrain from only looking at it to admire your physical appeal;
For if you use it as the Evil Queen’s ‘Magic Mirror on the Wall’,
You will definitely be engulfed by jealousy’s call…
Rahul Luthra Feb 2015
It's a thunderstorm when the both of us are together
It'd probably be easier if we were birds of a feather
Sparks flew off the first time we met
It wasn't much of a story, it started off as a bet
We both know it's wrong but we can't stay apart
Pulling the trigger will only take us to the start
No lubricant in the world can ease the friction in between
If I'm the king babe you're the queen
It's suicidal, it's catastrophic; that's all that is in store
These frantic moments of kamikaze love is what I live for...
Rahul Luthra Jul 2018
I'm just a simple person, just like the rest
Well, not entirely simple, but nonetheless
It's like society and the media just say what they want
To create new forms of discriminations, that will forever haunt
As if the already existing ones weren't bad enough
They must make sure that you feel flawed,
and make your life tough
I'm just another person; I removed the word simple
People nowadays even get trashed for having a dimple
"HA, it's just a deformity on your face!"
Well, I hope you trip and fall on your own shoelace :)
I'm just another person, with a not-so-great vision
I need glasses, so that I don't squint at the television
It makes my life easier, but the media has made it tough
Their influences and the consequential societal mentality,
has made my childhood rough
Beauty is said to be in the eyes of the beholder
Yet friendship is considered beauty,
when it gives you a shoulder
To cry on, is what I meant
Not literally
I mean it could
Just didn't want to be misunderstood
Why are glasses objectified,
like in The Princess Diaries
Is it not considered dignified
to not want your eyes to get all fiery?
Trust me, I'm just another person;
who needs the help of glasses
Media's interpretation has ruined this too,
to profit their theatrical farces
This is not an appraisal piece
for the object that makes us see well
This is a shoutout to those,
who feel pressurized by this societal shell
To define beauty may be complex,
but it should not be controlled by someone's interest
You're beautiful the way you are,
to have you the world is truly blessed
Rahul Luthra Jan 2014
Wrath, greed, gluttony, lust, envy, sloth and pride
Commit any one and in Hell you shall reside
The Seven Deadly Sins are something everyone fears
I'd lose it to if I woke up and found myself looking at Satan's leer
The venial sins are the committed guilt whose punishments are relatively minor
You do not completely lose touch with the One Up Higher
A more severe punishment is received if one commits a mortal sin
The guilty are condemned in Hell after death and are lashed on their shin
A proud look can ruin your face
A lash of a chain or get struck from a mace
A lying tongue can get it cut off
You'd choke blood out every time you cough
Hands that shed innocent blood will be cut too
No hands! How do you expect yourself to use the loo?
A heart that devises a wicked plot
Will get back stabbed by his right hand man and receive a head shot!
Feet that are swift to run into mischief
Will be stuck in quicksand which will make your body stiff
A deceitful witness that uttereth lies
Will get eaten by the wolf when no one believes his cries
Him that soweth discord between brethren
Will soon be outcast by the witty hen
Lust is described as an intense desire
But what seems like a huge pit of money is actually a huge pit of fire
Gluttony is over - consumption of anything to the point of waste
The cobra pit awaits those selfish people who fill in when in haste
Greed is applied to rapacious desire and pursuit of material possession
Being bound and laid face down on the ground is the only way you'll learn your lesson
Failing to develop spirituality is the key to becoming guilty of sloth
The punishment is to run at top speed and never slow down, not even to wipe away your froth
Wrath is love of justice perverted to revenge and spite
A mission to avenge may be your last fight
Envy is characterized by an insatiable desire
Gaining pleasure from seeing others brought low; the correct punishment is having your eyes sewn shut by wire
Pride is love of self, perverted to hatred and contempt for one's neighbor
Penitents are burdened with stone slabs hung on their necks forever
Lucifer's desire to compete with God is an example of pride
He fell from Heaven and transformed into Satan and now in Hell he does reside
Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy is a sinful epic
It explains everything about sins and is the most notable relic
Rahul Luthra Jul 2018
There's only two types of people in this world
Everything else is just propaganda that politics has hurled
It's unfair to judge people on something small
Categories like religion and cast aren't all
There are too many fools who rule the media
Don't get influenced by them; they don't need ya
There's only the bad and the good
It doesn't matter if they're from the "wrong neighborhood"
Try to understand the vibes people may give
Try to follow the code of: "Live and let live"
So now that you know, ask yourself: "Am I good or bad?"
You could be either based on your choices, or the experiences you've had
Rahul Luthra Jul 2018
A while ago, when I woke up one day
All the colors had vanished,
everything was Grey

I didn't understand at first
I panicked a lot
I thought I was cursed

But part of me knew
A part deep inside
This was my cue

This wasn't death
I knew for one
This was worse

Whatever death is
Irrespective of how
It is shown

This was way worse
This was the worst
Than death itself
I can't say for sure

But I'm sure death is peaceful
Or so I have heard
From people who haven't ever died

The feeling of heartbreak
Takes away all joy
And all colors

There's no peace
Only one thought
Rahul Luthra Mar 2014
Srinu, you demented little kid
To have you in my life i don't know what good things i did!
You can really take a bad song and make it better
We all know how crazy you are about Helter Skelter
You'd make a better actor than the guy who played Bane
I'm telling you, for the music industry, you're the next Kurt Cobain!
Man I'd love to see you perform 'House of the Holy'
I'm pretty sure you'll never leave the guitar, not even for the Cannoli
When you get hyper you remind us all of the Incredible Hulk
You're the happiest kid I've ever seen; you never sulk!
Your moods are unexpected and its types are various
Your crave for those "SUBSTANCES" is hilarious!
I know that Nirvana has made your Chemistry easier
You can now point out Lithium on the Periodic Table at your leisure
That face you make when you play the guitar is that of a Negative Creep
And when you blush you remind me of Meryl Streep
You lucky dog, you share your birthday will George Harrison!
If you were born during World War II, you'd provide awesome entertainment by playing guitar at the garrison
Over the Hills and Far Away is where you'll have your tryst
A Whole Lotta Love is definitely part of your Wishlist
You're way more electrifying than Angus Young
You set the stage on fire with your guitar skills and singing at the top of your lungs
Linkin Park is your childhood and In The End, it does matter
The Caste of Glass that you're building will never shatter
Your love for Jimi Hendrix is stronger than a dose of Purple Haze
Cuz your love for that musician is true and not just a phase
Santana invented the Spiritual ****** which makes us forget all our fears
Eric Clapton breaks me down into a River of Tears
There's something similar between you and Red Hot Chili Peppers
You're both unique - and i can't find anything else to rhyme so here's the closest - Def Leppard
Continue on your musical journey and people will be dying to give you a chance
One day, the music you create, will put us all in a Psychedelic Trance
I know that when you go
You'll either take the Stairway to Heaven or Highway to Hell
I heaven, you'll be Knockin' on their Door,
If Hell, you'll be ringin' Hell's Bells...
This is a poem I wrote for one of my best friends on his 16th birthday...i made a list off all the bands he loves because he's really into rock music and a crazy guitarist and correlated it to him and converted it into a poem :)
Rahul Luthra Aug 2018
Happiness is all we need
Expectations aren't healthy
Listen well to your heart
Peace only comes from within
Miss the days of joy and content
Everyone deserves to be happy
Rahul Luthra Apr 2014
Packing my luggage for this long journey
I know Satan's my only attorney
Committed more sins than I should have liked
Don't matter if it's a car or a bike
Don't matter what I'm gonna travel in
I'm more worried about the punishment for my sin
I hope there is a strong seat belt
To save me from those ***** of fire they're gonna pelt
Cuz I'm on a highway to hell
And I can definitely tell
That what I see at the end
Is more than a highway bend
I've seen a lot of movies that has shown us hell
Will they deep fry me or my soul will they sell
Will Lucifer have two horns and a long tail
And when he comes in do we have to bend on our knees and hail
If I've committed too many sins will they send me to purgatory
Cuz if they do that'll be a different story
But one thing's for sure I'm going straight down
I've created a big mess so I'm being sent to Satan's town
I'm on a highway to hell
I'm not getting purged by ringing the church's bell
It's gonna be a **** long road
They're gonna torture me, but that'll lift off my load...
Rahul Luthra Jul 2018
Home could be a place
Home could be a person
It may take years
For someone
To truly find
That they can call home
You may live in a mansion
But who knows
The man who sleeps outside
On the bench every night
May feel more at home
Than you may ever
In your fortress
Of solitude
Rahul Luthra Sep 2018
Is the equivalent
Of digging your own grave
It may be the easier
And/or better way
Of getting out
Of an unwanted situation
But that's never
Where it ends
Because to cover
That one lie
You end up saying
A hundred more
Rahul Luthra Aug 2018
She might look
Like she doesn't care
Her expressions
Might be
Of a person
Who couldn't care less
But you must know her
You really must know her
If you're lucky enough to know her
If you're lucky enough
To be someone
She cares about
If you're lucky enough
To be someone
She really loves
You may realize
That the love
The care
The understanding
That you get from her
Will never be even close
To those
You thought were close to you
She may not show all her emotions
She may ignore your calls for weeks
But deep inside you know
Through your intuition
And her actions
That she would do
Anything for
I love you
For being there for me
When I need someone
And being there
Even when I feel I don't
I'm lucky
More than happy
To have known you
To have met you
Thank you
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