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 Jul 2022 Em
 Jul 2022 Em
Bent to a slouch,

That we walk
never unladen.

And perhaps only later,
by the wreaths
around our necks.
 May 2022 Em
the exit is to the left, my dear
look to your right
do you see it?

the silver haze of May's end
let your lungs soak
in the rain,
in the smoke,
let your lungs expand as wide as the universe
then let them shrink like you do
in front of prying eyes
just to remind you to breathe

                        ­                                       in and out

we're lost
you've run too far

you'll blame it on your legs
you'll say they were on autopilot
because of course they were,
because where else would you go?
you'll explain your mind was everywhere
and everything all at once—
they won't understand

the exit is long gone, my dear
we can stop now
we can catch our breaths now
open your eyes,
can you see it?
 May 2022 Em
Heidi Franke
 May 2022 Em
Heidi Franke
Feeling like a stylus on a premium LP
Can't lift up to slow or slide it
Be slow, be quick, be ready
Scratching is not an option

Feeling this way again
Second-hand turntable
Treated as a diamond or replaceable

The stylus feels old
Not sure if the sound is reaching you
Enough to bring you
Out alive
Scratching is not an option
Trying to save my son from his brain disease, mental illness.
 Mar 2022 Em
Through My Eyes
 Mar 2022 Em
In your absence
comes an emotional vacuum.
It pulls things in
to occupy the space you left.
It fills with melodramas,
travesties and tragedies.
Coating my interior,
wet and thick.
My constant search for,
and creation of,
intricate and fulfilling scenarios.
The continual falling,
in and out of love,
with brief moments.
My infatuation with a glance.
Or the meaning,
as she brushes her hair,
away from her eyes.
Hidden from my understanding,
serves to attribute an opposite charge,
as these invisible forces
draw no answers into me.
Memories of satisfaction,
in my feelings of completion.
Contrasted by the superficial.
The temporary illusion,
necessary for me,
to continue to breath
and remain alive.
Skeptically optimistic,
as the play unfolds.
 Mar 2022 Em
Hakikur Rahman
 Mar 2022 Em
Hakikur Rahman
Entering into the nucleus of time,
I saw-
The densest of its protoplasm,
And the part behind the unraised curtain.

Whatever, is in there, as
Successful cells of life
Controls all biological reactions.

That, remain
Innumerable in the center of the soul
Consists of a combination of protons and neutrons.

A relatively clear ***** exists,
Which is the carrier of perpetuity,
And multidimensional;
As well as it is a silent witness of the eternity!
 Mar 2022 Em
Smell of Ink
 Mar 2022 Em
I’m being handed erasers
when all I’ve ever known is the smell of ink
I’m feeling so clueless
I don’t know what I think
I’m like a bird born in a cage
who does not know what wings are for
while others fly, I sit and cry
because I don’t know why…
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