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Chris Balase May 31
Please understand
that I'll do what I can
to move away from you, and...
to forget you while I can

so please, understand
Chris Balase May 31
God, your eyes
Slivering, tempting, unrefined
Luring my senses behind.
  God, your eyes.
Chris Balase May 31
I've prayed for you
a million times
before I laid
my eyes unto yours

I've dreamt of this
for a thousand summers
before your sunshine
shone deep unto my abyss
Chris Balase Aug 2023
Thank you for saving this poor old soul
tired and trembling on my knees
dazed and puked from spinning around
trapped in a cycle was me

In an untimely manner in this unlikely world
you came and brought life and glee
now we spend each day with promises held
there's now hope in thine eyes I see

Thank you for saving this poor old soul
thank you for saving me
Chris Balase Feb 2023
The soup was cold
The veggies were bland
The meat, mediocre
The dessert was placed
    in a paper cup.

But my heart is full
Because I am spending this special day with you.

I love you
Chris Balase Dec 2022
I realize

that I don't want to memorize
someone else's favorite color

I'm done with remembering her name
or her favorite artist...

I can no longer take
remembering her quirks

Or her slight wrinkle
around her eyes every time she smiles

to whisper her name
beneath my breath as I sleep

to listen to her heart beat
and pace my breathing to hers

to walk the same path with her
while I burn each step in my mind

this I realize
Chris Balase Dec 2022
Building walls
  to keep the predators out
brick by brick
  each layer sorted out

A fortress for my castle
  sturdy without a doubt
to withstand the awful shadows
  to contain the silence after every shout

Building these walls
  to keep the predators apart.
But how do I protect myself
from the enemies living inside my heart?
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