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pearlianne Sep 2017
Liquid, flowing nonstop
like my immaturity,
absurd and abrupt.
Without brakes,
I slyly come up.
I stare and sing
'til your time's up.
Oh yes! The sight of red!
Makes me giggle with content.
Now, let's go to the bottom
and become one
under the luminous dancing
dark blue reflection
of my heaven
and your hell.
There. There.
Open your eyes slowly.
Now you're mine and
I am yours
let us be zany and rogue
"I love you!"
with pain in your eyes,
you forcefully uttered.
Written on 01:50, 11.15.15 KST
pearlianne Sep 2017
At first she thought it was
as easy as counting one, two, and three.
But then it changed to climbing a tree,
where a fruit she adores ripens once in a week.

She would climb up no matter how tall it was,
with scratches and bruises she didn't mind.
She was happy for all her time,
despite the scars all this while.

How was she in the remaining days
  without the fruit on her hands?
She took care of the tree on her own  
giving all her might; didn't leave its side.

But one stormy night, while she slept
at the side of the tree she couldn't live without;
her skin full of scars, the heavy rain touched.
She was deaf by the thunder, and then lay still when lightning struck.
Written on 12:23, Oct. 5, 2016
  Sep 2017 pearlianne
Rebel Heart
I just want to pack my bags
And vanish
Leave without a trace

Spend the rest of my life
In solitude
I'm no longer
A burden to you...
Maybe this way I'll find me,
The real me,
The one that lives outside of
These useless broken words
The one that breathes outside of
This loop of a mess that's become
My nightmare and my life all at once
Maybe this way I can finally
Throw away my masks
Maybe this way I can finally
Taste freedom
Maybe this way
I might even discover
The meaning of
True happiness

*And maybe this time
I won't run away from it
"She loved mysteries so much that she became one..." Maybe she became one to finally unlock the mysteries of the world...
Front Page (9/13/17)
(Just some scribbles on a lined paper someone will find years from now in the trash...)
pearlianne Sep 2017
Cold, as snow must it be;
for you to savor its taste.
All the tingle it gives
to your body, it electrocutes.
Naked, as a newborn;
in a glass, it is
for you to see
all the beauty there is.
Sip. Sip. Sip.
'til warmth is felt.
From your throat,
to your skin.
Gulp. Gulp. Gulp.
'til vanity is met.
With absurdity,
you lose rationality.
"Am I making any sense?"
From hazy to black.
****. ****. ****.
"Never again, will I
Let this consume me."
You uttered helplessly.
A dozen years,
not enough, yes.
With tears in their eyes,
cold as beer, you lay still.
Written on 17:22, 11.7.15, PST
pearlianne Sep 2017
Hundreds of eyes were flowing with tears,
yet I couldn’t find the sense why.
One tear fell after another.
While there I stood, with puckered eyebrows.

My eyes glared seeing him; having silky-black hair.
His brown skin glowed like bronze.
It was everything he ever wanted.
Ever since I knew him, it was all he talked about.

The only thing that mattered was his desire.
His ears turned red every time he talked about it.
He was almost obsessed of her
but I, of him.

I laid my eyes on him every second I could.
But he never took his eyes off of her.
I took a step closer to him, but he’d be two steps away.
Yes, this will all be over soon...

I walked away from the sweet scent of flowers and I felt my mouth grin.
I still couldn’t make sense of it.
But hearing him say the words; his eternal promise for her,
Made my heart flutter with agonizing happiness.
Written on 2016.02.19, 12:12 KST

— The End —