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I want to learn a new language that I can forget you in.
arubybluebird Mar 14
I'm angry
I'm tired
I'm sad
I hurt
arubybluebird Mar 13
The world feels so much emptier without you.
Like something is missing, and what's missing is you.
arubybluebird Mar 13
Some days I feel like crying more than other days.
Some days I wish I was twenty-four again.
arubybluebird Jan 19
Sometimes you just need a whole lot more of a little bit of cowbell,
ya feel me?
Queue: "Missing" by Everything But The Girl
arubybluebird Jan 18
Tus dulces labios
Mis lágrimas amargas
El mar azul
La miel dorada
Tu mirada tierna
Tus pies descalzos
Semillas de granada
Luz de un nuevo amanecer
Calles anticuadas
Caricias delicadas

Todo sigue siendo igual,
Pero nada sabe lo mismo que ayer.
arubybluebird Jan 18
What good are you for if you don’t sit and listen to The Antlers with me? Holding my hand sweet and softly as I observe all the people and flowers and low-lights surrounding us while I cry. Valentine, make yourself useful this year. Valentine, be mine.
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