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Laura Duran Nov 8
In the end Justice prevailed
In the end we chose Love
In the end we chose to fight
And.....we won.

Now real change begins....
Laura Duran Oct 31
She said that she loved us, that she couldn't live without us
She had secrets and needed our help
We sat by her side, held tight and all cried
and vowed she wouldn't face this herself

On our promise we made good, did everything we could
but in the end she needed more than we could give
She started out strong, then it all went so wrong
Now we don't even know where she lives

Through crocodile tears she fed on our fears
and took til we had nothing left
She packed up her bags, without one backward glance
Left only trash in the room where she slept

With our patience worn thin, she knew she couldn't win
She must find a new fool for his turn
Where they don't know she lies, she quietly hides
She doesn't care, just a new bridge to burn

But here is the twister, we still love our sister
and hope some day that she wins this fight
It may be, if we pray, very hard every day
We'll hear soon that she's found the light
Laura Duran Sep 20
Some times I catch myself smiling as I look at her.  
My sister, deep in concentration hardly notices.
She is no procrastinator!  If it needs doing, get it done.
That's my sister.  Loyal, smart, strong.  She is woman.
That's what a real woman looks like.
She is beautiful.  She is wise.  She takes no ****.
She has a silly side.  Some times her mind is in the gutter.
She makes me laugh.  She keeps me honest.
I would be lost without her.  She's my best friend.
Her daughters agree, she is an amazing mom.
She raised them alone.  She never puts herself first. Ever.
She is a wonderful Grandma too.  Yaya is what she's called.
No one beats her at anything.  Especially loving her family.
We get on her last nerve and still she takes care of us.
One day I know we will have to be apart.  For a while at least.
I dread that day.  I fear it.  Not because she won't be here to care for us, but because she won't be here.  She won't make me laugh or yell at me to move my body.  She won't be laying in her bed with the t.v on playing games on her phone ignoring the t.v but content with the background noise.  
She won't insist on sharing a room with me even if there is an extra room.  She says she'd miss me.  I love when she says that.  I feel special, loved.  
That's my sister.  I'm so lucky to have been blessed with her. I love her so much.  That's all I wanted to say.  Just wanted to tell any one that wants to know it, that there is a lady in this world that is amazing and wonderful and kind and smart and capable of anything she puts her mind into.  And I love her with all my heart.
just cause.
Laura Duran Sep 12
I will hurt you
I will play you
I will swallow your heart

I can toy with your emotions
I will rip your world apart

Leave you hurting
leave you bleeding
Leave you gasping for breath

Just like some one
Left me reeling
ripped the heart right from my chest

I can't love you, though I want to
Now there's nothing left to say

I'm left empty
Just a dark hole
Where my young heart used to lay

Final warning
I'll leave you mourning
You will end up just like me

Hurting some one else that loves you
And the cycle just repeats
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