Whether I'm by your side or miles and miles away
Even when we inevitably go our separate ways
You'll be with me

I choke up with the thought of not seeing your face
But even if, I must suffer this fate
You'll be with me

When there isn't a road left to take, or mistakes left to make
When we run out of words and there's nothing left to say
You'll be with me

When I've lived out my life and find the end of my days
Until my sins are all counted and my debts have been paid
You'll be with me

You'll be in a memory, in my heart, tucked away
And my sister, I wouldn't have it any other way
You'll be with me

Until God makes me whole once again
And I'm finally back with my very best friend
You'll be with me

I promise....I swear...now and forever
You'll always be with me

For my sister on her birthday, with all my love

Just a quick post to say Happy Father's Day to all the dads of HP.
Hope your day was filled with happiness and love.  
May you be blessed.

Laura Duran Jun 13

Who can say that they've never known pain?
Who can say they've no regrets?
If there is one among you, you're either lucky or lying

Pain and I are old friends
He keeps me company on those long lonely nights
Regret, she too is my constant companion

"That's life"  they say
I can't argue....that's my life
I suppose it's true for many

I keep moving forward
I treat people as I would want to be treated
People don't always offer me the same courtesy

"That's life" they say
I can't change it....I've tried
I suppose it's true for many

Time marches on, things change
People get older, things stay the same
That's life....or so I've heard

Laura Duran Jun 8

I could let the past rest in the past
I could find faith that this time will last
I could be yours once more
I could....but what for?

I could be your perfect lover
I could believe there wouldn't be another
I could believe you're different from before
I could...but what for?

It would just be deja vu
It would end up me with out you
It would send me back to hell
It would...if I fell

It would be a big mistake
It would be so hard to take
It would end in your farewell
It would...if I fell

I could let go of these delusions
I could see through all your illusions
I could realize you're just in it for the thrill
I could.....and I will

I'll leave the past in the past
I'll find faith in me at last
I'll be stronger than before
I'll do this and so much more

I could smile and stand alone
I could make it on my own
I could live a life well lived
I could....and I did

Laura Duran Jun 6

She was like the sea
Beautiful in serenity
Mysterious and deep
Legions of secrets to keep

She was like the sea
Wild in its intensity
Vicious in her treachery
Savage as the waves can be

She was like the sea
dangerously captivating
Peaceful, strong, and comforting
Cold and yet alluring

She was like the sea
She will always be a part of me
She was like the sea

A poem about my mother.  So much about her, I found out after her death, was not what I thought.  So many secrets...so much I'll never know about her.
Laura Duran Jun 4

You kissed her
A peck on the lips
It broke my heart
It seemed so natural
So comfortable
I knew then
There was no us
There never would be
In that second
I let you go

Laura Duran May 21

I was thinking today
about circles
How beautiful they
can be
Never ending; continuous
Dependable and safe

Take my circle for instance
My circle of friends
Well mostly family
My closest people
The ones I love most
Beautifully diverse

Loving and kind
Not afraid to tell the truth
Hopeful and strong
Always there to help
Expecting nothing in return
Just my love and thanks

How lucky I am to have them
They....my circle, my guiding light
We may not always agree on things
We may sometimes argue
But we are always there for each other
Always will be

After all circles are never ending

I was surrounded by family today and very happy about it.
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