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 Jun 12 woolgather
vanity falls away
a free creature
 Jun 11 woolgather
ok okay
I have not found peace for a while
Even when it rains
My hands still shake
I am not scared of the world
I am scared of myself
And the complexities my mind faces
Dreams are no longer my solitude
They are horrors that leave me no escape
I can find chaos anywhere
Even beyond your brightest smile
Below my feet from where I tread
The soil grounds me and consumes my  voice
Sometimes thoughts feel so close
Yet words feel so far away
And so silence becomes my misery
Freedom seems too abstract to be true
Maybe I am just too harsh on myself
Or too selfish to this world
There is beauty here
Beneath the stars
We do not have to look so far away
When my heart beats out of my chest
I must remember that everything will be okay
 Jun 11 woolgather
ok okay
Vivid green grass
A hollow day
I am stuck looking down
Her eyes await
Birds singing lullabies
Lost in a daze
This city is burning
We will become ash one day
Maybe I should look up
To see your face
 Jun 4 woolgather
Mist-minded, clouded thoughts
Can't seem to focus, or keep rapport
Importance is relevant, irrelevant I dwell
In this cartography, well-drawn Hell

Zipped up lips, verbiage tripped
The spoken, delivery, edge unclipped
Harsh and cold, worn limestone
Regardless of polish, I'm overgrown

What feels real is this heart of steel
All else surrounds, of fabric, of gown
Dressed up nice to masquerade
False-tipped smiles, dead parade.

The forge burns true, just underneath
My love, my Sun, I shall bequeath
Hardened and cold, aftermath of the craft
Add a little heat and reveal my heart.
Reality can feel like the worst illusion, but when it fades, my heart awaits
 Jun 4 woolgather
As my heart is as big as my hand, they said.

Maybe that’s the reason I think all my
characteristics are visible to an eye,
Who wants to see it.

Study how my hands resembles my entirety.
Look closer, look a little closer and you will see.

Hold me and you could feel my heart.

Because as they said,
My Heart Is As Big As My Hand,
And they are the same.
“It feels raw and breathtaking -s”
In your dreams
I draped down the curtains of my mind
and in your thoughts I hung high
the light of the morning sun
before you breathe
your last sleep of night
remember my shadow
by the window of your heart
hold me close
before our lives whisper passed
If only you
would reach for me

you the sky
I the tree

we are all reaching
for something

touching you
touching me.
I write
not because I want to be heard
I write because I exist
I don’t know what else to say
All of my good friends
Are long dead and gone
Got me out here drinking
By myself alone

I still tell my stories
But even I’m not listening
Sorrow in all its glory
Is the main thing that old age brings

All of my good friends
I’ve helped bury along the way
With me, the last man standing
Over each and every grave

Until then I’ll hug this barstool
My lonely home away from home
Life can be based in cruelty
When lost out on the road to hope

Now all I see in front of me
Is the emptiness that I now know
Of nothing going on
With all my good friends dead and gone
Be it right
Or be it wrong
Make it up
As you go along
What’s good for the goose
The gander might say
Only the truth
Stands in the way

Move to the tune
Of dealing in doubt
Double the trouble
If you care to count
Would I lie to you
Stated simply
Will come back to take you
Off at the knees

If you need to have
This to get ahead
Character building
Has yet to be met
Once you start in
It’s hard to break free
All liars lie
And pile on the heap
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