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Bethany M P Apr 2019
You lead me on and gave me a dream,
Full of fantasy’s the pleasure has been redeemed,
I looked into your soul it was beautiful and bright,
You truly loved me cuz you never gave up not a day or night,
I let you in now deeper than ever before,
Something broke free and inside I could now explore,
I want to kiss you and get high off your love,
My pleasures are now sparked high and above,
Push in and pull me close,
Give me your love so I can overdose,
Touch my body everywhere,
Glide those fingers even down to there,
Kiss down my neck to my ******* as you please,
Now I’ll let my tongue and lips explore you and I know where to tease,
You’re my fire and I’m your flame,
At this moment not a soul was tame,
Breathe on my neck and pull me to your chest,
And up inside something pressed,
The movement was right,
And the pleasure took flight,
You and me were up all night..
Bethany M P Apr 2019
My future isn’t bright,
Not full of laughter and not full of light,
Mama hurts me and tares me down,
She says she’s not cuz she’s blinded by her golden crown,
Liquor, whiskey and ***** too,
I’ll drink till I’m drunk and forget about all of you,
Loyal friends oh forget about that,
They lie they cheat and on my white dress they all spat,
Hold me tight if you’re there,
I’m a goner tonight and no one will care,
Lie to me tell me I’m enough,
Treat them like kings and queens but with me your rough,
I’m the oldest yes I know,
But why should that mean that I get thrown down below,
I can’t trust anyone and they wonder why,
Well since you won’t believe me ask GOD when I die..
Bethany M P Apr 2019
He doesn’t protect me I protect myself
He’s not here he’s far away,
I wanna cry cuz I’m hurt in every way,
And there’s nothing else for me to say..
Bethany M P Apr 2019
He says he loves you but does he really,
Does he make you laugh Is he just plain silly,
Does he describe you in every word,
All your edges and every curve,
Does he say how every single part of you is beautiful and stunning,
Or does he make you feel like your nothing,
and you keep trying and keep running,
Will I ever be enough that’s what I say,
Or am I just the constant game he wants to play,
He probably looks at other girls and thinks wow what a piece of art,
But when he looks at me it’s like wow she has not a single beautiful part,
Hold me love me tell me I’m enough,
Show me I’m more then stuff,
Prove it to me I beg but you never do,
So I look beyond the pastures and say I think I’m done with you..
April 2019
Bethany M P Mar 2019
He doesn’t see the pain in my heart,
The pain that’s tearing me apart,
Why can’t he love me right,
And notice the obvious that’s in his visual sight,
That I need him to be here for me,
But I’m not the type to make a savy plea,
I give him blank on points and  signs,
But he never can read the lines,
I hate it and I am worn out,
With a thousand holes and one big gout,
I trust you to be smart and protect me your girl,
But it doesn’t happen and I’m at the point I want to hurl,
Goodnight sweet dreams at least that’s what we say,
And everyday I pretend that I’m okay..
Bethany M P Mar 2019
She attacks in the night and the day too,
She counts her thorny roses then throws them at you,
The cuts they sting but not worse then the look she gives,
She’d be glad if you died as long as he lives,
Love her as if she was your own,
but when I try she steps to the thrown,
I’m the peasant so she thinks,
But she doesn’t know I bite like a lynx,
Karma will catch up to her,
When I attack I don’t purr,
My claws will give you the pain you gave me,
Once you open your eyes you’ll let us be..
Bethany M P Mar 2019
I believed in love I believed in you,
Till you pushed my limits now I’m almost through,
But then I think maybe I deserve this pain,
I’m not worth it so I should stay in this lane,
It continues the pain the hurt,
When you cheated it was more then a flirt,
But I’m supposed to forgive you and just feel better,
And here I am writing this depressing letter,
Nothing grand to sweep me off my feet,
No pretty red rose pedals on the sheet,
Nothing to make up for the pain you placed in me,
Nothing for my sad eyes to see,
So I lean against the door of escape that could set me free,
But that’s the closest I’ll get to ever flee...
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