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Sep 2018 · 488
Come Back
Rahul Luthra Sep 2018
The way you you touch me
Is something
I can never forget
The way you kissed me
Is now
A part of
The things
That I feel
And a part
Of the things
That I touch
How can I ever
Those beautiful lips
For a moment,
Were a part of my own
And even though
I know
I might never
Get a taste of them again
I'll still
Always wait
For I've heard
That if you love something
Let it go
Because if it loves you back
It will
After a while
Come back
To you
Sep 2018 · 255
The Right Thing
Rahul Luthra Sep 2018
Why i can't get over you
Is a question
For another day
Though it should be
Thought about
As soon as possible
But that's not the point
The point
Is to wish you
A happy
And successful
Because you deserve
All the love and happiness
That the world
Can give
I thought it was me
Who would be giving you
All that
But alas
That's not how it turned out
Because I wasn't the right
I wish I was the right one
But that's not
For me
To decide
Either way
I'm glad you're happy
Even though part of me
Isn't glad
That it's not me
Who's making you
But as long as you're happy
I am
To an extent
Because I know
What you did
The right thing
Sep 2018 · 309
Two Minutes To Midnight
Rahul Luthra Sep 2018
It's two minutes to midnight
Yet hardly anyone
We continue to take
Our home
For granted
Because important things
Seem to be defined
By the only thing that matters:
While real problems
Go unnoticed
Pressing issues
That need to be tended to
Are shown a blind eye
And even as I write this
Our home
Keeps getting destroyed
By us
And the likes of us
And while some of us
Complain and rant about it
We are, one way or another,
For the incoming doom
That will inevitably be
Humankind's plight
As the clock ticks faster
Towards midnight
Sep 2018 · 207
Hundred Lies
Rahul Luthra Sep 2018
Is the equivalent
Of digging your own grave
It may be the easier
And/or better way
Of getting out
Of an unwanted situation
But that's never
Where it ends
Because to cover
That one lie
You end up saying
A hundred more
Sep 2018 · 247
Rahul Luthra Sep 2018
I might be a little late
But mom says
That it's never too late
To correct your mistakes
And maybe
I took that saying
For granted
Because everything
Does have
A time limit
No matter what
So stop delaying
And stop procrastinating
It's better to finish
That work
Even though
It might be due
Next week
Never end
And you must
Be up to date
With your priorities
If you wanna be
A person
Of your word
Sep 2018 · 161
Rahul Luthra Sep 2018
Flat lining
While I'm still alive
Scared to live
Scared to die
Too many rules
Too much work
The amount of pressure
Is berserk
Life goes on
And moves faster
Than you can imagine
Time's a *****
It works in more mysterious ways
Than you can fathom
So keep living
While expecting the unexpected
Because life's always
Going to be a mess
So improvise and adapt
And be prepared
For unannounced
Sep 2018 · 160
Soul Mates
Rahul Luthra Sep 2018
So many humans around
Yet very few who understand
Because connections
Of the soul
Is what matters the most
You might talk
To 1000 people
A day
But only a handful
Might really
Understand you
And those are the people
Who you can
Trust blindly
Soul mates aren't
Always about
It's also about
Those souls
Who connect
With you
On a level
That only you
Can define
Rahul Luthra Sep 2018
My roommate says
That I should write
Longer poems
But, bro
You need to understand
That emotions
From the heart
Have no word limit
And sometimes
Even words
Need not be spoken
To understand
Matters of the heart
Love has no limit
It should have no boundaries
It includes a little hate
But also, everything nice
Be it a hug
Or a sponsored chicken curry rice
Three words can cover it
And sometimes
Even a poem isn't enough
But nothing and no one
Can break such a bond
That's forged in ******
From above
Sep 2018 · 127
Endless, Nameless
Rahul Luthra Sep 2018
There's no end to it
'It' being life
It goes on and on
With you
Or without you
Names don't matter
Nor do actions
Because in the kind of
That we live in
We each serve a purpose
That's mostly not our own
And we're perpetually in the midst
Of this grind
Endless, nameless
Sep 2018 · 97
Rahul Luthra Sep 2018
What do you say
To a person who's dying
Do you console them
Or do you lie
By saying
Everything's going to be alright
When you know for a fact
That it won't
How does one deal with such
We all know,
Is inevitable
Yet we live in a state
Of ignorance
And face this matter
Only when it's time to
In a state of hopelessness
And despair
Because such a sensitive
And grave matter
Though it takes place
All around the world
All the time
Cannot ever
Be prepared for
No matter how sure we are
Of its existence
So what do you say
To a person who's dying
Will it be the harsh truth
Or consolation through lying?
Sep 2018 · 203
Rahul Luthra Sep 2018
The world's going to ****
While it's also
At its best
Living conditions do ****
But at the same time
It's at its most luxurious
It really does depend
Upon the observers perspective
And that's why no one
Can ever be right
There's always going to be chaos
And mayhem
Between the haves and have nots
And funnily enough
There can never be a true distinction
Between the two
Mentioned above
There's always going to be
A sort of
Among each
Of society
So, to be honest,
Who's the real judge here
Who's the real observer
And at the same time
No one
Because no one
And nothing
Lasts for ever
The concept of time
And the energy
That it
It has its own ways
Of slowly,
But permanently,
Laying the dust
On any sort of
Sep 2018 · 528
Rahul Luthra Sep 2018
He came into my life
Without any warning
I didn't know
Of his existence
A week ago
Whereas today
He means the world
To me
And I,
To quite an extent,
Feel responsible for him
I won't say my world has changed
Because of him
But it has indeed
Become a happier place
Everyone is supposed to
Live their lives
For themselves
But there's no denying
That there's a different beauty
To life
When it's lived
For someone else
So even though life's
Quite the same
It's more bright
And colorful
With the induction
Of this newest
Family member
And even though I will
Be leaving you tomorrow
I know I'll see you soon
Whilst you grow
And are nurtured
Under the care
Of one of the most
Responsible person
That I know of
My love for you
Is on another level
I'll see you soon
My Tasmanian Devil
This is for my brother's new pup
Aug 2018 · 156
Small Talk
Rahul Luthra Aug 2018
Don't know what to say
Can't figure out the next play
Can't get past formalities
This is one of life's great tragedies
A mouth to talk, a brain to think
But sometimes neither work
Without a drink
The silence is so long
That there is no choice
Than to break it
With another set
Of small talk
The conversation
Just doesn't seem to fit
People just don't seem to click
And one feels forced
To follow societal norms
By indulging in
Small talk
Aug 2018 · 660
Rahul Luthra Aug 2018
Are a *****
You do things
Not for yourself
But to please others
But why
Why live for others
When your life
Is clearly
Why bother about others
And their expectations
Whatever you do
Should be for yourself
I'm not advocating
Do live a little for others
But don't be afraid to
Live and laugh
For yourself
Your life
Is your own
Any expectation
That exists
Should be from you
To you
So that even when you
Pull off the unexpected
You only need to
Explain it
To yourself
Aug 2018 · 218
Life on Story Mode
Rahul Luthra Aug 2018
Not all stories
Have an ending
Let alone
A happy one
Some just stop
Without any reason
While some surpass
What one
Would call
Its plot line
These stories are written
By all components
Of the universe
Some may have a big stake
Some may be negligigle
But the most important
Of that story
Is the author,
That is,
Aug 2018 · 132
The Walking Dead
Rahul Luthra Aug 2018
Living life
Just for the sake
Of living it
Speaks volumes
The person concerned
When said person
Is so done
With the same old life
That all they think about is
"When will this end?",
It is understood
That the person
Is living
For a reason
That is not
By them
It's like
A person
Has died inside
But their motor functions
Are still operational
So that
The people for whom
These functions are performed
Do not haunt
The spirits of
These dead people walking
Aug 2018 · 112
The Bigger Picture
Rahul Luthra Aug 2018
Look up at the sky
Once in a while
And I hope
The pollution
Doesn't cloud
Your judgment
On how beautiful,
And scary
The universe really is
It's always there
Around us
In front of us
Yet we seem to be so ignorant
To the beauties
Created by
That higher power
We foolishly
To focus on
The smaller picture
When it's really the bigger picture
That should be marveled
And experienced
And most of all
In some way or the other
Aug 2018 · 1.3k
Pumped Up Kicks
Rahul Luthra Aug 2018
Isolated, but not alone
Seeking revenge
All on his own
But not against someone
But more like
All those
Who've directly
Or indirectly
Made him feel
This feeling
Of isolation
Isolation here
Doesn't mean lonely
Or friendless
It's more like
A complete lack of understanding
By the society
Towards you
Towards us all
'Us' being
The younger generation
Not everyone from this
Younger generation
Generally stand up
Or fight
Maybe because
We're all isolated
Similar minds
But unable to read
For we've never learnt
How to
But maybe he
Like a few others
Has the courage
And motivation
To fight through
The invisible barriers
Of this isolation
On his own, though
Because that's what we've learnt
Or been told
To live for yourself
But at the same time
For the future
Of the unborn
So he's going to pump up his kicks
And use this shield of isolation
To his strength
Creating an outer wall
As sturdy as bricks
And fight through the barriers
That society has created
This isn't a huge war
That everyone will soon
Know about
Nor will he be called or titled
Some hero
And I'm glad he isn't
Because fame infects
Even the most ambitious
So watch him silently
But powerfully
Slice the walls
Created by us
In his own way
It won't be easy
But at least
Unlike many others,
Will know at the end
That his life
And his actions
Did have
Rahul Luthra Aug 2018
There's no time
Like today
There's already been a day
Like yesterday
Who knows
What kind of day
It's going to be like
But today is
And should be the day
That you can control
Time cannot be controlled
But it can be changed
Aug 2018 · 498
A Purpose
Rahul Luthra Aug 2018
What would the world be like
Any presence of conscience
Heartless beings
Plodding around
No purpose
Except survival
The rule of
Of the fittest
Is relevant among
Us beasts with hearts
Yet we romanticize and capitalize
The rules
That we follow
To survive
A planet of these 'zombies'
Would serve the purpose
Of the letters 'ay'
In the word
Yet this presence of conscience,
And heart
In this deceptive reality
Of ours
Does keep reminding
Each individual
That a purpose does exist
A purpose to our existence,
Along with our actions
As they all stem from the roots of
A conscience
Aug 2018 · 100
In My Feelings
Rahul Luthra Aug 2018
She doesn't give a ****
So why do I
I shouldn't
Be giving
A **** either
What's done is done
The past
Should be
In the past
But when something is real
When something is so pure
And lovely
And beautiful
How can you ever
Forget about it
You might think it's easy
To get over someone
But what if
You were to see them happy
Every single day
I know I'm being selfish
But how
Do you hide the feelings
That's within
And also
A part
Of your heart
Aug 2018 · 117
Unnecessary Thoughts
Rahul Luthra Aug 2018
Falling into a
Timeless abyss
While the world
Carries on
As it should
Not a care
Or concern
Of anything material
Drowning in thoughts
That 'a reasonable person'
Would consider
Aug 2018 · 114
Rahul Luthra Aug 2018
Die alone
Born alone
So why
Is everyone obsessed
With a soulmate
You're alone in this world
Family, friends, or acquaintances
Like I said before
You come on your own
And you leave
On your own thrown
People everywhere
Looking for their person
But in reality
You are
Your own person
You are what you stand for
Your conscience
Is who you really are
So why
Bank on someone else
Have the guts
To admit
That whatever happens
Whether fate or not
Is, to an extent,
A majority extent, that is
Your own
You create the circumstances
Your actions creates the future
Don't blame the universe
Or fate
To what happens next
Because even if you do
It's alright
But one must understand
That what's happening to you
Is the end result
Of something
That you have started
You're alone in this world
You like or it not
You might have
A 100 friends on Facebook
You might have
1000 followers on Instagram
You might have
Infinite contacts
On your phone
But what keeps you humble
Is that, you're going to die alone
Aug 2018 · 247
In Utero
Rahul Luthra Aug 2018
Your days are numbered
From the moment
You are born
The pressure is upon you
Before you're even conceived
The duties and responsibilities
Are your real birthday gift
And to top it all
Your future
Is decided
For you
I'm sorry?
Your argument is that
You couldn't talk when you were born
And that's why you had no say?
Well, you can now
But isn't it still the same?
It's all pre-decided
And sadly, not completely
By fate
It's all decided
For you
From before
You never seem to have a say
In what is
and what should never be
So, where is the peace?
Where is the freedom?
Who's holding the strings
To the puppet
That is
Peaceful and free times are non-existant
So go on
And live this controlled life
All while knowing
What's in store
For you've already missed
And not even enjoyed
That one moment
Of freedom
And didn't even know
Back, when you were in utero
Aug 2018 · 356
Rahul Luthra Aug 2018
Are what
You see
Have you ever stopped
To look at them
To analyze then
To understand them
Of course you haven't
Why would you
Why would I
But maybe
If you're judging
Or critiquing
Or talking
About someone
Maybe take a look
At their
When they're not really
Paying attention
To maybe understand
Or relate
To what their story is
Because faces tell many stories
And maybe none
But even then
It does maybe
Tell you something
That you might relate to
Faces are complicated
Sometimes not understandable
But they must
Be taken into consideration
If you do have the audacity
To judge a face
That's not
Your own
Aug 2018 · 102
Perfect Perspective
Rahul Luthra Aug 2018
Perfection only exists
With respect to
Aug 2018 · 106
Lie To Me
Rahul Luthra Aug 2018
Lie to me
So that
I feel better
About myself
Make me hear
What I want to
And not
I need to
Because I'd rather
Swim in the shallow
Side of the pool
Sharks of false pretenses
Dive in the deep ocean
And find out
What truly lies
Aug 2018 · 99
Rahul Luthra Aug 2018
I will smile
I will be happy
I will
Rest in peace
But not today
Today's the day
Just like everyday
That I have decided
To compromise
For that
Because that's what
We've been told
That's what
Everyone says
Work in the present
For the future
But where
Is that future
Will we truly
Will we truly
Be happy
On that someday
Does that someday
Even actually
Or is it just
A justification
For our procrastination
To waste another day
For that someday
Is a relative term
It may come
It may not
Make the best
Of the time
That you're currently
Living in
Don't bank on that
Enjoy today
Aug 2018 · 98
Rahul Luthra Aug 2018
If you're looking
For a reason
To be happy
Then it's not
A good
Aug 2018 · 699
Euphoric Depression
Rahul Luthra Aug 2018
Clouds everywhere
Yet blinded by the sun
The rain pours
On my lifeless skin
Nothing is exciting
Everything is mainstream
Pain is romanticized
And thus
Makes it dull
And boring
Real pain
Isn't what they show you
In movies
To understand real pain
To get a real taste of depression
You've got to be broken
On the Inside
And when you've been broken
Again and again
Time and again
You start to crave that pain
You're too proud to admit it
You think
People will call you
Mentally unstable
Guess what
Guess who lives
In an unstable society
Perpetually in pain they don't even know
Ever existed
While always lamenting about
These minor pit-stops
Pain is forever
Pain never leaves
Don't expect it to
Deep inside
You don't want it to
You'll never understand
You'll never know why
Only a few
Have made peace
With this obsession
Is what fuels the fire
To your euphoric depression
Aug 2018 · 249
The Risk Not Taken
Rahul Luthra Aug 2018
Infinite thoughts everyday
But very few are spoken
So many things to say
But the mouthpiece
Seems broken
Saying some of those things
Have repercussions
That you might not
Be ready for
That's why we procrastinate
Because the outcome
Seems unsure
Why spoil a good thing
Why take the risk
So we stay silent
And let the world
Go on
As it was
And then when time passes
We look back at that lost time
That wasted opportunity
And think
And then repent
That maybe
Things would have been better
And prettier
Had you just
Been upfront
Yes, things could have
Gone different
Maybe not in your favor
But alas
You'll never know
So just remember
That whenever
Such an opportunity
Does turn up
Maybe go for it
And find out
Forever hold your peace
Aug 2018 · 113
A Connection
Rahul Luthra Aug 2018
There are some relations
That don't need a connection
Through blood
They don't need to have existed
Since eternity
They rely on pure
Most importantly
A connection
A connection so strong
So raw
It's almost as if
It were made
To last
To survive
To cherish
Through anything
It happens
For no rhyme
Or reason
It's rare
It's beautiful
It lasts for an eternity
So be sure
To cherish it
While it lasts
In the naive hands
Of a mortal
Aug 2018 · 102
Rahul Luthra Aug 2018
It gives me energy
It gives me life
It gives me a reason
To end my strife
I look forward
To tomorrow
This ***
My favorite beverage
Aug 2018 · 220
There's No Time
Rahul Luthra Aug 2018
There's no time
To stop
Or think
There's no time
To rest
And blink
There's no time
To brood
Or repent
There's no time
To count
What you spent
There's no time
To enjoy
The taste
There's no time
When you're
In haste
There's no time
To love
All the way
There's no time
To forget
That heartbreak
There's no time
To cure
Your pain
There's no time
So you lie to yourself
In vain
There's no time
To enjoy
The view
There's no time
To live
A few
Time won't stop
You need to
For you will repent
The day
It dawns on you
There's no time
Aug 2018 · 106
Rahul Luthra Aug 2018
Water water everywhere
Not a drop to drink
More like
People people everywhere
No one stops to think
The worst species on this planet
Are everywhere
It's not stopping, it's just increasing
While the average IQ
Goes on decreasing
It doesn't help that
More than half
Are dumber than a rock
I'm no longer taking education
As a standard
You know what I mean
Limited resources and
Unlimited people
Not so healthy for
This rotating rock
They fear adoption
And then when climate change hits
They look around in dumb shock
It's our fault that this planet
Is dying
And it's the harsh truth
But it'll all be over soon
But maybe we deserve it
We do deserve to breathe
And in this state of chaos
We're just meatsuits
Chasing materialistic greeds
Aug 2018 · 108
Help Me
Rahul Luthra Aug 2018
Happiness is all we need
Expectations aren't healthy
Listen well to your heart
Peace only comes from within
Miss the days of joy and content
Everyone deserves to be happy
Aug 2018 · 109
Rahul Luthra Aug 2018
One moment you're sad
One moment you're happy
The moments may last long
But they do
Come to an end
Because everything
Does come to an end
Nothing lasts forever
Time makes sure of that
Time's an *******
It can be your best buddy
It depends
On how you perceive it
They say
Don't mess with time
If and when time messes
With you
It does ***** you up
Big time
Stay positive
Moments change
Time passes
It's all about
How you perceive it
It's all about
The way
You think about it
You may have been taught
To think of certain things
In certain ways
But maybe someday
Use that unique brain
Of yours
To think
In your own way
I understand
That it's tough
To broaden your horizons
But there's something
Called your conscience
That's what you must
Listen to
What you think
At first
The first thought
That comes to your mind
Is what
You, as a person
Are conditioned to think
But it's what comes to your mind
That small voice
That is your really guide in life
That thought
Or voice
That comes from within
Is what defines
Who you are
Aug 2018 · 127
Rahul Luthra Aug 2018
I may have perfect vision
I may be able to see all colors
Everything around
Seems lifeless
It was all colorful before
It was all
Full of light
With her
But then
One day
She left
She left and
All the colors
Just seemed to fade
I still see colors
But they're not
As bright as before
They do not
That bright light
Those vibrations
That would
Light up
My world
And now
My world
Is colorless
My world
Is lifeless
My world
Does not
Have any
Aug 2018 · 183
Smokes and Ashes
Rahul Luthra Aug 2018
Cigarettes and lovers
Are basically the same
You're addicted
You always need more of it
While they
Harm you
Your health
You may not know it
**** that
You know it for sure
But you still go in
For more
The more you give
The lesser you seem to get
Till there's only
That useless
You're addicted
You can't seem to let go
Maybe you can
But that will cause pain
And you're not ready for it
So you say
That tomorrow
I will quit
And that
Is a lie
That you say to yourself
No matter how much you put in
It burns down
And all that remains
Is smoke and ashes
And a gaping hole
That will **** you slowly
But it will
Quit it while you have the chance
Stub it on the bottom of your foot
And walk away
The pain of walking away
Will **** you as well
Joke's on you
Either way
You were the one who chose to start
You were the one
Who initiated the ignition
So be ready
Be prepared
To watch it all
Go up
In smokes and ashes
Aug 2018 · 105
Rahul Luthra Aug 2018
It's the magic word
Is what my mom said
You use it when you need something
And it works like a charm
Why did you lie, mom
Why did you lie to me
Because when I said
Please stay back
She didn't give any answer
She didn't even reciprocate
I used that word
That word that I hate now
At least a thousand times
But it's value
Was always zero
But I guess that's on me
I could blame my mom
Or her
For that sinful word
But I guess it's all on me
To not understand
The true meaning
Behind that word
So I'd request you
To understand
To feel
To empathize
When you need to say
Aug 2018 · 340
Rahul Luthra Aug 2018
A need or a want
A desire at all costs
Is common
Amongst our species
It does however differ
From person to person
Everyone desires something
Everyone has their own needs
The complexities behind said needs
Have a story of their own
This desire manifests
From having the feeling
Of not having it all
It may lead a person
To go lengths
He or she may not have imagined
Themselves to be capable of
To desire
Is not a crime
But what one may do
To "tame" said desire
May actually be
The defining characteristic
Of that person
Be careful
Of what
You may desire
For wanting it so bad
Can set your innocence
On fire
Aug 2018 · 107
Rahul Luthra Aug 2018
Everyone talks
That's what people do
No matter what you do
There's always someone
Who will
Talk about it
Critique you
And the decisions you make
I guess that's what maturity is
That you
Continue doing things
That you like
That you love
Without thinking about
People who may judge
Or say
**** all things about you
Grow up
I guess
Do what you love
Love what you do
But most importantly
Don't give a ****
About what people say
Your only judge
Is you
You are
Your own master
Aug 2018 · 98
Ignorance is Bliss
Rahul Luthra Aug 2018
She might look
Like she doesn't care
Her expressions
Might be
Of a person
Who couldn't care less
But you must know her
You really must know her
If you're lucky enough to know her
If you're lucky enough
To be someone
She cares about
If you're lucky enough
To be someone
She really loves
You may realize
That the love
The care
The understanding
That you get from her
Will never be even close
To those
You thought were close to you
She may not show all her emotions
She may ignore your calls for weeks
But deep inside you know
Through your intuition
And her actions
That she would do
Anything for
I love you
For being there for me
When I need someone
And being there
Even when I feel I don't
I'm lucky
More than happy
To have known you
To have met you
Thank you
Jul 2018 · 137
Rahul Luthra Jul 2018
Different faces everywhere
Who do I trust
Who do I speak to
I'm lucky
That I have
Some comfort
With people
Who I can call
There are too many people
On this planet
So even finding that one person
Who you can
Call your family
Despite them not being
Actually related to you
That's a gift
That's the real privilege
Water water everywhere
Not a drop to drink
So filter that water
Filter those people
That you think
Suit you
That you can
Be around
Without having to think twice
It's all about comfort
It's all about relating
It's all about staying
In your comfort zone
And no one can steal that
Not even
Your so called God
Jul 2018 · 491
Rahul Luthra Jul 2018
Why did I do this?
Why did I do that?
So that's the thing
You make a mistake
That you may go on
thinking about
It might have ruined something
That you wanted
To be just right
Or even something
That you may not have planned
But you ******* up so bad
That it keeps coming back
To you
In flashbacks
I wish I could change some things
I wish I could change
A whole lot of things
But time
Is an *******
You can never go back
You may be able to correct things
Make amends
Get over the mistakes
That you feel so bad
Or not
Either way
It's always there
At the back of your head
In that messed up head of yours
That thought
That memory
That permanent etch
That scar in your
It's called
Jul 2018 · 168
Rahul Luthra Jul 2018
Tomorrow never comes
Don't trust tomorrow
Try banking on today
Tomorrow's a relative term
The phrase
"I'll do it tomorrow"
Is a blatant lie
Tomorrow never comes
It's all about today
Yesterday was history
Tomorrow is a mystery
But today
Today is a gift
That's why it's called
Jul 2018 · 95
Rahul Luthra Jul 2018
Home could be a place
Home could be a person
It may take years
For someone
To truly find
That they can call home
You may live in a mansion
But who knows
The man who sleeps outside
On the bench every night
May feel more at home
Than you may ever
In your fortress
Of solitude
Jul 2018 · 438
Missing You
Rahul Luthra Jul 2018
Why don't you talk to me anymore
Remember when we were best friends
Remember when no future
Would be complete
Without you or me
Do you even think about it
About the good times
Do they overshadow the bad times
Or were my mistakes
So bad
Do you even miss me
Do you miss us
And the time we spent together
We were meant to last an eternity
We were supposed to be indestructible
But I ******* it all up
Didn't I?
And now
You won't even look at me
As a friend
Because I messed up so bad
I'd give anything to go back
In time
But that's not how it works
I wish
That was how it worked
Do you even remember me
I doubt you do
I just wish you're happy
I just wish he's keeping you happier
Than I thought I would
Just be happy
I wish I was him
'I might find someone'
That's what people say
'I'll get over you'
That's what people say
'I'll get better'
Is what people still say
They say:
"You've started from the bottom
Now you're here"
But I'm still at the bottom though
Can't you see me tears
Jul 2018 · 692
Rahul Luthra Jul 2018
Everybody knows it
But no one cares
The world as we know it
Is ******
Maybe you can help out
But to be honest
How many can you help
Everyone's out for themselves
No one gives a ****
About the poor
Who knock on your window
The world is beyond ******
You don't want to believe it
But deep inside
You know it's true
So maybe
If you do want to help
If you do think
That you can make a difference
Just give someone a reason
To smile
Rahul Luthra Jul 2018
I don't know about destiny, or fate
I don't know if these things are real
Or just a fairytale
To make people believe
When they may have no reason to
To give strength to those
Who may have lost all hope
I don't know if there's a God
Or if this is all a simulation
If it's all a pre planned game
Or just some absurd coincidence
But there must be some reason
For the existence of all that we see
There must be some form of energy
that gets to decide
What is, and what should never be
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