Laura Duran Apr 14
This morning it stormed
Lighting flashed, thunder rolled, rain fell...
All gone now

Just a sweet scent of rain in the air
And a steady wind are left to remind me
such beauty

The birds celebrate with a cacophony of calls
That chase each other through the air
all vying to be heard

The trees dressed in their best
Dance in the breeze to their music
I sit, blessed to watch the show

It hits me, as it so often does
Most especially on days like these
God is such an favorite in fact
Laura Duran Mar 18
She wasn't just a "visitor"  she'd been here a while
She sat in her corner chair, word search in hand
She always had a blanket around her shoulders
A big bag filled with snacks open at her side

Some times she'd have company
Out-of-town family maybe or perhaps a friend
They'd sit and chat, drink coffee from a paper cup
But mostly, she sat alone

She'd always leave her corner neat and clean
During visiting hours a "newbie" would never know
That corner chair was taken....that was her chair
After visiting hours she'd stretch out and re-claim her area

We knew though, we'd never take her spot
We some times met at the coffee pot
"How's your husband?"  "The same...How's your dad?"  "The same"
"Keep praying."  "I too."  

Then one morning I watched as she packed her things away
With tears in her eyes, she looked at me then slowly shook her head
As she walked passed me, we clasped hands for a moment
"Keep praying" she whispered, then she walked away

Perhaps it was just a coincidence....but
No one sat in her corner chair all day
She was only one person and yet...
The ICU waiting room felt empty without her

The lady in the corner chair
Laura Duran Mar 10
On the first day I sat
I stared at my hands
I silently prayed
Please...get better.

After a week
Things only got worse
Family began to show up
Some from far away.

I didn't know how to act
Seemed like a reunion
People greeted me saying
"Oh honey,  it's been too long!"

I wanted to scream
I wanted them to understand
My dad was dying!
But, I knew he wouldn't like it.

My dad would say
"Show some respect mija"
He'd want me to say hi
He'd expect me to greet my elders.

So I did.  Every time.  
Every newly arrived relative
I faked a smile
Then sat and silently prayed
mija is a Spanish word for my daughter, however any one older than you can and often will use it.
Laura Duran Feb 26
The fear brings anxiety
The anxiety brings panic
With panic comes pain

Hope fades away
Depression sets in
guilt becomes your companion

The struggle is real
But it is not mine
She is the warrior

She fights
She reaches out
She crumbles

I watch
I listen
I cry

I am humbled by her strength
I am proud of her courage
I am broken by her sadness

But....I'm here....
For what ever she needs.....always.
For my warrior who is battling depression.
You will beat it.....and I'll be beside you for always.
Laura Duran Dec 2017
I didn't want to kiss you
I didn't want to melt into you
I wanted to be strong
I wanted to push you away...
But I couldn't

I didn't want to cry
I didn't want to break
I wanted to be angry
I wanted to hurt you
But I couldn't

I was weak
I kissed you back
I cried as you held me
I want to hate you so bad....
But I can't...I just can't
Laura Duran Nov 2017
Code red
We're both feeling the heat

We can't
Compelled, our eyes meet

Urgent thirst
Pictures flash in my mind

Burning hunger
Our bodies entwined

Your eyes
Provoking gleam as you stare

Ardent yearning
A most torrid affair

A moment
We planned it just right

Each touch
As we keep out of sight

I'm hooked
Consumed by your passion

To know
That was only a fraction

Gain control
All in good time

This night
We'll know pleasure, sublime
Laura Duran Nov 2017
I can scream
I can cry
I can curse the sky
And still, nothing will change

I still cry though
I can't help it
I still ask why
And still, nothing changes

The pain is still the same
It doesn't lessen
It's ever-present
And still, I go on

I still cry though....I can't help it
One of those nights that find the morning without a wink of sleep.
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