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The Millennium Falcon seems empty now
with no one in your chair.
Though you had a tendency to shed
I didn't mind, I swear.

Your presence was always comforting.
I took courage in your growl.
I might even have understood you,
if I could only buy a vowel.

Leia is waiting for you now
to take you by the (?) hand
Off you go now together
to the moons of Alderan.

So may the Force be with you, friend,
though mortal bonds now sever.
Take solace that we hold you close
in memory forever
Peter mayhew has passed away at age 74.  Another cast member of my favorite movie had taken his final bow.
Laura Duran Apr 5
Another poem from my niece Layla.
She gets so excited at the thought of sharing her words.
She is 9 years old and the light of my life.


You should be grateful for everything.
Everything you have is special.
So remember, always be grateful
For every thing you have.

                            Love, Layla Gross
Laura Duran Apr 3
I have many
A closet full
I've lost count of my regrets...
Endless array of excuses too

I suppress them
I push them back
They can't hurt if I don't remember...
Keep it dark, fade to black

That's a fantasy
Healthy mind....
A far off dream
I'll never just be "normal"
Happy wasn't meant for me

Thought I'd achieved it
Thought I forgave
Thought I put it all behind me....
Memories coming now in waves

Bits and pieces....
Keep on flashing
Forming in my mind
Wish that door would stay locked tightly
I'm afraid of what I'll find

To keep it locked away
The door lock it tight
Put the monsters in the closet....
May they never see the light
Laura Duran Mar 31
I need you to know some thing
I love you
I do

Losing you won't end me
I love you
I do

I don't need you to love me
I don't need you
I don't

I will never forget you
I won't forget
I won't

I will let you go
I'll let go
I will

I love you
Laura Duran Mar 13
My memories are like a puzzle
A jig saw made up of tiny pieces
No matter how much time I spend
Trying to put it together...I never seem to finish

I think there are pieces missing
Some are a little fuzzy
Some have been stolen by time
But some...are just black

I remember up to a point
Then nothing....
The tiniest detail but only up to that point

What is my mind trying to hide from me
What is behind that locked door
Do I dare try and find out
Or should I just walk away

I'm different than other women
I've always known that
I look the same...but I'm not
I"m sure there are others like me, right?

I wonder though...why
I have a feeling that the answer
Is behind that locked door
Hidden away in my mind

The answer to why I am
The way I am
How I ended up me
Should I try to unlock that door

Will it change me
Will it ruin my life as I know it
Should I try or....
Should I just walk away

What would you do?
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