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Abigail Sherry Dec 2014
'Twas the night before Christmas
and all through the house
not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse
Little Amelia Pond asleep in her bed, with thoughts of a raggedy doctor
floating through her head.
Outside her window, there came a bright light,
'twas a light so bright that it lit up the night
And the sound of the TARDIS woke her up with a jolt
and with an excited smile she heard the thing halt
She ran through the house, past the mouse, past the tree
and she saw her old friend and greeted him with glee.
He was happy to see her, but there was sadness in his heart.
He brought her rare gifts, like VanGogh art.
They ate fishsticks and custard as the doctor told of tales never heard.
As the night went on the fun wore out little miss pond
The doctor tucked her into bed and told her more stories that danced through her head.

'Twas the morning of christmas
and the best gift of all
was the night full of memories and for years she recalled
her raggedy doctor until they met once more
But thats a story for another time, and then I shall write more.
Have a merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday
From The Doctor And Amy
This is a poem that I actually wrote for a friend for christmas and it made her cry a bit. This is based off of characters from Doctor Who.
Abigail Sherry Dec 2014
old and faded
Smiles that are often faked
The flash, the outfits
The imaginary  happiness
A portrait of longing
Stereotypical family portrait
hung up in the foyer
showing family love
respect and pride
only wishes, what they want to portray on family portrait day
behind locked doors its another story
daughter has "potential"
father's dissappointed
thats all shes afraid of
his dissapointment
Her mother barely there
in the basement making jewelry
or whatever it is she does
pushing her daughter slowly away
the emotional, physical, trusting rift
grows day by day
The daughter feels alone
but can't tell anyone
her friends all love her
but shes deep in her mind
crying silently why, why, why
The family she wishes for
is up in the foyer
The family of smiling faces, loving glances
hanging up in a frame in the foyer
Abigail Sherry Dec 2014
When I found you
I was a mess
I hated myself
and I wanted to end

When I found you
there was a change in me
that I couldn't see
and I wanted to be better

When I found you
and I heard you say your name
I knew that you were for me
and I would never be the same

When I found you
we held hands for the first time
that shy smile on your blushing face
and I never wanted to let go

When I found you
we kissed under the stars
and my soul soared and reached the heavens
and I wanted to be yours forever

When I found you
I couldn't stop thinking
about your eyes that are twinkling
or your soft skin and lovely hair
and how I never want to lose you
Abigail Sherry Dec 2014
I can't stop thinking about you
the things we did together
And it hurts
It hurts to not be with you
It hurts to not hold you
It hurts to not kiss you
It hurts to not be able to cry in your arms
I know that we were good together
But I wasn't happy
As we are apart though I am still not
I'm terriffied of being alone
of people hating me
of people leaving me
even the very thought of it
makes me anxiuos and panic
But you still calm me
even if it is only the thought of you
I still think of you
and it sickens me a bit
because I want to be my own person
I don't want to rely on others
I want to stop thinking about you
because it hurts
And I know
I can't stop thinking about you
Abigail Sherry Dec 2014
I look in the mirror and what do I See?
A fat ugly girl who longs to be pretty
All my friends say thats not true
But I feel different through and through
If I eat food then I get bigger
If I sit around then I get bigger
So, in order to be skinny and pretty
Eating is only an act I put on to make others happy
But behind closed doors it's a whole other story
I don't want to eat because if I eat
Then I cant be pretty or attractive because
I've been taught that bigger people aren't popular
"But Abby, you are pretty"  
"You should eat because its unhealthy not to."
Beauty is pain
and my pain began when little fifth grade me was told that
"Fat girls don't have friends, and neither do pizza faces"
My pain is my height being too small for my build
Sure, I get dizzy
Sure, I pass out
But I am skinny at last
But it doesn't seem to wanna stay.

I hate who i see when i look in the mirror
and nothing ever helps
I eat somedays, but most days I don't
and its gotten to the point where I don't feel hunger almost ever
but when I do it eats me alive
my stomach controls my mood
where I snap and get irritated
but if I eat I get fat
and I feel like I can't have that
because of my ******* up self image is all that I see
When I look in the mirror
I hope I pray I wish
that I like who I see
but all there is is me.
This is a poem about my eating disorder.
Abigail Sherry Oct 2014
There was once a small village in japan called enbizaka. It was peaceful and quiet, such is the way of small villages, where everyone knew each other and tragedies affected everyone. The news and gossip center was the Main Street where the artisans and shopkeepers heard everything.
   There was one shopkeeper that all the village folk knew for both her looks and her pleasant demeanor. The tailor of enbizaka was a beautiful woman with long pink hair and delicate sky blue eyes. Her name was Luka and her work was as we'll known as her beauty, making it possible for her to have nearly any man she desired. However, she need not desire for any man, for the man of her dreams was hers in her heart.
          Luka waited patiently every day to see her love walk into her shop and talk to her, but she could only wait for so long before she became suspicious of her love.
     The day started off just like any other day, tranquil and serene with clear blue skies and heron calls in the distance. Main Street was bustling with villagers, and having completed the orders she was given to do, Luka took a break to walk around the town. The villagers waved and some even bowed, greeting her with,"konnichiwa, Luka-sama!" She bowed back and spotted her love in the crowd. She felt nervous, blushed and slowly made her way towards him. As she got closer she noticed he that he wasn't alone. He was accompanied by a woman with short brown hair wearing a lovely red kimono.
     "Maybe they are just friends." She thought. That was until they kissed.
          Luka almost lost it. She ran through the town to her shop and locked the door, crying. It was dark before she managed to collect her thoughts and calm down. Later that night, she was busy mending a kimono, taking care not to hurt herself with the scissors. Her mother always said they were sharp. She remained vigilant in doing her work, even though her tears were clouding her vision.
         The next day the village was uneasy. It seemed there had been a crime committed. A woman was reported missing. Luka was upset along with the rest of the village, the woman had been a valuable customer and was always nicer while the rest of Enbizaka was uneasy, the main street was still full of people.
      "It is a lovely day for a walk in the gardens."Luka thought. She closed up,shop and went walking along the cobblestone path that lead from the town to the gardens. The villagers looked sullen and weren't as friendly as they had been previously. The gardens were nearly empty but they were made more beautiful in the silence. The green moss growing on the rocks lining the river was bright and healthy looking. The maples were fiery red and swayed gently in the breeze. Luka came to the bridge and saw the man again, looking rather depressed.
    "Who is that woman next to him!?"
The woman had lovely hair and the obi she was wearing was the same shade of green as the moss.
          "I see. So that's the type of woman you like." Luka said under her breath.
That night she worked, mending an obi, crying once more.
      "We're my scissors always this color?" She wondered aloud. She was remaining vigilant in her work, careful not to hurt herself. The scissors, if sharpened, cut smoothly.
        The next day the village was in chaos. It seemed another crime had been committed. Luka went about her day running errands and grabbing supplies for dinner when she noticed the man in the hairpin shop. He was buying a yellow ornate hairpin for a young looking girl.
                "What on earth- You really have no boundaries, do you?" She whispered as she passed him. He turned around confused, but having not seen who had said something, turned back to the young girl. Luka cried harder that night than she had the other nights. She didn't want the constant cheating of her love to continue.
    "Although he has a person such as I, he never comes home." She almost shouts as she works ******* the job she finds herself doing. The deep red on the scissors is concerning, but she works vigilant, ever careful not to hurt herself on them. If you sharpen them they cut smooth.
    She finally finished her job. Looking in the mirror, she smiled. "If you will not come to see me, then I will come to see you."
   The red kimono. The green obi. The yellow hairpin placed in her hair. She went up to the man and tapped him on the shoulder.
         "I've become a woman of your taste. Well? Aren't I pretty?"
The next day the whole village was in an uproar. This time a man had been killed. The authorities say it was a whole family that had been murdered.
        "At any rate," Luka told herself as she was working on her new project,"He was acting so cruel, you know?" Her tears stained the blue cloth she was mending.
       "He was acting like I was a stranger.'How nice to meet you! Good afternoon!'" She sobbed. "He acted like I was a stranger."
She was vigilant with her work, scissors held hard in one hand. If you sharpen them, hey really cut smooth.
Not really a poem, I'm sorry, but I like the way this turned out. This is based off of an actual event that was turned into a song, so I am using the character who sang it as the main person.
Abigail Sherry Sep 2014
The world would be a better place
If girls weren't told that what they wore
Was the reason they were called ******
That it was their fault for being *****
When no one ever asks for it

The world would be a better place
When boys are told that its okay
To play with dolls and they won't be called gay
When a child wants to dress like the opposite gender
And adults won't tell them it's wrong

The world would be a better place
If my age didn't mean I know nothing
Even though I know how it feels
To lose and be abandoned, to feel like I'm not wanted
To be alone and have no job

The world would be a better place
If it didn't matter if I liked girls or guys
If my little brother didn't feel the need to hide
His true self from the world
If my sister didn't hurt herself and actually got help

The world would be a better place
If every child knew the love of a parent
And had a home with food
And a family to call their own

The way the world is now means it won't change based on a poem, won't stop based on one death
And won't recognize that even in chaos there is hope
Wrote this for a contest, haven't even sent it in yet, oh well
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