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Laura Duran May 2022
Please remind them as they sleep
That they're stronger than they think

Tell them that they make you proud
Soothe their sadness, fears, and doubts

Kiss them gently, hold them tight
Tell them that they'll be alright

Tell them just how much they're loved
By those around them and those above

And one more thing before you go
Don't forget to let them know

That you really are okay
Thank you for the visit and Happy Mother's Day
Laura Duran Mar 2022
I hope when next we meet it rains
A light Spring rain that makes the flowers grow

I'll meet you in a fresh green field
I'll run through the dewy grass straight
into your arms

The misty air will mix with my tears of absolute joy
We'll hold each other and kiss wet cheeks

Then all around us wild flowers will shoot up
As if they too are as happy as we are.
Filling the air with their perfume
And blooming in colors I've never seen before

And there we'll be
Whole once again...finally together
All three of us sisters, never to part
You'll show me everything as we wait for
the rest to come

Until that glorious moment, I'll keep you in my heart
Where you've always been
Where you'll always be
Please let it be that way.....please
  Jan 2022 Laura Duran
Anais Vionet
The queen of winter comes.
An expressionless assassin
who feels no passion, she comes
as silently as the shadow of a cloud.

She may come crowned by aurora borealis,
or in ziggurat-like steps of paralysis,
but the song she sings freezes earthly things
and her chilly breath brings a sleepy death.
The queen of winter comes.

A deadly kiss from those frozen lips
can shatter skin like glass.
May howling hounds warn you
and blazing fires warm you.
The queen of winter comes.
They’re predicting a bomb-cyclone winter storm here Saturday. The queen of winter comes.

BLT word of the day challenge: ziggurat: a pyramid having successive stages
Maybe it would be reverse ziggurat - THAT’s a catchy phrase.
Laura Duran Jan 2022
We got together tonight
We laughed and had some fun
We joked as we ate dinner

We played games and had a
few drinks
We listened to music and talked
and talked

When the night was over, your
first born
Your baby all grown up, kissed
you goodbye

She still kisses you goodbye...

She pressed warm lips to
the coolness of your urn and
whispered "Bye mom, I love you"
Then gathered her things and drove away

I didn't cry though I wanted to
Instead I gave her her moment
and pretended not to notice
That even now, though you're gone...

She still kisses you goodbye....
Laura Duran Dec 2021
I'll walk behind you
I'll lead the way
I'll walk beside you

When you are frightened
I'll be brave
When you get lost
I'll light the way

When you're lonely
No need to cry
For I am with you
Day and night

I'll see you through
Your every endeavor
I'm with you now
And will be forever
Laura Duran Oct 2021
As long as I exist I will love you
As long as I am me, I am yours

If after this life there's another
I want to spend it loving you more

I've tucked away each memory
I've memorized your face

My love will last forever
It transcends through time and space

For as long as I exist, as long as I am me
What ever life I live, where ever it may lead

I will always love you
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