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 May 2015 rachit
Ashley Haack
They say my head doesn't work,
They say my hearing is selective,
They say I'm unmotivated,
They call me lazy,
and stupid,
and fat...
They say I need to eat less,
They say I need to get out more,
They say I need to sleep less,
They say I need to work more,
They say my 3.9 gpa isn't good enough,
They say 29 isn't high enough on the ACT,
They say I'm not trying hard enough,
They say I need to do more with my family,
They say I complain too much,
And hide in my room,
And cry too much...
They say I need better taste in friends,
They say my life hinges on doing better,
They say I need to be better,
They say that they wish they'd had no children,
...They say they love me...

They claim to be my parents.
*I hate figures of authority
 May 2015 rachit
Alex B
 May 2015 rachit
Alex B
Family always said I was exceptionally well behaved.
Teachers always said I was cooperative and quiet.

They never knew I was peaking on the fear of being the slightest bit noticed by my peers
They never knew I wanted nothing to do with participation or aknowledgement
They never knew I was a soul-less being, just to observe the others around me
They never knew I was worthless, undeserving, unmotivated
They never knew I caged myself inside like a hibernating bear to avoid social crowds

I never knew I didn't have to live this way.
Until now
 May 2015 rachit
C S Cizek
Saturday alone on a love seat
for two with my roommate
plucking away at twisted nickel
across the room.

Unshowered, unmotivated,
a maybe Monday.

My clean laundry's a footrest
for ***** feet fresh off the
almost autumn asphalt.
Come visit us.

Be unshowered and unmotivated
on this maybe Monday.

Don't worry, the door's unlocked.
There's just a few hundred
flamingos waiting to get in,
but they should move

at the sound of your unshowered,
unmotivated, maybe Monday footsteps
It's 2:54 PM and I haven't done ****.
 Mar 2015 rachit
Mercury Chap
I have been a lonely cloud,
Floating around at one place,
Looking down at the solitute ground,
Looking for a familiar face.

All countanances for me are strange
Leave me here and all I do is stare
All the bare ground is filled up with remorseful beings
And I am one of them floating up in the air
I am one of them but lonely and shy

I blush safron when the sun embraces me with its beams
I rain when my emotions are stored so much in me
That once in a while I have to let it all out.

I am so far away and beyond everyone's reach,
Just like the core of the earth they walk on
I am no different from it,
It's just that don't *look up
at me.

I am a lonely cloud
And I want to stay away
I want to follow the winds
I want to travel and sway
I want to be a part of another world
Where there's anywhere to stay
A place where I'll have my say.
Lonliness doesn't only mean not having people around you...
 Mar 2015 rachit
Oladapo Olaitan
I've always wondered what was Life's purpose

Certainly it should mean more than to be born, die and decompose

Is it left to me to determine how my life goes?

Set up daily, weekly, monthly, yearly objectives and goals?

To navigate expertly the course of life to avoid the lows and the foes?

Should I subscribe to the idea of faith/fate like most?

Or is it more a case of 'you reaping what you sow?'

Everyone is unique so each path must be different I suppose

But is it fair for one person to have enough to brag and boast?

While someone else toils hard and can't even afford bread toast?

What if I had been born in Barbados?

Would I be surfing everyday enough to be a pro?

Allhamdulillah instead of Hallelujah, if I were born in Pakistan I suppose

What is Life's Purpose?

I can speculate, but truly only God knows.
Posing questions about the purpose of life.
 Feb 2015 rachit
Amitav Radiance
Tonight as I lie awake
Looking through the window
Moonlight invading my room
I can walk up to the moon
Bridging the gap with its rays
Inviting me to visit moonlit land
Shrouded with an aura of mystery
Tempting me to unravel the story
Moon is the muse for many
Blessed I am to connect with it
Yearning to commute the distance
Awakened to a new realization
But sleep has distanced itself
Tonight as I lie awake
I plan to accept the invitation
To travel the milky white path
The pristine land of the moon
 Feb 2015 rachit
Alice Morris
Come walk with me,

along the moonlit beach.

Let's share our future dreams,

and put our past to sleep.


Come walk with me,

along the golden sands.

A single set of footprints,

always needs a helping hand.


Come walk with me,

there's something I want you to see.

But first just one question,

will you marry me?


Come walk with me,

our future belongs together.

Along this moonlit beach,

Let's declare our love forever.


Come walk with me.......
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