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Erika Nov 2019

I could have recited the wrinkle lines
at the side of your eyes
when you smile
as if they were etched in my brain
like a song
I could not forget to sing


But now,
I know you
as well as I know myself

which is


at all.
Yeah, so I’m single. And heartbroken.
Erika Nov 2019
I love to laugh with you

but laughing is not enough

to keep me sane

while I wait for you

to decide

if I’m worthy enough

for  a lifetime.
I don’t wanna do this anymore.
Erika Nov 2019
I never knew
that I could become
so enthralled
               and entrapped
                              and enamored
by one person


I met

Erika Apr 2019
it took me forever to realize
that the darkness
is fine

just not
all the time.
Erika Apr 2019
As they age,

they grow.

both in strength and in height.

in wisdom and in love,

in spirituality and in truth.

but as they grow externally,

beneath the grass, and the soil,

lay the foundation of the tree,

that sturdy something so powerful.

We are all rooted in different things.







Men are like trees walking.

As we age, we grow.

But what we are rooted in,

that’s what really matters.
Erika Apr 2019
don’t bite the hand
that feeds you

or break the heart
that helps you
Erika Feb 2019
my demons
go by the names
depression and anxiety,


for as long as I can remember,
I chose not to fight them

except today,

I discovered an angel
in my consciousness,
who goes by happy

and for the time being
my demons
do not
control me.

In the past 2 hours, I’ve done more for myself than I have in the past year.

It was never as simple as waking up and deciding to be better than the girl who didn’t want to be. It was a lot of tears, and hurt, and a fire so deep inside I might have ignited the kindling of my own self desire to be happy for the first time in forever.
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