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  Aug 2022 elea
David Lessard
I used to read your poems
but lately you don't write
you're silent and aloof
you know that isn't right.
You can't close a door once opened
you can't abolish all your dreams
you're a poet of the heart
mustn't fall apart at the seams.
Say what you can in words
they speak the message true
spoken from the heart
the poems will see you through.
A hermit's not your style
a recluse, you are not
never give up writing
of things that you've been taught.
I used to read your poems
I'd read them once again
if you would send them out
(this one's from a poet friend)
elea Mar 2021
As my heart is as big as my hand, they said.

Maybe that’s the reason I think all my
characteristics are visible to an eye,
Who wants to see it.

Study how my hands resembles my entirety.
Look closer, look a little closer and you will see.

Hold me and you could feel my heart.

Because as they said,
My Heart Is As Big As My Hand,
And they are the same.
“It feels raw and breathtaking -s”
elea Aug 2017
As I stare into darkness
The only light is Fire.
My eyes, it's burning in my eyes.

I can see nothing but Courage.
I can see Life and Death.
It is a diversion to those who kneel before their God(s).

It is the color of Sunset.
It is the color of Sunrise
The ending has Arrived, A new beginning will Come.
It is Alpha and Omega.

How could be the color of the Ocean is the hottest part of The Light.
Can fire Defeat the water?
It is war versus peace.

Fire is burning Red.
It is fearless.
It is dauntless.

Blue is Peace and purity,
It is Silence.

It causes the most pain and damage to those who go near it and try to touch the flame.

Can fire defeat the water?
Does bravery can break the silence?
-Neverending- // pbwf
elea Aug 2017
You gave me a task
And asked me a question
What is love?
Hope my answer will be relevant to what you asked

What is love?
A person to hug?
A hand to hold?
A caring touch?
So many things love can be
But here i am searching deep within my soul

What is love?
Is it attached to things we like?
Is it inside the presents we provide?
Or is it the beauty that lies within our heart?

It's like laying under the night sky staring blankly into space
Fireworks, shooting stars and astral displays
Which causes me to feel deeply like im in the best place?

This thing we call "love"
Provides us peace
Makes us feel alive
Fuels our hopes and dreams
Just like gasoline that mobilizes a car

My heart wasnt prepared
Tho it knows what is love
It fueled up my soul
Now i know it's true love
You My Darling
Who fuels up my soul
Guides my path straight and true
*Will be and always will be
The meaning of Love to Me.
-JMRC AUG 16 2017
// I will love you always and forever //
elea Jan 2017
One day,
He got Her Daisies and Daffodils.
Wrapped out of the most lustrous paper.
Thorns, dead leaves, butterflies, he didn't mind.
He got her attention and kiss her lip-locked.

Between darkness and diurnal,
They are dancing beneath the tranquil sky.
He got her to love him.
Hurt, pain, sacrifice, she didn't mind.
He was hers that night and the day after that.

Night collapsed, days gone by.
She was oblivious.
He was not around.
She was herself.
He was not.
It turned to a make believe facade.

A dead romance.
A broken vow.
How could be once inseparable
Is now fragmented and hopeless.
How could the love have departed and shuttered into pieces.

The flowers have died.
The sky turned blue and gray at night,
Even morning scares her now.
She let him go.
He didn't chase her back.
Im back with this piece. Words are very much missed. I'll always come back.
elea Oct 2016
Takot ka?
Sabihin mo sakin Takot ka ba?

Hindi tayo isang pelikula na ginawa para mag paiyak ng batang madaling mapaniwala.
Hindi tayo pag susulit sa matematika na gustong iwasan ng lahat sa takot na bumagsak sila.

Oo takot ka.
Ako din naman.

Nanginginig ang kamay ko sa takot na baka kahit piling piling mga salita ang gamitin ko ay mali parin ang aking maisambit.

Kaya pa ba?
Sabihin mo sakin kaya pa ba?

Ipagpapatuloy pa ba nating ang pag tupad sa mga pangako.
Pagtupad sa lahat ng mga "Itaga mo sa bato..."
O, iiwan nalang natin itong nakabinbin sa dating tayo.

Meron pa bang tayo?

Nasaan na yung ikaw at ako.
Nasaan na ang mga salitang "Hinding hindi ako magsasawa sa iyo".
Napagod ka na bang punan ang mga pagkukulang ko?
Kailan ka kaya makokontento.

Takot nakong tumingin sa karimlan ng langit na baka may isang bulalakaw ang mapadaan at hilingin kong tayo nalang palagi.
Hindi naman maari.
Napapagod din ang damdamin.
Hindi na alam ng tadhana ang gagawin.

Pagod ka na ba?
Sabihin mo sa akin pagod kana ba?

Kasi ako Oo.

Ayokong katakutan ang bukas.
Ayokong manghinayang sa kahapon.
Ngunit Mahal pagod na ako.
Pagod na ang puso matakot.
Nahihirapan na ako huminga sa hindi mo pag pansin sa patuloy kong pagkapit.
Gusto ko ng matapos ang pag hikbi.
Ano pa ba ang silbi.
Ako nalang ang natitirang sundalo.
Wala kahit na anong baril na dala.
Sugatan na tumatakbo.

Tama na.
Talo na.

Pagod na ako sa pagiging hindi sapat.
Hindi ko na mawari kung ano pa ba ang dapat.
Patawad mahal sa pag suko.
Pero eto na ata.
Tapos na ang gera sa isip at puso.
Tapos na tayo.
-dito ko nalang idadaan ang ninanaais kong sabihin dahil hindi ko kayang makita ang iyong mga mata na patuloy paring nagpapanatili sakin. Patawad pero tapos na ata ang kwento ng Tayo-
elea Oct 2016
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