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Rahul Luthra Jul 2018
Thinking all day about things that won't happen
Is a hobby you should avoid, else your mood will surely dampen
But what can you possibly do when you think back to those days
When life was so much better, even without that purple haze
It's okay to reminisce, but too much of it leads to brooding
Living in your world of dreams is unhealthy, even though it's soothing
When things are bad I like to go down memory lane
And re live past memories while trying to bury the pain
But burying the pain only strengthens its roots
No point in growing an apple tree if you can't reap its fruits
This dream like state of mine has made me somewhat curious
The questions are legit, yet my answers make me furious
I'm at a conflict with myself and I don't know which one's right
The dreams never seem to stop and I'm not talking about the ones at night
Would you give anything to go back in the past,
to save that relationship that was never meant to last?
And even though you know you can never really change
You'd make that empty promise to have your life neatly arranged
These dreams are the result of the hearts numerous desires
And so we avoid the truth and grow an affinity for the liars
As humans we need some sort of goal to be able to mentally function
Because only thinking without doing could lead to self destruction
If you think too much about your past you're bound to get lost
The present goes to waste and the future is the cost
What will happen over time is not fully in your hand
Some call it the Butterfly Effect and some call it God's Plan
I could say things will get better, and you could say the same thing
But to see that truly happen, you must be your own King

— The End —