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Pope Noir May 2019
I took your love as a grain of salt.
Now that you have left.
All I want is a sight of art and
To sit beside you
I understand that pain is relative.
But I know the part I gave to you
Is something I can't give to anyone else.
I don't have much to say but goodbye Unicorn.

PS. I'm still going to write about you.
  Apr 2019 Pope Noir
Aman kumar
I hate the girl of my college.

You’ll never hear me say that

If you feel like I’m good enough

You’d be right

I used to be happy with her

To watch you

Was the greatest thing

I refuse to ignore it

But I know it’s a hope.

I feel bad for her

No longer can I say that


I’m still fighting for it.


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  Apr 2019 Pope Noir
I was so caught up in the art of giving away
That I misplaced myself in the cardboard boxes at the end of the driveway
Pope Noir Apr 2019
A shudder of emotions pass through every fiber of me
As she passes by me with a benign smile, I enjoyed it as if it fed my soul.
The warm tone of your words in perfect harmony with your voice spoke of a love that would never die. I like you too **** much. Thought I'll always be in a good space with you. Not talking to you makes me uneasy, mismatched breaths as I whispered to the moon "I love you, still".
I spoke of forever, a love that forgives.
Pope Noir Apr 2019
I don't want to get into battles that are not worth my time. My energy is limited, I can't waste it.
My heart and mind are in a constant rhubarb of indecision. Where indecision ends, living will surely begin.
In order to grow, one needs to be in a constant battle for one's mental peace.
Pope Noir Apr 2019
I saw a unicorn in Nirvana, dripped in all colors of the rainbow. It had me seeing different shapes and colors like I'm in a kaleidoscope dream. It gave me hope. I promised to give my days and the treasures of my mind. The bit of magic that lives within my soul.
About a muse of mine. She once made me feel eternal

— The End —