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Chris Balase Sep 21
In the midst of a silenced room
we embraced in the midnight gloom
where promises were covered
through a thick cloud of whispers

As your hands gently caressed
through my cheeks, lips, and hair
leading me to draw you closer
to my seated body so bare

"I will give love one more try"
I whispered in pain
"But if I fail again, I don't know what will happen to me."

Then you said:

"Stay with me, we will heal together."


For in the midst of a silenced room
we embraced in the midnight gloom
where our promises were renewed
in the hopes that love will bloom.
Chris Balase Sep 21
You say to yourself that you're ****
Perhaps you've only gauged yourself
On the same level that this shallow world has set.

You don't see the glimmer of hope
You bring whenever you smile
You don't notice how
The room brightens a little bit upon your entrance
You don't notice the joy you've given
To my weary soul
And perhaps you don't understand the depth of your presence, the power of your words, and the overwhelming comfort of your embrace.

Perhaps I should remind you daily
That your genuine beauty is what I had searched for.

Perhaps I should remind you daily, that your prescious whispers have anchored my otherwise drifting abyss...

Beyond compare, your true beauty is.
I wish you could see that.
Chris Balase Sep 18
I want to hold you close
while my fingertips
slowly drips
through your skin

with the gentlest of touch
from our lips
swaying movements from our hips
as we melt in this soiree.

Slow dancing
in this tune
on a rainy afternoon
we begged ourselves to stay.
Chris Balase Sep 11
I want to bellow my heartaches
to the world while it sleeps
Even when no one is listening
even if by myself I weep

To bawl my woes for the nth time
while over the moon I howl
whispering cries and shouting vows,
incantations, and silent growls!

Tonight my pipes are unheard
while I cover myself to speak
my solace where art thy wingless noise
my poisoned brows are yours to keep.
Chris Balase Sep 11
Your portion for my whole
a fair trade for sure
a portion of your time and affection
for my whole dedication.
a fair trade for sure.
Chris Balase Sep 9
In between the sheets we passed time
with whispers of passion and divine
with hushed dreams and wishful thoughts
while we count our loss and count the cost

On this sinful night as we lay awake
we'll try to hide all the noises we make
for time is yet to be on our side
and the heat of the moment will never subside

In between these sheets we lay bare
the universe does seem to care
In the still of the night, a thought pushed through
I fear losing someone... like you.
Chris Balase Sep 2
Never getting used to this pain
I thought I had beaten it before
Yet here I am losing without fighting
loving and being ignored.

And I say it's Ok
because there will never be an "us"
and yes, perhaps IT IS "Ok"
But no, it will not end so fast.

For never will I ever
be used to this feeling
from afar I will subside
until I am lost in my cringing...

How I wish that I've never
  Ever been ever
    Mesmerized in a clever
       void of forever.
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