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as a child you'd spend most of your time playing make pretend
but everything felt so real then. the procession of age is a strange and peculiar thing to consider.
yes, maybe's are mostly pinged with pain
but in the end they are only maybe's
arubybluebird Mar 31
Does time change us
Or do we change time?
I am still what I was yesterday
And tomorrow
Will never be the same
arubybluebird Mar 25
today i decided
you're no longer the love of my life
and i felt free.
i want to love you
with my mouth open
i want to love you
without words
arubybluebird Feb 27
God truly raises the bar high for how I should love and be loved
arubybluebird Feb 26
There’s so much **** hurt in me it feels like my body can’t take it. But here I am sitting on the edge of the world and I haven’t fallen yet. Panorama of everything but I can’t focus on anything except on the thought of you. It’s going to be you for a very long time and I won’t always  be okay but I’ll be just fine in time. We’ll be just fine.
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