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 Jul 2014 Nene Moiw
Andrew Durst
Maybe one day
you and I
will figure all of
this out.

And maybe the
images flowing
in your mind
will incarcerate
into my heart.
I love someone,
And they will never be mine.
 Jul 2014 Nene Moiw
Andrew Durst
take my kindness
and throw it
back in my face.

Go ahead;
walk all over
me and use
me as you may.

Go ahead...
do exactly
what everyone
else does-

I'll remember
*all of it
 Jul 2014 Nene Moiw
Andrew Durst
I never knew
       this day would come
    as fast as it did.

                 I always thought
              that I would just
               stay young


      being young
is the only
           thing I'm
      good at.
It's my birthday today c:
Today also marks ONE YEAR that I've joined this site and I would like to personally thank all of you for your support over this past year.
I would like to also give a huge amount of love to those of you that reach out to me on a regular basis, message me, or just make sure that I'm okay.
It means so much knowing that I have people looking out for me even when I least expect it.
You guys keep me leveled and strong, and I don't know where I'd be in my life today without THE COMMUNITY OF HELLO POETRY!<3
I sit and watch her bottom lip tremble,
And know that it's my fault.

The pieces that she can't assemble,
Are locked within the vault.

I sit and watch her eyes cloud over,
And have to look away,

She stills calls me her sunshine,
But I blind her with the rain.
She still calls me her sunshine,
Dispite the weathers change.
 Jun 2014 Nene Moiw
Lost Soul
 Jun 2014 Nene Moiw
Lost Soul
I'm crying for help but silence is what they see
Smiling but the wounds are too deep
Do you see the pain?
Everyone's shoulder... but where's his?
They say he's such a nice kid
Give him an Oscar he earned it
He's putting on a grade A performance
Playing the role but never playing himself
It's a cold world when you're in it by yourself
 Jun 2014 Nene Moiw
 Jun 2014 Nene Moiw
Let’s dream of a place,
In between spaces of space
In this whimsical hour
Watch how time devour,
Our lyrical tryst
Amidst the winter mist

Sharing dream amid the flowers
for a couple of hours
The dreams in which I'm dying
Or rather just denying
Deluding the petty mind
Of the worldly grind

It’s a beautiful day
So dazed, we just lay
Birds and bees won’t disturb us,
While our thoughts turn incongruous
We’ll forget that we are even real
It’ll all be too surreal.

You open your eyes to say
Out comes only a pray
Slowly the dusk beckons
Breaking your heart it’s gone;
Gasping desires
Dreams on a pyre.
 Jun 2014 Nene Moiw
Liz Humphrey
Years, listening to your lies and
writing sad odes, sorry metaphors about worthlessness,
all the reasons, various, numerous, for my loneliness,
figure flawed, wits wanting, a person less than perfect,
me, cast in the role of defective, undesirable.
I believed you.

This morning, you’re at it again,
telling me I can’t have this, the sum of my hopes:
a mountain too tall and I, too small, can’t overcome it.
a feat too mighty, and I, too weak, can’t accomplish it
a vision so beautiful, and I, so ugly, can’t attain it.
In all of this, you’re right.

Or would be, if I wasn’t part of a Whole
who’s height can’t be measured,
who’s mightiness surpasses strength,
who’s beauty a sunrise can’t match.
All this and more is mine in Him
so I stand, therefore,
to tell you I will drink none of your poison today,
to say sorry, sir,
the sum of my hopes cannot be shaken
by the sum of the fears you fling in my face.
Dear Mama,
I miss you.
When will you come home?
You've gone far away,
Too far for me to find you,
Too far for me to follow.

You used to be there when I got home.
Sitting in your chair,
Asking who came through the door.
You were always there.

But now you've gone,
Far, far away.
Too far for me to find you,
Too far for me to follow.

I miss your great big laugh.
Even from across the room,
Too big to ever miss.
You were always happy.

But now you've gone,
Far, far away.
Too far for me to find you,
Too far for me to follow.

I miss helping you.
I used to know when you were hungry,
Sad, upset or thirsty.
I was there to support you.

But now you've left me.
Far, far behind you.
Too far for me to find you,
Too far for me to follow.

Dear Mama,

Why won't you answer me?

Don't you hear my cries?

Won't you wake up for your child?

Won't you wipe away her tears?

— The End —