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Nov 17 · 387
** If by Chance **
If by chance , I get to meet
real love
If by chance , I get to be happy
If by chance , I get to be me
I will be grateful
I will not let it go
I will appreciate and treat it kindly
I will say thank you
I will not by chance let it
I will know , I deserve it ..
It's my chance to be happy
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏 11/12/21
Nov 11 · 26
I am a artist
I write poetry
I create abstract paint pours
I paint homes
I am always creating
I love being creative
It's within this gift
I am me
I always have music playing
it's the music
that has given me life
Through art and words
I express myself
I write and paint
parts of my soul
Through the struggles
I can always find through
words and colors
I can find some healing
I can express anything
Being an empath and a artist
It's where I am whole
So when your wondering
Just read , look and listen
Or write , color , paint
It's one thing you can do !
Artist I am
This gift , I share with you
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
Nov 3 · 21
New Job
I got a new job
It pays quite well
So a new adventure begins
How long will this one last
I guess it's up to me
I really feel quite proud
I didn't think it go so well
I guess I can really do more
then , I think I want to
It's new and a change
But what else is there to do
So here , I go again
Trying something new
Giving myself a kick in the
Much needed for this I'm sure.
I know life's a challenge,
But,  I know another hill
I can climb
So climbing once more.
What the hell why not ?
I just may be blessed
with this job,
and taking a chance
trying something new
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
My new job 10/13/2021
Costless Furniture Warehouse
Furniture Sales Associate
Oct 19 · 220
Not Anymore
How sad it is that you
find it amusing to tease me
And it's always the 1 thing
you know is something
I am so easily hurt by
If you really cared you'd
not bring it up
Or better yet you'd
find a way to help me
So next time I hope
you say nothing
cause it may be your last
I refuse to accept it
not anymore
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏 10/18/21
Oct 14 · 152
Crazy isn't it
It's become a crazy world
Grown men addicted to TikTok watching girls
Pretty wives now ignored
Single and aware how
last year changed me
Gained weight
and now feeling a bit shy
And the world's gone
shootings everyday
People still confused
we all are not sure
of what's ahead
and here , I am
still wondering
will it all end soon
will all the music
not be heard
and will I ever
feel pretty again
will all the media hores
stop teasing the men
and put on some clothes
and will we start reading books and enjoy it
It's got to change
Or we will just go insane
where's the days
when men acted like men
Where's the days women
felt desired
When people cared
when we got together
not in vain
when family's gathered
to share and catch up
When neighbors watched
out for each other
When we could feel safe
we could live really live
How , I miss it
How , I miss me
guess it's all changed
can't rewind
So move forward
trying to navigate
the craziness
the way it used to be
So , I sit write a letter
and make a call
and think about
how crazy it is now
Funny how it has
all gone a bit crazy
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
Oct 5 · 218
Where do we go
We crave comfort from another
We desire to be desired
We want to be wanted
Where do we go when we
are alone
We go alone to the loneliness
We try and we give to another
Yet we are alone
What choice do we have
We are alone
Where do we go
We go into ourselves
Where we can disappear
Where we can be with
our loneliness
it's what we have
We only have ourselves
We have no other
No comfort
No one to talk to
So we go into our
thoughts to create
for a awhile a sense
of hope
we can imagine if it where
different if we had it
how good it'd feel
That gives us
for awhile a place to go
when we have no other
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
Sep 7 · 236
~If Only~
If only , I could have
those most desired
If only , I could have
the love most desired
If only , I could have those
wishes & wants  
It is the if only's
But you see it's not how
it comes to be
The if only is just a dream
we can want it but only in
our dreams can it happen
then you wake up and
go about your day
still thinking if only
If only life was fair
If only we could be happy
with what we don't have
So just remember
If only is just that
If only ..
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
Aug 26 · 51
Chaos needs to take
his ***
far from me
Don't let chaos take a
free spin into your day
Just blow his *** away
Open that door
let him spin on to
someplace else
Chaos is just a mess
and is always causing
stress and *******
So kick his ugly ***
and tell him to go away
Your not a place he can hangout at anymore
© Jennifer L DeLong 🤟😁🙏 8/25/21
Aug 26 · 185
So quickly
So quickly you forget
I just was with you
And so quickly
you forget , I exist
That's what frustrates
me the most
It's ok **** no it's not
I keep yelling to myself
Telling myself don't go
The text I get
maybe weeks later
I go again
I really can't continue
So quickly you always
forget ..
Why am , I so
quickly forgotten
I hope , I will figure
it out
And so quickly maybe
I will forget you to
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
Aug 11 · 302
Needing Normal
Wanting something to change
Wanting to feel some sense
of normality
Days and nights
not living where , I can  feel free to be me
I am asking reaching out
calling on a higher power
I can't live like this anymore
I deserve to be where , I can
breath and be at my highest vibration
Where , I can feel content
loved and have a
fulfilling day to day
Wanting it needing
some normal
Why does wanting it
give me the feeling
it's never gonna happen
What needs to change
so much this is true
for others to care
to desire normality
But you must know
wanting is real
Come on higher power
Do your magic
Wanting it Wanting it
You give me some
at least a little

© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
Aug 10 · 55
Desire is ~π∆π~
Desire such a playful word
It invokes my creative sensual spirit
Paint , Poetry and Lust
Such a strange trio
How does Desire make
painting lustful
Desire draws the colors
and then the picture
is created
with Poetry the words
written invoke lust
and plays with your desire
to feel , touch , play
it's Desire that brings
forth the lust to live
love laugh and play
Desire is not merely
it's lust it's life. it's
a painting of poetry
that brings forth the desire
the lust to feel , touch , taste
see and live the creative
colorful desireable poetic
painted life that leaves
for others a desire to
experience that which
has been lived ..
Desire is Life
lived with lust for
the creative , colorful
fun experiences
that paint a life lived
fully and beautifully.
Desire is ....
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
Jul 21 · 153
Tonight , I shall
dance around a open fire
burn the sage
Chant and Dance
Sing to her the mother
Ask for her blessings
for her protection
And she will
answer you
Give unto her your truth
Let her blessing be your guide
Listen to her
As she sings
with the wind
When she rages
fear not the storm
Let her release
her rage is magic
If you stop and feel it
Fear not
In all she does
It's for you and those
who believe
She is truth she is magic
Witch you may say
but let me tell you
That word is precious
Its who she is
its who I've am

© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
Jul 7 · 52
How do you go back
How do you forgive
How do you wait
That's the ?
Is there an answer
not really
cause you can't change
what's already been done
But you can find yourself
you can forgive
you can rebuild
Or you can move on
You can hope to find
something much better
Or at least something
that won't hurt you
or at least rebuild trust
in your self..
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
Jun 15 · 45
~~Walk the pages~~
I want to walk through your pages
I want to feel every word
flow through my body
I want to taste the ink on my tongue
I want to discover you
threw the words
your words of poetry
Your poetry and I
shall dance to the
rhythm of the verse's
In the pages , I walk
I will find a part of you
I long to know
I will feel a part of you
hidden only shared
in the pages
I shall show you
through me
you will discover
what your poems
capture in the
heart and
how your words
fullfill parts of the
human soul
my soul will
take you on the journey
As , I walk the pages
the pages of you ..
your poetry
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏🖌️🖌️🖌️
Jun 9 · 152
Voo Doo Doll
Wanna play with my voo doo doll
A pin or two wont do
Better with a cut or two
Paint it black or dark blue
Thats what , I do
Voo doo doll one for me
Maybe one for you
Wanna play with my voodoo doll
Button eyes different sizes
Theres one red the other green
My voodoo doll likes you
She wants to play a game
Stick a pin
its a game just for you
So will you play with her
My voodoo doll has eyes on you
Lets see what she can do
Do you feel it
A ***** or does it itch
Isnt this fun
A voo doo doll
She has so much to explore
So come on
Lets play
See what happens
Dont be scared
Shes not of you
Wanna play with voo doll too...
© Jennifer l Delong 6/2021
May 31 · 425
For me it's quite simple
Love and Adventure
Laughing and Caring
Being together
It's really just that simple
Old stuff is good stuff
Would rather spend money
On going on roadtrip's
Spending time together
I need to feel alive & desired
I give so much &
I don't need much
Its that simple
It's the time we have
It's all we get
So why not enjoy it
Make the most of the moments
Appreciate what we got
It's really just that simple
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
May 28 · 303
I want ...
I want to feel it
I want to live it
I want to express it
I want to share it
I want to know it
I want to trust it
I want to see it
I want to want it
I want it now
I want it forever
© Jennifer  L DeLong 🦏
May 18 · 78
^ Until ^
Until when ...
Your ready
You feel it
You decide
I won't want it
I won't wait
I move on
Is not an answer
If it's until
it's not now
It's a now or never
is to long
if it's worth it
If it's real
It's now
If you can't decide
I will
It's now not until
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
Apr 28 · 74
Inside we all feel
we all have inner wisdom
Though at times we just
ignore it
You just don't let it show
We become numb
We can't explain it
We just don't wanna
express it
So we ingore it
We just move on
Then it comes to call
It resurfaces again
So deal with it
we must
Or it will come to call
Till we can't ignore
it anymore
© Jennifer L Delong 🦏
Apr 26 · 429
Head Hurts
My head hurts
It's gonna explode
Why you ask
If I only knew
I'd share with you
For you see
It's to many things
it could be
It could be the stress
It could be the headache
It could be my overthinking
So could you please stand back
I wish to not explode
with anybody to close
The mess it will make
So please don't stand
to close
my head
Is ex..plo..ding ...
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
Apr 26 · 315
As , I walk between the trees
There energy pulses in me
It's a wonderful blessing
To feel there beauty
What they do
How they grow
It truly amazes me
The live through years
of rain and snow
They survive fires
Yet still stand tall
That is strength
That is a gift
we all could use
A tree can be so many things
It can be wild and free
It can be colors of red
A tree can live for years
But if we do not give it
the respect it deserves
We could destroy and loose
When you stand in a forest
Stop and listen
You will hear it's
voice it's song
You will feel it's pulse
The trees will talk and sing to you
So take a walk among the trees
So you may experience the
beauty of trees
and let me tell you
it's worth a walk or two
this , I promise you.

© Jennifer L Delong 4/13/2021
Apr 26 · 104
Want it
As , I know
It isn't always
It could be
a maybe
a nope
a naugta
but you can
improve the chances
of a possibility
or a success
if you give it
and feed it
think of it
see it
and you just
might make
it be ...
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
Apr 17 · 250
Why so much violence
Why can't we find peace
Why are you protesting
causing so much destruction
is that really better ?
Breaking windows
spraying hate upon
these walls
Your destroying
people's lives
your turning our
city into a ugly ****** up
How does that get your message across ?
Grow the **** up
and look up protesting
see it's meaning are you reading the meaning ?
It's about using your voice and standing up
Your all acting like brats
hurting others
acting like bullies
that's not protesting
your not getting attention
Your getting us *******
I hope you get to feel the
damage your causing
You belong in a cell
Where you can't destroy
and steal and throw
temper tantrums
Where you can't spread
your ugliness
and we can find peace
and find our way ahead
It has to stop
your not proving anything
I know you must be stopped
it has to end
it's no longer about
race or hate
It's about adults who are
acting like children
You need to learn
the meaning
of protesting
You need to build others
up and help people see
there is a way forward
So stop just stop
We can handle this
You need to be taught
a lesson and karma
will handle you soon
I just hope sooner
not later
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
Apr 17 · 353
My cats
There is 2
One is Zoey
Black and fat
One is Battle
Grey and tall
Russian blue
Can be moody
loves to be petted
Short hair domestic
Eats alot
needs attention
but must have her space
Characters they are
So opposite
So alike
it's quite fun
having these two
they are my joy
they give me
alot to look forward to
I know they care
No matter what
These 2 cats
really are so special
we are family
I got them
and they got me to
I love these 2 cats
they are so cool
They know I love them
They are kinda spoiled
but deserve it
that much is true
These 2 cats
My 2 cats
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
Apr 17 · 296
Shades of grey
I paint these walls
in shades of grey
The color gives life
to such walls
I thought I'd try
to go bold
but the walls
had best to be
in shades of grey
Now my job is done
The paint is dry
the cupboards look
so good against the walls
The owner is happy
and pays me well
Job well done
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
Apr 11 · 550
These raining days
Colder nights
got me wishing
for sunshine
and warmer days
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
Apr 11 · 230
Sit here
Awoke to a different reality
Strange feelings
flowing on my body
Strange sensations
got me shivering
Do , I stand up
no I will just sit here
maybe , I will awake
might still be asleep
Hope , I am just dreaming
This would be a
a messed up reality
Dripping walls
Colors twisted
Sensations crawling &
So , I am just gonna sit here
till , I awake back to

© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
Apr 8 · 102
Heart beating
so fast
So excited
So nervous
It's been a few
since , I last
laid with you
I feel my body
A nervous wreck
I hope you don't notice
that I know you do
I keep repeating to myself
just breath
it's ok you will
feel more relaxed
after an hour or two
Oh hell then I begin
to think of the changes
gained a few pounds
colored my hair
then panic sets
in ....
where's the confidant
women , I used to know
Why do , I feel so nervous
Well we will see how
I feel
So here , I go
to see you .....
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏 4/8/2021
Apr 5 · 1.0k
🔥Loves Energy 🔥
As you hold me in your arms
Our fingers entwined together
A current of energy
Flowing from your body to mine
So strong and exhilarating
I melt into you
My heart racing
My breathing erratic
I feel like I could explode
From this overwhelming feeling
Your energy and soul
Connecting to mine
I have never felt you like this before
And I can’t wait to feel you like that again

©Jennifer L DeLong 10/02/17
Apr 5 · 380
Does it always go this way
I mean you suddenly text
outta the blue
after you threw our friendship away
You erased me , blocked me
Shattered me
Yet here you text
and I can't walk away
I can't ignore
I want to trust you
I want to believe you
feel sorry
or you actually realize
our meaning to each other
Who am , I kidding
**** here , I go again
don't you dare
play me !!!
it will be you hurting
this , I promise you !!
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏4/3/2021
Always remember
I lived life
with a certain determination
It was not always easy
It was often painful
I never gave in
Copped out
I preserved
I had my kids
I had my music
I wrote my
I shared my life
I helped others see
The beaches , I enjoyed
I collected my rhinos 🦏 & my rocks 💎
I always loved hard
you were my reason
for believing in hope
I found love ❤️
and it was good
mmm yes it was magic💖
But it ended
So my witchy self 🧙
moved ahead with grace
It took my 3 times before
that was accomplished
Why not test out those mishaps
Just to make sure
Lol 😂
Oh well
Learned the hard way
Hard headed , Stubborn
Norwegian 🇳🇴
so ALWAYS remember
AND BACK 💞🌙🌍💗💋🤟✌️🎵📝☯️
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
Apr 1 · 659
part of me wants to scream
I want to scream out to the world to get them to understand
I want to scream until there isn’t a single breath left in my lungs until they sting with the energy , I've expended and my words hang in the air for all to hear
to be a poet you must write with a certain passion
live with the satisfaction that you can constantly assemble phrases words and lines
because to truly write you must feel
you must freely write your emotion
you must learn to let go of your darkest secrets
allow the words to flow from your mind
liberate yourselves from mental slavery
they cannot comprehend why I write
I am striving for inner peace
fighting for the freedom of my soul
writing is my form of release because sometimes
poetry is not a release of emotion but an escape of emotion
moments & raw emotions
these aren't things ready made
we fear what we know but do not understand
we are loose at the seams
pretending to fine
Yet desiring to be heard
understood from the core
of our poems our souls
© Jennifer Delong  🦏 8/14/18
Apr 1 · 743
🥺 Depression 🥺
do you have moments where you can’t imagine a future?
you’re lying there staring at the
same walls
same ceilings
same words
with nothing but the same feelings-
empty and pale
like there’s no reason to go on
when you can’t even do enough to fail
the future is coming but you
can’t imagine yourself in it
where you just want to stop
and just sit there for a while
maybe not forever
as that’s too permanent,
but something close to it
when you feel like there's a rope
around your neck
Is it just depression or is it the loneliness
when you don't know but you know
you can't continue to feel this way © Jennifer Delong 11/7/18
Apr 1 · 219
💢 Feelings 💢
Feelings are always there to
remind us
of what we enjoyed
of what we shared
not always wanted
or desired
Its bound to happen
its a song or smell
its seeing a picture
or stopping somewhere
Let it take a minute or two
then take a deep breath
and let it go
not always easy
for I know thats true
So keep it short
take a deep breath
its all you can do
Just don't let consume
..© Jennifer L DeLong 4/2021
Apr 1 · 559
The moon 🌜
As I look up through the trees
I see her shining ever brightly
I feel her talking to me
She speaks through her energy
She speaks with her glow
I am captivated and so in awe
I listen I feel I hear I know
We are like one
I share with her my deepest emotions
In her , I know I can show
I am free to let go
She's my moon
She's my truest light
The nights , I wait
For soon she will return
I listen I feel I hear I know
© Jennifer DeLong 🌙
Feb 17 2019
Apr 1 · 468
Muse Crush
Muse Crush

You are a flame inside me

You are far away
Yet so close
Teetering on the edge of my imagination

The yearning is the knowing
The mere knowledge of you
That you are existing somewhere
Somewhere my reality can’t touch

My words spill out of me
Like candy from a piñata
Pages and pages
Poems scattered about like hungry lovers

You make me feel good
So eager to express
To spill my inner self onto empty pages

You are my muse
My cruel inspiration
The tears that stain my pillow

I am dancing on a cloud
Unnoticed by you
As you live your life
Unaware of mine

My words are endless
My thoughts knowing no bounds
As I imagine your eyes
Penetrating through me

You are my fantasy
My never forever
My drug of choice

You are the fuel that keeps me writing

You are my special light
Turning on inside me
When all my creativity is turned off

I want to ravish you
Bite the buttons off your shirt
Loosen your soul
Drown in your eyes without a life jacket

You are my muse crush
The smile on my face
The pain in my heart
The hello that never comes
The inevitable goodbye
© Jennifer Lynn DeLong 2018
Apr 1 · 544
Your music 🎵🎶
Immerse me in your music
Let your melody
dance upon my skin
Surround me
in the notes you play
seducing me from within
Let the music take over
My body starts to sway
Emotion flows from your guitar
It's rhythm taking me away
On a journey
to where there is nothing
but your music surrounding me
Encasing my body
in the beauty of its melody © Jennifer DeLong 3/11/19
Apr 1 · 311
We often confuse what we wish for with what is

Our minds and hearts can get into such a mess
We think yet we feel even more
Only to find the door to an empty room once more
Once it was great it felt so much more
Yet I seem to already know but I cant help but let it have another try
I let my heart have the start
Only my mind is clearly more aware
How , I just tag along giving in to be
more confused and tattered again
We think we can be smarter we can be stronger yet we end up again
in a similar mess
Confused & Constricted
Maybe I will listen to my mind maybe just maybe I will..
© Jennifer DeLong 7/11/19
Mar 31 · 377
Standing on the beach
Standing on the beach, sand between my toes
What lays in my future, who will come and go
The sun beams down upon me,I look out
at the vast ocean in front of me,I wonder
I feel so insignificant compared to this ocean
What difference can I make,
will I even be given a chance
I realize then while standing there,
that all I have to do
Is listen to my heart
and it will pull me through
For strength and inspiration
are not material things
They come from deep inside of you
they give your soul its wings
So whenever you're in doubt
and you begin to stray
Take a look down deep inside
and the answer will come your way
If you only believe in yourself
you can make your dreams come true
For no one else can do it,
the power must come from you

Copyright ©2007 Jennifer Lynn DeLong
Mar 31 · 156
The intensity with which we shatter
Those what’s-left-of-us shards that cut you deep
Brokenness and jagged edges
When prices paid with pieces feels too steep

Only two things cause our own destruction
We’re broken from without or from within
The damage goes beyond reconstruction
We can’t build what we built before again

Cracked into piles of debris on the floor
The remnants of escaped emotion’s cage
Whose seething burn couldn’t take it anymore
Disposing of it disrespects its rage

We’re broken so that something is released
Those shards remind us what we have to do
To put them back is just what matters least
But don’t cut yourself making something new. .... © Jennifer L DeLong 2/20/20
Your eyes
Those soft blue **** heart melting
take my breath away blues
You just look at me
Im under your spell
They are so delicious
They tantalize oh yes
So pleasing so daring
Your **** soft blues
With a just a look
they cause a reaction
My temperature rises
You have me at your will
Your eyes
the fantasy , I long to read
Take my breath away blues
Look at me baby
Please keep staring
I quite enjoy
Seeing those soft blue
**** heart melting
deeply satisfying blues
© Jennifer L DeLong 2/19/20
Mar 30 · 537
Set free
When I can find in this world a piece of truth and a knowing of trust then , I will be free of the burdens of my walls built so high I cannot see
When , I can find love with passion & truth then my walls will begin
to crumble
When this worlds comforts me & I can feel hope & a bit of peace
These walls will fall & my soul
will be set free
I hope I find this serenity
I desire this to be
So mote it be © Jennifer L Delong 8/15/18
Mar 26 · 314
``Will , I``
Deeply I am lost
I feel my navigation
has spun outta control
I was content knowing
my destination
I felt secure sailing
through life
Knowing my gps
was in hand
I couldn't get lost
I had someone whom
I could call
so now
I'm lost at sea
I have lost my gps
How will I sail in life
now that
my call is no longer
a minute away
my navigation has
Will , I just drift on land
Will , I sail again
I just don't know
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
Mar 26 · 352
Tear at my flesh

you still can never

reach my soul

Daring and Willfull

trying to get in

despite the pain

Knuckles bruised

not once giving up

wanting to reach there

For you see

you can't hurt me

I'm blessed in this flesh

built this fence
around me

Sadly you will lose
as , I stand here
looking into your hell
Seeing what once was a human
now all , I see is

the sad sad
weaker of you

I live in spite of you

and you will never

reach what's


my soul is human

© Jennifer L Delong 🦏1/22/2018
Mar 23 · 535
I can and I will
No more jokes
No more games
It's now my turn
I deserve to be loved
I deserve to spoil me
So if you want to join me
there's some things
you have to agree to
Its time for laughter
It's time for love
Real life no playing
For the rest of my time
on this earth

© Jennifer DeLong 🦏
Mar 19 · 472
Daydreams are dynamic
Creative imagination
Colorful thoughts
float and dance
they really have
some super ideas
So can we please
place them in the now
Come on let's get it done
Let's get going
Let's put them on paper
Let's let them come out
to play and dance
Come to be
Maybe then we will
feel at least not just a
daydreamer ....
© Jennifer DeLong 🦏
Mar 19 · 143
Why is ?
Why do I care
Why do , I still love
Why don't you care
Why is the ? ?
How fast things change
Why couldn't I see
where this was going
to end up
It's not all cause of me
there's a part of you
that put us here
Oh how , I wish ..
So much pain felt burning
inside my soul
It's like this fire
will burn outta control
You will never feel
my hurt
I know this
I know you
Your in your comfort
You got an ego
it's way to high
so why then do I
feel so much hurt
Why is the ??
never will I know
the answer
It's only the ??'s
I end up with
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
Mar 12 · 563
Just Dont Tell Me 🙉
Daring to change
Wanting to feel alive
Wanting the happiness
I see it everywhere
Wonder why not I
Is it possible
for me to find
that joy that comfort
to build upon a love
thats just real
no issues no drama
I wanna release my passion
set it on fire
dance in its flame
Laugh till my eyes water
Find the adventure
I got you
So whats in the future
Just dont tell me
I will always be alone
Mar 12 · 296
¤¤ MoNsTeR ¤¤
9 + YRS
© Jennifer L DeLong
Mar 11 · 593
Since that night
Since that nite , I first felt ur hand in mine
It was about to become all about you & it started w ur touch that made me forget every dark and protruding insecurity that paid rent in my heart
the way your eyes sparkled
every time you blessed this world with your forgiving smile
the way your laugh sounds like every one of my favourite songs rocking
on the radio
the way I finally understood what a gentleman is when you grabbed me by the shoulders & told me
I am beautiful & kissed me passionately
That nite , I went out my door to go on our
First date.
It changed my life my soul forever.
And no matter what , I'll always need u
Your like second nature your just like breathing.
I love you it true

© Jennifer L DeLong 💙
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